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  1. Currently Spinning

    Western Swing :Texas 1928-1944 :-V/A 2CD I'm giving this a second listen. Most enjoyable. I reckon @keyse1 would like this. The first track on disc 1
  2. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Nice lineup and this band is tailor made for Womad.
  3. ECM currently spinning

    Frode Halti - Air. A very nice album.
  4. Currently Spinning

  5. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Savoy On Central Avenue - V/A 2 cd All About Jazz Various Artists: Savoy On Central Avenue By JIM SANTELLA “Blip Blip” goes the swing music that strolled through the streets of Los Angeles during the Swing Era. This 2-CD compilation features poignant glimpses of what was happening on Central Avenue from 1941 to 1952. It was right after the end of World War II that L.A. experienced its big building boom and a revitalization of the jazz scene. Identical-looking cracker box houses were going up all over town, the Hollywood crowd had discovered L.A.’s jazz scene, and world-class artists were paying attention to what was happening so very far away from New York and Chicago. Charlie Parker is represented with several overly familiar gems. Joe Turner, Jimmy Rushing, Red Norvo, and Erroll Garner were in town for recordings that had been released on the National, Excelsior, Discovery, and Savoy labels. Big band leaders Johnny Otis, Russell Jacquet, Ike Carpenter, Ben Pollack, and Roy Porter kept the swing spirit alive night after night. Nat King Cole, Slim Gaillard, Dexter Gordon and Harold Land packed houses time and again, inviting crowds from the other ends of the city to get acquainted. Savoy’s Central Avenue compilation contains a few pleasant surprises. Dodo Marmarosa and Bam Brown join Gaillard on a fun-filled “Laguna,” which ushers in the bebop vocabulary. Red Norvo, Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus interpret another bebop classic, Denzil Best’s “Move,” with sizzling energy and a confident feel for what was happening around town. Eric Dolphy appears on “Gassin’ the Wig,” providing a soaring alto solo that rages up-tempo with Roy Porter’s big band on his heels. Mary Ann McCall interprets “You’re My Thrill” and “I Hadn’t Anyone Till You” with an exotic vocal character unlike that of any other swing singer. Johnny Otis appears on nine tracks with a big band that pioneered directions in music, leading to a heightened nationwide popularity of rock and roll, rhythm & blues, swing, and much more. Singers Linda Hopkins, Little Esther, Mel Walker and Lee Graves help explain why Otis’s band was so popular. The Robins, a clarion, pop vocal group consisting of Ty Terrell, Billy Richards, Roy Richards and Bobby Nunn, joins the band for “The Turkey Hop, Part 2” with a little “Turkey in the Straw” humor tossed in. Central Avenue in Los Angeles had a lot going on during the years represented here, and Savoy has captured a fair share of the action. This 2-CD compilation provides the listener and collector with a good, hearty look at what made Central Avenue tick.
  6. Currently Spinning

    Fenetik Music* :The Sounds of Music Vol.2 - V/A *from Glasgow,Jimmy!.
  7. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Public Service Announcement from Strut Records. SUN RA - OF ABSTRACT DREAMS Strut and Art Yard present another exclusive from Sun Ra: a previously unreleased radio session most likely recorded at the WXPN FM radio studios in Philadelphia, 1974-5. This newly discovered session features a new version of Ra's earlier ‘Island In The Sun', a raucous rendition of ‘Unmask The Batman' and the first studio recording of ‘I'll Wait For You' There is no bass player on the sessions and Ra's left hand beats out a rhythmic bass pattern on the piano. All tracks are remastered directly from the original tapes. The album package features a cover photo by photographer Alan Nahigian and new sleeve notes by Paul Griffiths. Of Abstract Dreams is out now on LP, CD and digital.
  8. Electronic currently spinning

    Out of Perspective - V/A (Soup-Disk Japan)
  9. World Music: Currently Spinning

    Toco - Insatalacao do Samba.
  10. The Song Game Mk III

    Not on my watch Your post reminded me of this track. Love it. Back to the game. brumby's selection.^^
  11. Currently Spinning

    Boom Clap Bachelors - Kort For Dine Laeder
  12. Prince Salim Of Auburn going ... going ...

    "...but the question on everyones lips is "what do feijoas taste like? "" - All Australian News. ffs.
  13. Currently Spinning

    Visor - Visor. File under:Abstract Electronic VISOR is a collaboration by Joerg Follert (Saucer, Motel, Wunder), Jens Massel (Genf, Kandis, Senking) and Tom Steinle. VISOR is a tribute to Talk Talk's last album "Laughing Stock". Each of the three members contributed two tracks, with each contributor's cuts intersequenced with the others. Originally released as a CDR limited to 100 copies for Christmas, 1997. This reissue is a pressed CD in a cardboard sleeve.
  14. The Song Game Mk III

    Little Feat - Rocket In My Pocket
  15. Currently Spinning

    David Sancious & Tone - Transformation (The Speed of Love)