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  1. You're right. It is Lynette Curran. I've never seen the movie.
  2. Otis Redding - I've Got Dreams To Remember
  3. Eno, Moebius, Roedelius & Plank - Begegnungen II.
  4. Yeah. I remember it had a rather small foyer. Everyone would gather at the tuckshop near the cinema entrance.
  5. Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes.
  6. I think the old cinema I was referring to was actually on Elizabeth St not that far from Central and was called the Rivoli.
  7. This one was entirely filmed in one take.
  8. Paddington Twin, The Dendy in Martin Place and an old cinema with creaky wooden floors which I think was on the southern part of Castlereigh St.
  9. This one's by a famous Danish director. I binged on Arthouse movies for a year and a half in the early 90's. Cinema every Tuesday. This was one of the movies I saw.
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