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  1. mrbuzzardstubble

    The Song Game Mk III

    The Brothers Four - Frog Went A Courtin'
  2. mrbuzzardstubble

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Bud Powell - In Copenhagen
  3. mrbuzzardstubble

    NRL Footy Tipping

    Another win for the Dragons and another loss for the Storm. I'm chuffed.
  4. mrbuzzardstubble


    Please, Mr Custer -> Little Big Horn -> Wounded Knee -> Marlon Brando -> On The Waterfront -> "I Coulda Been A Contender" -> Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer.
  5. mrbuzzardstubble

    The Song Game Mk III

    Bip 45 -Plastic Jesus.
  6. mrbuzzardstubble

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    Renaud Garcia-Fons & Derya Turkan - Silk Moon
  7. mrbuzzardstubble

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Richard Galliano & Eddy Louiss - Face To Face. The combination of Hammond B3 organ and accordion gives this a nice European feel.
  8. mrbuzzardstubble

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    Paris Combo - Motifs.
  9. mrbuzzardstubble

    Superkids on Youtube.

    11 year old Brazilian bass player.
  10. mrbuzzardstubble

    Currently Spinning

    Brian Eno - Before And After Science.
  11. mrbuzzardstubble

    The Song Game Mk III

    John McLaughlin & Mahavishnu - Half Man, Half Cookie.
  12. mrbuzzardstubble

    Currently Spinning

    Señor Coconut & His Orchestra - Fiesta Songs
  13. mrbuzzardstubble

    NRL Footy Tipping

    15 seconds left on the clock and Granville gives away his 3rd penalty of the match. And that my friend is probably the end of the Cowboys tilt at the semis.
  14. mrbuzzardstubble

    Currently Spinning

    Black Star Liner - Bengali Bantam Youth Experience. .... However, the marvellously hummed samples of the equally well-titled “Ethnic Suicide of the Volga Boatmen,” whose camel-riding feel is accentuated by the crashing-wave cymbals and Mellotron-style cinematic strings stands out as the record’s highlight for its enlivening chant. An album made by dopeheads who’ve cut down on the weed intake but kept up the mindset of nodding beats and keenly-felt production, Bengali Bantam Youth Experience is a pan-cultural experience which shouldn’t really need remarking on in those terms. Chilled and groovy, Black Star Liner achieve here the far more important goal of making a multi-layered sound, finely balanced between the soporific and the psychedelic, which continues the fruitful combination of Dub and Tabla pioneered by the likes of The Suns Of Arqa in at just over forty minutes – no mean feat in these days of the double CD.- Freq.