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  1. Interesting idea. If you follow through with this experiment pictures would be a pre-requisit.
  2. I suppose in a strange way Loading settings etc on a phono pre would go some way to “changing” the sonic signature.
  3. Great deck, I have the RPM10.1 myself. What are you considering upgrading too? GLWTS
  4. "In Concert" or "Toward The Within"? Either way both are "live" and having been fortunate to see them in some of the best venues in the world, I can certainly attest to their "clarity".
  5. Does the Pandora have the volume circuit and if so, checked its set to full line level output?
  6. Leonard Cohen - "Thanks For The Dance" A beautiful, fitting presentation for a true poet. Letterpressed in gold leaf.
  7. Up early (or is that late?) testing out the EAR 834P...
  8. Bargain! Would buy this If I had the cash. GLWTS
  9. Wonderful decks and would be a serious consideration, however they have just been dropped by the distributor.
  10. This EOI has been WITHDRAWN. Thanks for looking!
  11. Bargain price for this awesome amp! GLWTS
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