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  1. The PL will have a very different sonic signature to the Luxman, as will Hegel to the Luxman also. I myself had a L-550AX before I upgraded to a Hegel H390. The L-590 is a pretty special amplifier and would be hard to beat in terms of performance, build quality and the all-important - longevity.
  2. The Rotel is probably letting the speakers down. Try something like a Hegel H120 - assuming you can borrow one to try. A Creek Evo 100A would also have good control and poise with the S400s.
  3. The Lumin is definitely a step up from products like the Cambridge CXN and worthy of your attention.
  4. Im going to play Devil's Advocate here, but technically you never "own" the music on vinyl or CD either. You own the physical product the music is on, but the music on the format is merely licensed. But I know what you mean...😉
  5. Nah would have to be Songs of Faith of Devotion - I reckon my life at that time is in that album.
  6. The Rossini clock takes the Bartók up a notch or six!
  7. I’m sorry but I find your posts difficult to read. So let me get this right....you bought a cable at a discounted price and now after use you want to return it for the higher one up the range. The seller is telling you that you can do that so long as you pay the RRP difference. This still factors in a discount as “if” the RRP difference is, say, $500, you’re still getting the same monetary value off the new cable.
  8. I was gonna identify each of your gripes and say I and many others don’t have any of these issues, but decided it would be easier to say I disagree with just about everything in this post.
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