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  1. Three episodes, wow oh wow. Amazing show, intense and very graphic. A must watch. Stellar performances from all. Brilliant writing, but then the story is so powerful you couldn't f*** it up!
  2. Cool, isn't that the magazine that loves EVERYTHING they review??? 😋
  3. What mag/link are we talking about? Struggling to find a reference in the thread!!!
  4. Some shows get axed and the writers have to tie up loose ends in a very short space of time, but this show decided when it would end, so no excuse for sloppy writing or poor pacing. If this last season was a standalone one season mini-series, the shortcomings would've been "understood", but not when a show is able to bow out when it decides to. It's like the writers thought at the 11th hour that this was the last season and there wasn't one more, and when they were told they had to rush everything.
  5. After watching this last episode, I have to say it makes this whole season very poor overall. Some of the character arcs played out as we expected, but in such a short amount of time? Ultimately, even with the battles in this season, nothing felt grandiose, green screen work was very poor, particularly this last episode. One of the things this show did so well up until the current season was create a sense of scale, that the Seven Kingdoms was a huge world in itself. Nothing about this last season felt "big". I'm sure the writers/creators will say that was deliberate and it is all about the main characters? I say horse***t. The show peaked with the battle of the Bastards. Lets hope George writes his own satisfactory conclusion to this world in the future.
  6. Worst episode ever. Absolutely boring, predictable, did I mention boring?
  7. I concur with the Consonance, or the Saidi Audio/Amari unit its based on (about $880). Okki Nokki is another consideration for similar money. Don't buy the ProJect VC-S, chipboard body which will inevitably swell like a barrell in a cartoon, and fail. Don't get me started on build quality internally either (raging I didn't take pics before I threw it in the bin!)
  8. Selling them now or a month from now wont affect the sale price much. Clock as many hours as you can on them in the background, you never know, and you have nothing to lose!
  9. Do you reckon stevoz's dog is blacker than our dogs? 😉
  10. Ask your nearest dealer to loan you one (or equivalent). Decide for yourself.
  11. How old is the unit? Distributors are expected to carry spare parts for up to 7 years.
  12. I'm assuming you mean the CAT6 cable? If so, I have one, although not using with KEF LS50W. Build quality is excellent, as for sound improvements, I'm happy, although that's all I'm prepared to say before the hoard get on here and tell you you're wasting your time! 😉
  13. I second the recommendation of Record Revirginizer, however, I would add to the above statement "for the money". For those with a few hundred records in their collection, this becomes an expensive proposition but importantly, a HUGE time devoted to cleaning. It would certainly be an ideal start for the OP to dip his toe into cleaning, but most people move pretty quickly onto other time-saving cleaning solutions.
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