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  1. Perhaps the claims they make are not as "massive" as other brands competing in the same field, but maybe they are, relative to a $150 switch? Maybe they don't have to be - maybe they have found a design that works and the marketing gurus are fluffing out the blurb as we would expect them to. Either way, not that bothered, just looking for the opportunity to try it for myself as I have with the English Electric switch and a multitude of various networking cables. I think the Renolabs product is also a very interesting solution that offers fantastic isolation thanks to those huge cha
  2. They generally seem on the ball over on the AudiophileStyle forums, even Sebastian in France seems heavily involved, maybe its the local talent they've employed that's the problem!
  3. Have been considering the Renolabs (but will have an Innuos PhoenixNET next week to try out). How much in the end did it cost inc shipping and how long from order to arrival (happy if you want to keep that in PM).
  4. Should have it here Tuesday/Wednesday - will leave it plugged in for about a week before I actively incorporate it into the system.
  5. As Terry said previously, the recommendation for the two Innuos Phoenix products is to never turn them off, largely due to the Oven-Controlled XO which needs to be at temperature to do its "thang". Looking forward to having a play with the PhoenixNET next week. Great review for those interested:- https://www.fairaudio.de/test/innuos-phoenixnet-audiophiler-netzwerk-switch/?fbclid=IwAR2plNQnuAEOYVMHZIIy7swsTyaUfpaVqCsMisJUElnwJ0H0t_pxgrFag8A
  6. Picked up this vinyl stand so I had some of my regular soundtrack records close to hand..
  7. This page should help you https://www.luminmusic.com/manual/usb-storage.html
  8. I have a TT2 here which I might try out at home over the weekend. Trouble is, even if I think it's great in the system, the audiophile tragic in me would want the MScaler too, so from a price perspective I'm almost up to a DAVE anyhow. Believe it or not I don't take too much stuff home to try - I hate having to bring it back!
  9. A Zen (as well as the Mini) should fall into the budget. The ZEN incorporates a dual linear power supply, which shouldnt be overlooked in the realm of digital audio. The ZEN Mini could replace the CXN potentially (having its own on-board DAC) but you might boost simplicity over performance, hence why the ZEN might give the biggest benefits. But as you say, auditioning is key and you might come back with an entirely different opinion on ALL of the above!!!
  10. Reading your situation, a music server first (streamer second) would probably make the biggest difference, considering the bulk of your music is local. A server will do a much better job of cataloguing your music collection, unlike a streamer. As an Innuos owner, this would fit the bill (as well as making future Cd ripping a breeze to do). However, the Auralic will do a better job of being your end point than the Cambridge, but I assume the CXN is also your DAC right? Edit: Just saw the G1 has local storage onboard, so thats good. Just hope youre an iOS user though! (n
  11. I think bad experiences are everywhere, not just limited to bespoke hifi stores. My work journey in Perth takes me past most of the HN stores in the stretch north of the river here in Perth and I will ONLY deal with one guy at the one store - he knows his stuff and isn't an ass!
  12. I planned on doing a short review in the Review section over the next few days, suffice to say I LOVE this thing! Comparing to the internal DAC of my H390:- The Hegel DAC appeared to have better front to back separation and to some degree, horizontal soundstage was better with the Hegel. In my system the sound goes slightly beyond the edge of the speakers. That's about all I can say as a positive for the Hegel - the detail this thing produces is off the charts. Some say analytical (which implies negativity) - I would say extraordinarily detailed. Instruments hung in the a
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