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  1. One cannot begin to discover room/speaker interaction without power to begin with. Otherwise there is no sound!
  2. Simple troubleshooting - ask the store to loan you an identical amp. Try it at home. Record the comparisons. If the store-loaned unit doesn't behave the same way, you know you have a faulty amp.
  3. Hydrology

    Amari RW-800 Record Cleaning Machine

    Thats what I said when I was about to drop much much more on the KLAudio machine. Now, nearly 12 months later, absolutely no regrets.
  4. Hydrology

    SVS Subwoofers 3000 Series

    So how does this new eventual series fit the bill for you that the current range does not?
  5. Hydrology

    SVS Subwoofers 3000 Series

    There is no concern from me. My queries relate to how only one person has knowledge of a new series and no other website/SVS owner can confirm said information, apart from the fact that it’s a given that sometime in the future SVS will release new product. Guess what? Apple will release new phones this year.
  6. Hydrology

    SVS Subwoofers 3000 Series

    When companies let the cat out of the bag about upcoming products, it usually means the potential purchasers will sit on the fence. Not good business (in my opinion) when those maybe clients about to drop $$$ on the "existing" line up. A few weeks away? Perhaps. A few months away? Not good for business, and certainly not a great way to look after your distribution and dealer network. Lesson #1 in business - if someone is about to hand over some cash, take it. Care to share your insider knowledge?
  7. Upgrade to a 2M Blue would be a good move in the right direction. I place high importance on phono stages but as you say, the nature of the system could be a limiting factor, so my advice is upgrade the cart (definite improvement) and see if the dealer can loan you a different phono stage to try in your system.
  8. Hydrology

    SVS Subwoofers 3000 Series

    So SVS are doing targeted email ads, sending emails to a few clients about new products that are months away, thus making people (their customers and source of income) sit on the fence? Seems like a strange way to run a business.
  9. Hydrology

    Pro-Ject VC-S mk2

    It’s supposed to be noisy. If it wasn’t, i’d be concerned about the machines condition.
  10. Hydrology

    Rega P8 P10

    Must be some considerable insider information. Absolutely nothing mentioned anywhere online for months.
  11. Hydrology

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Father's Day gift from my step-daughter, The Pixies - "Doolittle - 25th Anniversary Edition - 3 x LP"
  12. Hydrology

    NAD in Perth

    And of course there’s no guarantee that every local dealer affords you the same level of customer service either!
  13. Hydrology

    NAD in Perth

    Most of the authorised service agents at least here in Perth are not the most communicative. That’s not a derogatory statement, simply they would prefer to get on with the job. I think the original poster is inferring if he has any queries or concerns, they can be handled face to face with a local retailer. And I think support you get from your dealer is just as important as the price.