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  1. Not sure I saw this version mate, but I did see 1917 last week and it was bloody brilliant!!!! 😎
  2. As the Dynavector HX75 is a power amp you would be best served with a preamp with DAC capability. Assuming you dont need any analogue inputs (turntable etc), something like a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital would suit without breaking the bank:- https://www.frankprowsehifi.com.au/product/pro-ject-pre-box-s2-digital Alternatively, see if you can pick up a pre-loved Cambridge Audio CXN (v1 or v2 if the price is right). This will also add full music streaming into the mix, and being a full sized component will marry up well with the Dynavector. This will be a potent combo with a decent set of (passive) speakers.
  3. Michael O'Shea SELF TITLED - Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Special Edition, Clear Vinyl
  4. Look at the Parasound JC Jnr phono preamp too.
  5. Family emergency yet found the time to be on SNA and NOT reply to you? Don’t waste any more time on them.
  6. Agree with everything @Ittaku said. While efficient they sound best with powerful amps behind them (for control). Almost a match made in heaven with current Meridian pre/power combo. But....they ain’t a pretty speaker!
  7. I have worked in this industry on both sides of this planet since leaving university in 1994/95. What I have enjoyed/enjoy the most is the relationships and friendships I've made along the way with people who started our interactions as potential clients. I've enjoyed the freedom of not being commission-based which (in my opinion) has allowed me to select the products that suit my client's needs. I will also tell clients my personal preferences up front, and why. However working in this industry (and retail in general) is getting harder and harder, and the fun factor and job satisfaction is not what it used to be, so to the OP, by all means if you are interested in getting into the industry, go for it, but don't stick around if you find it frustrating, it "can" burn you out. I'll give you a current example of where this industry can be soul destroying...we have a client who came to the store months ago to listen to a brand we have exclusive here in WA. After getting the specific model in for him to listen to, followed by a lengthy demo and discussion we detailed a price, to which the client was unhappy with (despite this brand being currently cheaper in Australia then most of the bigger markets around the world, and this price being given before we even got the unit in for him to listen to!), and wanted to think about it (usually that's a sign of ringing around/emailing to get a better price). Some weeks later he came back and started up the same conversation with a colleague and wanted another listen. When he was told that we ended up selling this unit to another client he was perturbed as to why we would do such a thing. He then asked if we could get another unit in for him to listen to again (did I mention this "unit" isn't cheap?). We reluctantly agreed but now the customer hits my colleague hard for pricing by coming back with "confirmed" prices from interstate stores. When the demonstration unit came in, he then wanted to listen to two other units in the range that we didn't have (more expensive). This back and forth about the 3 units for audition went on for a few weeks, but we refused to budge on our "fair" price. This "client" then began ringing around the various local stores looking to see if they could possibly get access to the brand, even to the point that one store made contact with us about supplying! Right now this client has a price from the Eastern States that is his reference point (a stupidly cheap price for what the product is and commands) and is doing all he can to buy it cheaper, yet has no concern about the financial cost of us getting in the best part of $50,000 worth of product for him to audition (a second time). Don't get me wrong, we all tend to be self-centred when purchasing goods, after all we want a good price and be looked after. We have done nothing but entertain and help this client out, with ZERO reward for our efforts so far. If this client was so serious about buying this amplifier, it would be better for him to hop on a plane and listen to all three in various stores in Melbourne, buy the one he wants and fly back. Instead we are being treated like a free advice bureau. But, issues like that aside, its still fun. I get to play with some fantastic toys, and love discovering new music thanks to the people who walk through our door. The good days are great, the bad days, well, I go home and hope tomorrow is a great day!!
  8. Yeah I too got to hear the Sennheiser and it's the first one I've heard that I could live with.
  9. So was this a product you bought unheard based on the “buzz” or did you audition before committing?
  10. Item: KEF K-Stream CAT6 Ethernet Cable - 6m Location: Perth Price: $175 shipped (RRP: $249) Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Different requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Manufactured by Chord Co. Never used, just opened the box to show the unsealed cable inside. Photos:
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