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  1. Item: Primare R32 Phono Pre-Amp (BLACK) Location: Perth Price: $750 plus shipping. Item Condition: Excellent - couple of tiny marks on top (see pics). Reason for selling: Selling on behalf of a friend. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal (buyer pays 3% fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: This phono preamp needs no introduction. Awesome performance, build quality and adjustment options. Unit supplied with box and original packaging/accessories.
  2. Loving the update. As for the lifetime price hike, they have publicly stated they are not fans and have internal meetings regarding whether they should abandon this or not. I know one of their chief officers publicly said today that had they announced the price hike, November would have been their most successful month ever, but they are not that kind of company. I currently have lifetime but if I didnt, with the price hike, I think I would be fine with annual (which hasn't changed price).
  3. The SACDs (like the vinyl) are available in Australia at the end of this month. It seems that MoFi release new product first to the North American market, followed by international web orders, then finally their worldwide distribution network, meaning we tend to see new releases about 4 weeks after launch date.
  4. Really? I don’t discriminate how wine is presented to me!
  5. ELAC Vela BS403 - fav of mine.
  6. I paid with CC with no issues. Ironically I was having issues paying with PayPal.
  7. Couple of additions in preparation for a system changeover to actives..
  8. Nope. I uninstalled as soon as I was up and running.
  9. Definitely sounds like an issue.
  10. It can be done very easily using both the Hoxx and webRTC extensions for Chrome. Both are free. Payment via CC is fine, but PayPal will be geoblocked when paying for Qobuz. Hoxx allows you to choose your location, in this case, US. I just used a different email address to the one I signed up with last week to trial Qobuz.
  11. OP, irrespective of what you’ve read or seen to dissuade you from IsoTek power boards, maybe the right thing to do I to trial one and put it to rest for YOU?
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