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  1. I’ve had a listen and am very impressed with this, especially for the asking price. The customisation is first class as is the build quality.
  2. I’m pretty confident it’s Jason who has quoted on the repair.
  3. @KRSDarwin the deck above is a Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UltraDeck.
  4. Max Würden ‎– Format Limited to 500 copies opaque 2xLP, housed in a matte gatefold sleeve. Vinyl specific edits of the tracks.
  5. Been waiting a while for this one to re-surface. Needs no introduction!
  6. I'm not a headphone connoisseur but even I was impressed when I tried it as an amp. When designed, I believe Questyle used some of the most difficult headphones on the market as a reference point. I am very impressed with its performance as a DAC - at $1,599 its fantastic - at $800, a no brainer. Perhaps you can borrow it from the store for an evening to try?
  7. There is no way the stands and rack are included.
  8. Erasure "The Circus" . 1986. Original UK Pressing
  9. I had lots of issues with iTunes when I first decided to archive my music collection. Downloaded XLD Ripper for Mac and never ever went back to iTunes. A much better ripper, numerous options etc etc
  10. The amp would play a part. ELAC are a little more difficult to drive.
  11. No that is the standard plinth supplied at manufacturing.
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