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  1. Never tried it without for the simple reason that it comes with the deck. Next time Im taking the system apart I'll have a crack.
  2. I have the deluxe model which came with my RPM10.1. To be honest I don't think it has made that much of a difference, albeit the TT looks more impressive on it! I can still tap the Ground-It lightly and hear feedback through the speakers. Considering something down the line such as the IsoAcoustics/ButcherBlocks platforms, or something from HRS.
  3. Different!!! The digital rig is great in the sense that Im discovering so much new music that I then seek out and buy on vinyl! I do use the digital side of things throughout the week, with the vinyl taking up the weekends when time allows a bit more of a slowing down. But if I had to pick, I'm a vinyl guy!
  4. Big job for today - after 15 years of living with a (shitty) colour that my ex-wife picked out for the alcove, it was time for a change... Trim the excess in the morning, re-mount the TV, put the hifi back together and we're done (apart from new cabinet and blinds)
  5. Nina Simone - Black Gold. Excellent release
  6. Bingo! Not everybody has the time and patience to setup a NUC/PC/Mac etc - I've spent enough time in my formative years doing all that! Great for those who have the time and energy to put into it.
  7. Probably just out of your price range (and you seem unsure of spending in the first place) but Ive had great success recommending Nordost Sort Kones to friends and clients. Alternatively something like the IsoAcoustics Orea range.
  8. The base model is MORE than adequate. From time to time we are without the PLUS model on the floor (site evaluation, loaner etc) and the stock Nucleus still has no issues with 25+ zones, PEQ and DSP enabled on some zones. My unit at home never skips a beat. And while I never talk up sound quality advantages, almost all of our clients who eventually stepped up to a Nucleus from a NUC, laptop, Mac Mini etc have sung the praises of the sound improvements. Yes my day job means the Roon Nucleus is part of the portfolio of products I sell. Do we push the product hard? Not at all. We push the concept of the Roon experience first, the hardware comes later. Nucleus dealers make a ridiculously tiny amount of profit on the Nucleus, so you wouldnt get rich selling them! NOTE: I was a Nucleus owner before we offered them as a product to sell. It was my experience with the product that pushed me to want to sell the product. Too much messing around with custom PC builds etc = less time listening to music.
  9. Cant say I use the app much but it is well-thought out and does the job. I do believe however that it has a bug where it stops playing a track in a playlist and you need to hit play again to restart. Im sure this will be fixed in an upcoming software update.
  10. Its the PET sheath that makes ALL the difference (cosmetically)!
  11. Further information: These cables (two are for sale - above price is EACH) are made with the highly regarded Supra CAT8 ethernet cable:- http://www.jenving.com/products/network-122 and terminated with the robust Telegartner MFP8 plug:- https://www.telegaertner.com/en/info/catalogue/datavoice/?IdTreeGroup=3000203412&IdProduct=14161 finished off with heat shrink and a tight braided PET Expandable sleeve. PRICE INCLUDES EXPRESS POST SHIPPING. Photos:
  12. Further information: Used once. Sold identical pair on here a few weeks ago. Price includes Express Post. Photos:
  13. Until you mentioned it I didnt even know you could buy music from Tidal - they certainly dont make a song and dance about it, perhaps its a work in progress?
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