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  1. I used to have a setup of Cabasse Bora speakers and a Primaluna Prologue classic integrated amp. They are high efficiency speakers, but also threeway standmount. They throw a huge sound, and go really well with tubes. I found the combination really good. My current was a major step up in order to best it. You can definitely find that amp for below $1500, and those speakers you can get for around $1700 secondhand.
  2. I have the Audio Physic Classic 30s. They don't have the external side woofers but I think port internally and then out through the bottom. They sound phenomenal. I have matched them with a Primaluna Prologue Premium pre-amp and, like someone else here, a Musical Fidelity A5Cr power amp. These with a Gieseler Klein III DAC with Kraftwerk PSU combine to make a wonderful sound. I have not bothered to hook up a sub as they supply plenty of bass. Due to room restrictions, I have not been able to play around with placement. That said, they disappear and project a huge sound-space. I love them with classical, electronic, pop, brass bands and acoustic. They give me the "right-there" feeling, especially with vocalists. They can track a bassline and get you dancing, as well as being able to pinpoint instruments (and musicians). And don't get me started on the new Bladerunner soundtrack: it is beyond impressive. I had a couple of friends over who were not easily impressed. The look on their faces when the music started playing was great. One of them said, "I wouldn't go out if I had these."
  3. What do the Cantons sound like? Always liked that brand - had some bookshelf speakers from them ages ago and they were great value.
  4. His system was missing that something. And all his tweaks they seemed to do nothing. Until lo and behold, A Klein III took control, And now music can’t help but erupting.
  5. While searching around for a DAC, He decided that he would change tack: A Gieseler Klein III; The choice obviously! His bass now with oomph and attack.
  6. Is it the highest quality streaming or just the Spotify equivalent version?
  7. There are some good deals on them ex demo usually or almost new secondhand.
  8. Can you do a review? I was late trying to get tickets and so missed out.
  9. You might want to check out Cabasse. Their concentric drivers allow their mid range bookshelf speakers to be 3-way. They don't seem popular in Australia, and so you can get them secondhand at really good prices. They are also pretty efficient so they allow for a wide range of pairings with tube amps which might get you the sound you are looking for.
  10. Just a quick note. A mate came round on the weekend and we tested his Chord Mojo dac running on battery against the Klein III with upgraded power supply. The result was pretty obvious. The Klein III was much fuller and more 3D. This was very noticeable on female vocals. Also, the Klein III handled some electronic tracks easily with which the Mojo struggled. On a Chemical brothers track, the Mojo added in some feedback which was quite noticeable. My friend also noted that piano was more present on his Sibellius test track. The soundscape also was larger and the bass better defined. One analogy was that the difference was like moving from my google play to my mate's tidal. There was just more information, more space and an ease of presentation. Obviously, the Mojo wins when it comes to portability and as a headphone amp. However, for a home system, it was no contest. The Klein III was the obvious winner.
  11. Hi all, I use a chromecast audio for streaming. Everything is fine when streaming from the NAS using Hi-Fi Cast app; however, when I use it for albums on google play music, there is a static sound between tracks. Online this seems like a known issue and also happens with Tidal. However, in trying to work out whether other chromecast compatible streamers had a similar issue, it was difficult to find a list of such streamers. I know of: - Cambridge audio CXN v2 - some Nad products - Pioneer N30AE, N50AE & N70AE - Primare SC15 and SC5 Does anyone know of other chromecast compatible music streamers? Cheers.
  12. I have had a similar trek. I went from Cambridge Audio and Exposure SS amps, and then got hooked on tube. I have tried a Melody integrated, a Primaluna prologue classic and now Primaluna premium pre-amp. If you go the Primaluna, I would recommend at least the Prologue premium. The classic is really good but under-powered for what you are looking for. I now have a muscial fidelity power amp with my pre-amp, and it is phenomenal. And it is way under your budget. Also, if you go the pre-power option, then you can muck around with more options. Also, check out some of the local makers like Weston and Elson Silva. Both are really helpful and good value.
  13. I have had great customer service from Space HiFi too. I messed up an order, quickly rang them and they adjusted it with no fuss. I'm no expert but their cables seem well made and reasonably priced. I would recommend them.
  14. I agree. I just got Gieseler Klein III with upgraded power supply and it is phenomenal. I can only imagine what the next step up would be.
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