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  1. Given how you need BIG bass traps to work DIY is the cost effective way to go. Stump
  2. NOS Western Electric 300B tubes You don't see these for sale every day. Just in case someone wants to buy them? https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/nos-western-electric-300b-tubes.890870/#post-22333309
  3. Nice prices on the records.I am concerned of Radioactive contamination ! 😜(hehe) Stump
  4. Share taxi or mini van from the Pullman could be the go!!
  5. I have a repair coming back from Singapore later this month.Regarding shipping the dealer gave me his TNT account number and was sent back at his cost.I don't plan on paying any import tax. BTW I once paid $880 GST for a laser record player from Japan . It broke within 2 weeks so when I sent back for a full refund I also applied and got back my GST money minus $120 admin fee. Stump
  6. Keep the same colour and they just blend in. She won’t notice. 9 Ft ceiling 10.5 Ft wide room.😎
  7. Warning ! If you do make it to one of Peter Ledermann talks at the HIFI Show (Like Me) you will see and hear the benefits of making one of the Soundsmith range your last cart.... Couldn't be happier.....😎 Stump
  8. I may have a good comparison with Tube Amps if I go down the DEQX A500 monobloc power amplifier path! Put them in a Dan D'Agostino case and it would cost more.. Stump
  9. For years I have been buying Honey from HOG BAY APIARY Kangaroo Island' . I pay a bit more but no risk of someone adding sugar syrups to increase the volume ....😮 http://www.users.on.net/~hogbay/index.htm
  10. Australia Post is you best option as DHL or TNT would be half the cost of the player. I would consider double boxing and take a video of the player working before you send. If its not working when it arrives in Japan it could get more costly with refunds etc..
  11. Got it going today.Must have been password issue. Cheers
  12. Looks good Rusty.The rooms look large.Was a lot of the equipment static? Good to see some live entertainment at these Shows! Stump
  13. If Krix are at this years Show then do yourself a favor. They cover all price range and are Local. https://www.krix.com.au/in-ceiling/
  14. Have you done the Arlo App upgrade? I has to do with breaking away from Netgear?? Stump
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