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  1. The 'Hifi gear in movies' thread....

    Do you have a pic?
  2. The 'Hifi gear in movies' thread....

    Hanss Acoustics T-30
  3. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Nothing beats a cassette player for that Tape Sound. Stump
  4. No talk of retiring.Just an extended holiday.He has not taken any new repair work since 7 September..$1600 sounds right although have not received a final quote.What a time to take a holiday when the Cassette deck is the new Vinyl.... Stump Nakamichi Spare parts and Stones “Artisan “Speakers will still be available on request via email. As you are aware I have a large stock of Nakamichi Cassette deck replacement NOS parts both electronic and mechanical along with a “large collection " of Nakamichi cassette decks I have purchased over the years to enable the repair/service of your 30 to 40 year old Nakamichi cassette decks for which parts are no longer available.
  5. Follow up Looks like Russell will be trying to Finish his repair backlog of 11X Nakamichi machines by end of January 2018 before going on an extended holiday!!Any unfinished machines will be sent back.Hope mine makes it through. Stump
  6. I would buy this tomorrow if i didn't already have one.Did speak with a member at the show who showed interest. Stump
  7. I have a Arcam AVR 600 worked without problems while other had glitches.As its no longer used ,last time I went to fired it up there was nothing? I dont think it a fuse issue.. Stump
  8. I agree the Fantasticos were Fantastic.For you to prefer the active i-93 is interesting and leaves open a nice upgrade option for Vaf I93 owners.
  9. Who's going Friday???

    12 pm for VIPs Frank.Catch you later this afternoon.
  10. Japan Record Shops!

    In this trip post there was post office EMS 50 LPs then Airline luggage 60 LPs and 12 special LP with carry on.
  11. Japan Record Shops!

    I carry heavy duty anti-inflammatory and Ibuprofen I get with a doctors script.I just carry enough needed for the trip.I'm sure they are not illegal where opiate based drugs may be a different matter.I can not advise which way to go but if I myself needed them I would take them and declare on the customs card ...... Stump
  12. The cost of nbn

    I’m with internode.ADSL-2 cost $40 for 250gig $35 line rental. NBN is 100gig $55 silver 25.No line rental.To the node.. So faster speed cheaper price. Speed 7pm tonight..
  13. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    This could set a trend!
  14. What to eat?

    Eat what your body needs to sustain life.If you have to think about it then join the sheep and let the Coles and Woolys dictate what you eat... Stump