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  1. Stump

    Vinyl Box Sets

    And then there was 4
  2. Great to hear the overseas success of another Australia based Speaker and Amp supplier. P.S You can buy the BEST local and save on Shipping and Import duties..😉
  3. Stump

    FS: X2 Platform Subwoofer

    Its designed for hifi like the pic below.I used them upright against the wall due to lack of space .Im over 100Kg and they would take my weight without problem.They are a very solid piece of furniture..Top self could be purchased from Vaf at a cost..
  4. Stump

    FS: X2 Platform Subwoofer

    2 for sale.Price is for 2. Stump
  5. You have a nice room and good start with the Vicoustic panels. Sound is predicable so find the reflection points with a mirror and dont forget the ceiling and floor.(Reflections smudge the sound) Stump
  6. Stump

    Poll: What cartridge design do you prefer?

    SOUNDSMITH - Hyperion Low Output MI Phono Cartridge After enjoying the Vaf Peter Ledermann presentation this Cactus-Needle Cart is on my savings list .
  7. Stump

    FS: X2 Platform Subwoofer

    Just a bump due to some interest!
  8. Stump

    Vaf platform sub

    I have X3 platform subs .They work great and as noted Isolation for a CD player makes sense. P.S X2 are for sale as I no longer have my surround sound setup.. Stump
  9. He must have been telling everyone.This sounds like his youtube clip..
  10. I found most rooms using Vicoustic - treatments from basic up to there $2500 each panels.That was more then last years and I think it toned down a lot of BOOM which was a complaint between rooms from previous 2 shows. Stump
  11. Stump

    Melbourne Marathon

    There were all sorts running and walking.,I see why The medics we’re busy....
  12. So what is the downside? 😉
  13. Anything can be made just like the factory with the right tools and know how.Accustic Fields even sell you the plans.Look what people spend on cables yet no interest in room acoustics .I am going ahead and ordering 4X AQ1000S Removable Acoustc Baffle - Black .I first seen them used at a HIFI Show couple of years ago and even with the landed price I dont think I could match the quality finish at the price.. https://www.soundboxacoustic.com/shop/sound-absorption/aq1000s-removable-acoustc-baffle/?attribute_color=Black-XK268-4