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  1. Stump

    Stumps Horn Speakers...

    There is a importer in France supplying Europe and the LM-845 Premium is part of International Range .As far as I know the LM 219IA still a popular seller. https://www.line-magnetic.eu/en/home-line-magnetic-en
  2. Stump

    Stumps Horn Speakers...

    Well spotted.Also a LM 210IA in the rack .....No doubt my 212s are sitting on the left behind the camera!!!!
  3. Stump

    Stumps Horn Speakers...

    Hello Sean It certainly is a process ! Given the Amps and Speakers are made to order its not until the last piece of the puzzle arrives that I will be excited .I have not planed it yet but if I decide to come over to pick up some parts I will time it with the Singapore Show again.I will be there next month on the way to the Guangzhou Show but only for a few hours between flights.If you do visit the Shop looks like he has some 212s in this week! Cheers Eamonn
  4. Haven't you seen the identical SACD version.😲
  5. Who said CD is dying?? I myself enjoy both CD and LPs.I dont intend going down the Dac spodify Computer side of technology as I have enough CD and LPs to last a life time. I enjoy different pressings of the same CD and LP for there slightly different sound.The Kalista DreamPlay One CD player is out of the financial league for most people .I listen to this one at a HIFI Show and surprised to see a SOLD sign on it. $155,000(Show Discount)
  6. Drinks package of $65 for 3 hours "what I'd prefer - just paying for drinks individually. " Im all for the food.Being a non imbibers where does that leave the $65 ? Stump
  7. This shop was near my Hotel.He had 6 different Ramen and the dry was the one I had more then once...
  8. Here I am thinking you could have fit it in on the way home from the Denver Show! Oct 5-6 Denver Oct 7-8 Tokyo Oct 12-14 Melbourne I wish.....
  9. Now your making me Hungry! I would eat ramen 2-3 times a day.My last meal was a dry Ramen similar to this.....
  10. Ass Hole ......... Sorry I mean A ̄ ,-sōna no (google Translate)🤣
  11. I will have to have a good listen to the WE 13A one day!
  12. If you happen top be in Japan October 7 - 8 then get to the vacuum tube audio fair.......
  13. Going down the retro path you will pay a premium for a working Sansui AU-111.If thats what you want start searching .Stump