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  1. Hey Marc I have been twice .There is over 100 rooms with a mix of HI end and Chinese Manufacture.I mostly enjoy a lot of tubes rooms including the different China Tube manufactures. I didn't intend going this year but with LM bringing out there Big Horns and the change of date fits in with my Russia trip just need to adjust my flights.Guangzhou itself is a nice city to get around and well worth a visit!! Stump
  2. I'm Excited.This years show has a change of date.Perfect weather 22° / 12° and I have been given the heads up Line Magnetic have booked the BIG room to Showcase there BIG HORNS and equipment.Save for your airfare together with accommodation as low as $45 within 10 min walk of the venue and $130 at the venue your in for a treat....🤩 Guangzhou International AV Fair December 6-8. As the largest civil audio equipment fair in China, GUANGZHOU HIGH END has been held successfully for 25 sessions. 2019 GUANGZHOU HIGH END will be held in Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou and China Hotel on December 6-8. Planned according to usual practice of international top AV fairs, this fair offers more than 100 booths of different specifications. This year, the exhibition area will increase again. The exhibition space planning is as follows: Functional Exhibition Hall: 1/F Conference Room of Building No. 2, Dong Fang Hotel (HI-END Exhibition Area 1), Golden Halls A, B & C (HI-END Exhibition Area 2 and Portable Exhibition Area), Lobby and Lounge of Golden Hall, 3/F Exhibition Hall, 4-7/F Functional Exhibition Hall, 8/F Dong Fang Hall, Hua Cheng Chun Se Hall, Nan Guo Yan Yue Hall (HI-END Exhibition Area 3), VIP Halls (HI-END Exhibition Area 5), 2/F Exhibition Area of China Hotel (HI-END Exhibition Area 6), and -1/F China Hotel Independent Booths: 4-7/F Booths, Building No. 2, Dong Fang Hotel Disc Exhibition Area: 3/F, Building No. 2, Dong Fang Hotel The audience who bought tickets from our Admission Counter during this three-day exhibition, will receive a well-designed directory and a commemorative double-CDs for free. In addition, professional distributors, agents, producers, media and lots of audio industry professionals from around the country will participate in this AV banquet. Fair Period 09:00 am to 05:00 pm, December 6-8, 2019 Fair Place Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou (120 Liuhua Road, Guangzhou) and China Hotel (122 Liuhua Road, Guangzhou)
  3. Lunch in HK during the week 😯
  4. These 212 monsters are Push Pull putting out 125watts.Mine is Single ended 212 putting out 30Watts.I realize now using tubes comes down to speaker efficiency.My monos are not enough to push the Vafs where the Heracles 212 mono Im told made the the ATC speakers sing.
  5. Quite amazing with the low end JBL speakers.The pre amp has a gain control which can vary the sound stage.With the top range ATC Loudspeakers at a previous Show they won Room of the Show!!!!!!
  6. Im home now but would you believe I was in the building next door 8 Queen Victoria St, Central, Hong Kong 17 th floor .Next time!! Stump
  7. I spent hours window shopping and talking with owners.The used shops are amazing what you find and great reductions of demo equipment in the new gear shops.
  8. Here is a great story. When a old Rock n Roller makes his business Manufacture High End Fingerprint and 3D face Recognition devices Electronic Design and Development service (Circuitry Design to PCB Assembly development) - Manufacture of PCA, Flexible PCA and Complete Product Assembly .With the love of Music and Hiend design in his veins together with his son and old school friend branch out to make the best quality tube equipment .Everything is made in house including recently requiring a transformer company and equipment casing machined in Japan Knight Stereophonics LimitedEstablished in 2017, research and develop Hi-End Audio equipment and products such as Step Attenuators, Solid-state Preamplifiers, Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers. All Knight Stereophonics Products are manufactured by Knight Wah Technology Limited, made in Hong Kong. I got to listen to the prototype Heracles Power Amplifier which will soon go into production of 10 pairs.With our low dollar expect to pay around $47,000 Au.On the factory floor there products are quality +......... Voted Best room of the Show at a earlier HIFI Show.... Heracles Power Amplifier (Mono) Class A push-pull amplification 212 x2, 6L6 x2, 6SN7 x2, 5R4 x2 125W https://www.knightstereophonics.com/ https://www.knightwah.com/about-kwt
  9. Grandcastle Commercial Centre Address: 2 Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok, Hong Kong Found a HIFI Shop in Hongkong all in the one building.Catch the lift to floor 20 and walk down the stairs with one shop on each Level including 3 second hand shops.Some would not allow photos so here is an example!
  10. I love the look but didnt expect it to sound so good with a original arm reno and new cart!👍 Stump
  11. Tonight’s out going flights are now cancelled as of 6pm .Police are on hand.Did the Selby guys get out early in the day? stump
  12. That is a fair indication of today’s price...
  13. All the protesters have left the Airport. So hopefully the stranded Monday passengers can get away early Tuesday.On a good note The Harbourview rooms went from $240 a night for the Show to $80 a night now.The highlighted protests footage looks worst then is really is............. stump
  14. Day 2 of the Show I tried a few head phones.Demo of the AIr Force Zero met the Duntech crew with a cable shielding demo where hearing is believing, some live music and meetings with the Stars........
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