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  1. Good to know.I have had alexa show for a w weeks.This will open up some local skills.. Stump
  2. I no longer have the Clear Audio.If you like to catch up sometime I can demo the ASR and LM 129 .. Stump
  3. The main difference I found in the ASR vs RCM 2 test was similar sound wise with the ASR having more adjustments to tune in on the carts sweet spot.The LM 129 being older WE topology is not as revealing in detail but makes up for it with overall warmth. Stump
  4. Trump

    Can you get me a new hat? Stump
  5. Trump

    Im tempted but have to sit back and Bite My Tongue.This is a FAKE Forum..
  6. I have my LM 129 pre out on loan for same reason.Would be a nice match with the 843 monos......shame your not in Adelaide stump
  7. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Not mine ........It’s hard enough to decide which record to play THEN which player to use..... The EMT would go well with the retro system.....( add to want list)
  8. I use the PerfectWave P10 to keep my components running at 230V.After hearing the Isotek demo range at Singapore HIFI Show it has gained my interest.As the ISOTEk EVO3 Mosaic Genesis would be a good match for my system,has anyone gone from the PerfectWave P10 to ISOTEk EVO3 Mosaic Genesis ?? Is there anyone on the forum with a ISOTEk EVO3 Mosaic Genesis?? Cheers Stump
  9. I have some travel options later in the year.No plan to go unless I do it the last minute.
  10. Last year was a lot of fun and plenty to listen tooooo. The Hong Kong Senior Audio-Visual Exhibition 2018 will be held from 10 to 12 August 2018 at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre.
  11. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Seen this at a resent HIFI Show..
  12. Who can spot the Australian connection in this system.Put together by Live Acoustics Singapore . Azurahorn, based in Perth
  13. There is different software which will allow to play in tune with the music? These are sample panels.I like the cut outs which can be custom made on the sound panels.
  14. Here is a interesting product to add Light to your room treatments....600mmX600mm called Senhix and can custom make shapes and sizes to suit!Also dotimber QDRs. http://www.senhix.com/