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  1. I have used them .Going on the information you have given aesthetically they will look great and may have some affect if your back wall has a problem of boom base or producing null spots at the listening chair.Depending on the width of your room first reflection points are important to stop the time delayed sound from smudging the direct sound .Enjoy Stump
  2. Question is will there be a picture quality difference between the 2X Blu-ray players below for DVD and Bluray? Looking at a Blu-ray player for DVD and blu ray on a 1080p Plasma TV.. Panasonic TC-P65VT60 Oppo BDP-103AU Blu-ray player Panasonic DMR-BWT460GN 3D Blu-ray Disc™/ DVD Recorder with Twin HD Tuner
  3. Sorry I didnt have the player returned. Cheers Stump
  4. Always something new to see living g near a Harbour.
  5. Mercedes AA Class Car https://youtu.be/0k1tbf8muMc
  6. Nothing for me at Mr V this year.If anyone finds this one get me a copy. Cheers Stump MARC BOLAN & TREX BUMP N GRID RECORD STORE DAY RSD
  7. 20% off records tomorrow If anyone finds this can they leave a link? Cheers
  8. Thats the attitude to take to the Show. Absorbing things and learning, plus the bonus of meeting SNA members.I take the same attitude to all the Shows I visit and never disappointed!👍 Stump
  9. I like the build quality of Amari even though they do rip off designs.. Stump http://soundwe.co.nz/amari/
  10. Did you play around with the 3 filters+filter ?How big a difference was the step up from the Shure SE535 ? Stump
  11. "Rent went from $1,450 a week to $5,000 a week." When you have to pay $1000 a day before you get out of bed I bet he wished he bought the property in 1964.... Stump
  12. As much as I would enjoy a nice weekend in Auckland , Ian and the Kiwi enthusiasts you should look at pre group book Airfare Hotel weekend in Melbourne ..You wont be disappointed . 👍 Stump
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