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  1. Who needs to travel when you have Russian Classic Songs in Chinese nicely recorded and Saigon Rock &Soul to end the evening........
  2. Mix bag today..Just watched RD again.Nice soundtrack.......
  3. David Bowie 1987 Sydney Show with Purple Haze intro....
  4. There is always a slim hope ! Having a vaccination by Show time could change restrictions. As of now its not so good.. Additional restrictions for entering Hong Kong 4. Group D – Low risk places (effective 09 April 2021) Passengers who have only stayed in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in the past 21 days must present a confirmation of room reservation at one of the designated hotelsOpen a new window for not less than 14 nights, starting on the day of arrival in Hong Kong. This confirmation must be in English or Chinese. Passengers in this ca
  5. PS Audio's Reference System. He does go off track a bit in his old age.....
  6. I have been playing around with room treatment speaker placement for over 10 years and still learning something new with this guide. awayward could be correct not finding anything new reading through thew book. Playing the CD while referencing the book is where the magic is. I went through the CD a couple of times toeing in and moving forward speakers where you hear the changes as you go.Example listening to the voice track while the singer moves from the microphone you hear the depth of sound in your speakers.We all have reference music to play while testing speakers where this CD examples br
  7. Great alternative to STAGE......
  8. The white double is well worth getting if you enjoy Outside.It has the complete 19 songs from the CD where the 1995 pressing has 13 songs.RTI used virgin vinyl spread over 4 sides which has to be a good thing! PS The original Album was rejected by the record company and this is the reworked version below.If you enjoy the concept the original Wishful Beginnings was available on Bureau Supply...... Brilliant Quality..
  9. I will have to give the 1995 Euro pressing another spin.The coloured double is very quiet dynamic pressing good quality..
  10. David Bowie Outside. I’m sure only a hand full of members know this LP?
  11. The Vinyl Boom has created COLLECTORS (some without turntables) who never play the records .Great marketing from the record companies especially all that NOS we can buy in 20 years... Stump
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