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  1. If your getting 249V where your appliance is made for 230V are you paying too much for power compared if your receiving around [email protected]
  2. Stump

    FS: TEAC Esoteric DV-60 Universal player

    Great player especially if you are into surround sound.I had one for many years. P.S Are you still into surround sound music?
  3. Looking back that certainly was a Great weekend but hopefully I can recreate the shenanigans in Guangzhou.....🤐 Stump
  4. Stump

    How many records are not RIAA?

    RIAA curve is the standard .My phono has the other options .The other day I played a Live bootleg from the 70s and found using the Columbia curve brought the voice forward and made the listening experience better. Stump
  5. Due to a change of events I will be around for the Show.I was going to ask for a lift but managed to get a return fare under $200.Will be staying at Bayview On The Park.See you there!! Stump
  6. Stump


  7. Stump

    Line magnetic audio

    Tortech step down transformer not required. Stump
  8. Knowing the ins and outs of the Line Magnetic LM-219IA this beast uses quality parts with point to point wiring put together by very skilled technicians you have a Tube Amp which will hold it future value because skilled labour will not get cheaper in the future.Although you wont need it.GLWTS Stump
  9. Stump

    Tv under 2k

  10. Now everyone can afford a Ultrasonic Record Cleaner retails for $850 US http://morrowaudio.com/partner-products/kirmuss-audio/in-the-groove-ultrasonic-record-cleaning-system
  11. Stump

    Tantalising Turntables

    This one is new to me.It looks like a big version of the DS Audio Optical where vibrations transmitted by the stylus modulates the LED light by means of an shutter attached to the cantilever. This modulated light is picked up by the photodiode, which converts the light into an electrical signal, sending it back through the tonearm wires and interconnects to the equalizer/power supply unit where it is RIAA-equalized and amplified into a line-level output.” If it does not have a stylus it might be a laser similar to the ELP Laser Turntable which I once tried few years back.. Stump
  12. Stump

    Tantalising Turntables

    Optical always spark my interest.
  13. Stump


    These are an absolute bargain and given the $Au going down you will not find a better price anywhere in the World! P.S Anyone here using a Vitus Phono? Stump
  14. Stump

    To doggy bag or not to doggy bag

    Off subject but when I saw a sign in Kyoto "No dogs - unless they fit inside a bag" that the first thing I thought of.?
  15. Hey Rod Are you driving over again this year? Stump