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  1. Yes. Gets a regular spin in this house.I enjoy everything around the David Live era!!
  2. Before Young Americans was The Gouster.......
  3. Anyone agree this is the Best Record from the 1980s.....😎
  4. Welcome Ersin Its a small world in HIFi... BTW Do you know of this shop? http://www.lotusconcept.com/
  5. When Boots are better then official release! This X4 LP of a Dublin Show in 1995. Part of the boot series put out by Bureau Supply
  6. Here is a DEQX 250 Amp setup in Japan..If you follow the DEQX Japan site there show different DEQX system setups.
  7. Bonus single is cardboard!, That’s a Cheap Trick............
  8. T. Rex Electric Warrior Numbered Limited Edition 45rpm 180g 2LP https://elusivedisc.com/t-rex-electric-warrior-numbered-limited-edition-45rpm-180g-2lp/
  9. Dj Vavva - Tum Dum Dum I like the music and love the clip..
  10. Chilling out with the Snow Monkeys of Japan.....
  11. I am strongly considering a new Esoteric E-02 Phono Stage but see this as a much better buy for similar price.... Stump P.S If I was to go for the Pass Labs XP-27 I would have him drop it off at the local dealer to check then have it sent to Australia direct after payment.....
  12. Any members in Istanbul ? Pass Labs XP-27 phono amp in excellent condition. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa2e88-pass-labs-xp-27-220-240v-50-60hz-phono
  13. I second that! Given your price range you don't want to spent extra money on Shipping Import duties dealer expense and paid for with our weak $Dollar!! .Although if the extra money is not a issue you have a bigger choice... Stump P.S I have had good experience with VAF. (Local)
  14. The only Bowie album Rod Stewart make an appearance!!
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