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  1. Stump

    FS: 2 paintings on canvas

    I DEER you to joke in front of YM.....
  2. Stump

    Vinyl Ripping

    Big price difference for the Schiit JIL and Sugar Cube......Anyone bought the Sugar Cube in AU yet?? http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/sugarcube-sc-1-vinyl-noise-removal-device
  3. Can you imagine giving birth to a child the size of a six-year-old? Or not being able to eat or breathe properly for the last third of pregnancy? Baby is. 35% size of mother stumpy-tailed lizard!
  4. Stump

    DIY absorber

    I covered my treatment with Black material from spotlight.I tested the material by blowing through it.Open weave ,if you can blow through it the sound will go through it....
  5. Stump

    Furutech Demagnetiser

    The Furutech Demagnetiser is just stage 4 of this CD cleaner..
  6. Stump

    Currently Spinning

    Let’s Dance
  7. Does not look like home cinema and hi-fi but lots of gadgets ....
  8. I replace the price with SOLD because once the deal is done the final price is between the seller and buyer.Anyone who needs to know the final price can PM the buyer and ask!!!! Stump
  9. Stump

    My System this morning

    Hmm now which speakers do I need for this CD.🙂
  10. Stump

    Azura Bass Horns

    My mistake.. ESD are all horns..
  11. Stump

    Azura Bass Horns

    Azura Bass Horns are world wide.I know of a Singapore dealer using them.