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  1. This is one of the first Boots I bought in the 70s.....Anyone else remember them? https://www.discogs.com/David-Bowie-Live-At-Santa-Monica-Civic/release/5334184
  2. DMM pressing is like the Vinyl version of SACD..
  3. Your showing your age! Just checked the song list and know every song.
  4. I agree you need to consider all aspects when buying overseas. In the 70s I remember the stories of buying from shops in Singapore only to find a house brick when you get home ...😄 "Caveat Emptor"
  5. I first heard the name Fergie in 2008 when she opened for the Police in Adelaide.Great performance and been playing her ever since.😎
  6. Unfortunate my offer was declined.Regarding buying off SNA Asia would be as safe as Gumtree! Buying off long term xtremeplace sg members and phone contact would be advised. As for shipping using FedEx to your door from Singapore is no problem.Double check supply voltage as you do get 220V products.. Stump
  7. 1988 Japanese New Age Music very nice recording. Kitaro These 10 Years
  8. Funny you can play a 40 year old record and still remember all the words..😎 Followed up with a 12 inch 45RPM.
  9. Optical illusion or is it? https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/true-stories/optical-illusion-in-womans-birthday-photo-goes-viral-for-phallic-detail/news-story/321afa86e3e4029ccd922bd917f81b5a
  10. Used Esoteric Grandioso K1 Any members in France? Found this in my price range.... https://www.marche.fr/petite_annonce_audio-tele-dvd-cd-occasion-achat-vente-cd-audio-esoteric-grandioso-k1-ref61409562.html
  11. This original Australian pressing is sounding as good as ever. Just ordered an update to keep the Eagles spinning....
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