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  1. I’m currently using this with a Luxman 509X integrated & anyway would have no idea how to check/adjust/set the bias. I trust my ears.....they’ve served me well for many, many years.
  2. Some people just can’t help themselves without having a dig.
  3. "I believe so". I beg to differ......I've been using a Thor PS10 for 5 years switched to 220V with a number of amps, preamps, integrateds, DAC's, hard disk servers, with no problems whatsoever. I originally used the 220V setting due to transformer hum on some Conrad Johnson gear & this reduced the hum almost completely. Since then I've always left it on the 220V setting & believe the system sounds better this way. YMMV of course.
  4. That's an incredible result & I know how much hard work would have gone into these, having completed a few projects myself. I recently had a pair of Amati Homage's & I know you will be impressed with the sound. Well done!!!
  5. Further information: Sonus Faber Amati Homage in immaculate condition. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with these wonderful speakers. It would be hard to find fault with these speakers, both audibly & aesthetically. Many great reviews on the net & when they were first introduced, Michael Fremer from Stereophile reviewed them, bought the review pair & kept them for three years. Iconic Franco Serblin design, that many agree sounds better than the current models. Fitted with brand new elastic grilles. Have box’s f
  6. I think your opinion is on the right track. I have a set of Cremona Auditor M's & a pair of Amati Homage's. As you go up the chain, the improvements get bigger. The Olympica 1's are a fine speaker. What are you trying to achieve by going from the Olympica's to the Sonetto's?
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