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  1. Tasebass

    My System this morning

    ...gimme a break...twas early Sunday morning....dont think I'd had a coffee even...
  2. Tasebass

    My System this morning

    Early morning Sun listening to some Dire Straights .....& a bit of Smoooooooooth FM!!!!
  3. Tasebass

    Linn Sondek Mose + Hercules Power Supply

    You buy the 240v model...hello!!
  4. Tasebass

    Linn Sondek Mose + Hercules Power Supply

    Grab yourself a PS Audio P300..if you can find one...as I am.....
  5. Tasebass

    Linn Sondek Mose + Hercules Power Supply

    At 50hz 240v......bump it up to 67.5hz..( i think ) for 45 rpm and your in business.... ....and IMO its the second best PS after the Radikal... Tase.
  6. Tasebass

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Put a model Black Cadillac on your Black Klimax Radikal case....
  7. Tasebass

    Cyrus Signature Phono Stage

    Linn recently debunked their forum cause it was outta hand and required to much time to moderate methinks.... Dont think its gonna happen here on SNA but I have to agree that social media/forums etc regardless of background has certainly " gotten worse" over the years..IMO Tase.
  8. I have owned one of these beaut Rotels for over a decade now after spending quite a considerable amount on a full restoration which took the best part of 2 years....( and 2 different techs I might add..).. I agree with most of your assessment however the detail or fidelity on the one I have is first rate..whether Analogue or digital and as you mention some of the caps etc may have wondered over the years...All mine were replaced so much so that when the volume pot is turned up to full or 0db there is negligible hiss from the tweeter even when you place your ear right next to said tweeter... Therer's a "Whollop" to the bass thats most satisfying with the right material too...all in all mines a keeper.... Using an Esoteric XO3se as main source atm biamped with a Rotel RA1312 into some home made speakers.... Oh Yes!!..some Vintage AlNiCo JBL 15" drivers sound great with mine...
  9. Dimensions and weight please....I'm interested.. Cheers Tase.
  10. Nice one Ross... what phono stage are you using with the XV1s.?? A match made in heaven this big DV with Naim's Superline/Supercap DR + R453 loading plug IMO... Have fun and welcome back.. Tase.
  11. Both my Linn's on start up exhibit a little "belt squeak" on start up ...once upto speed both are as silent as.... Tase
  12. Tasebass

    My System this morning

    Ya coulda washed ya feet!!.......enjoy!!
  13. ...just keep 1 then!!....I'll take the other 399 off you....
  14. Item: Rotel RT-990BX FM Tuner.. Location: Bass Hill 2197 NSW Price: $395.00.neg inc Free postage Eastern states Only... Item Condition: Excellent...9/10... Reason for selling: Not Using.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Rare as Hen's Teeth Tuner from the 90's has very similar layout as the Rotel Mitchi RHT-10 tuner Has excellent sound quality. Pulls in stations strongly even with the supplied ribbon Ariel.. Unit is complete with the supplied remote ( working which is rare ) etc...Have package so postage no problem. Any questions please ask and thanks for looking... Pictures:
  15. That ain't gonna happen Bod... Price reduced to $650.00 inc postage to the Eastern States..final price drop.. If they ain't gone by Xmas I'll keep them...