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  1. As its designed to....so whats the point of the Video..??......Oooo maybe this is show how DJ's treat there vinyl...I don"t think so... Tase
  2. Are these still available..?? Cheers Tony.
  3. Tasebass

    The Ashes

    He's not playing 20/20...thats the problem...
  4. Tasebass

    The Ashes

    "Dave...go out and play all day...sus the bowlers out....watch the wicket....check the field placement ......DONT WACK EVERY BALL"
  5. Tasebass

    The Ashes

    wouldn't make one iota difference to His form which has been shocking IMO... Said it before and I'll say it again...He aint no test cricketer.... Tase
  6. ...not to sure about that....but... ...can be used either side up.... Tase. at that speed you'd be stripping paint.......and heating ya panel up way too much....Oh dear!!!
  7. Cracking amp imo..... Price is an utter bargain....GLWTS.. Tase.
  8. .....PLX 1000 + Ortofon Headshell/2M Black.... "Bout as good as its gets in the (upper end of the ) entry level arena IMO...arm is good enough ( just) for the Black though a Bronze will suffice i reckon...shopping around should see you one around the $1500.00 mark.... Remember to adjust the arm bearings as they can be slightly ...er..."Off".... Mine aint put to shame by the other much more capable deck... Have fun... Tase.
  9. March 2015 from Audio Genesis in Sydney.. Cheers Tony.
  10. Thanks for that input Steve ...long time no hear too..... ...and I'm in your camp as I also think this is the most fundamental of upgrades... thats why I'm keeping one.. Anyone in the Sydney and surrounding areas is more than welcome to have a listen to my Keel equipped deck .. Tase
  11. Item: LInn Keel Subchassis for Sondek Location: Sydney 2197 Price: $3395.00...free postage Eastern States ONLY....donation to SNA if sells via classifieds Item Condition: 9/10...near mint Reason for selling: Culling the herd/speakers... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These don't come up very often and for good reason...takes the Sondek to a whole new level.. I bought this particular Keel in 2015 and then sent this down to Duc before His passing to have one of His Univector tonearms matched to the Linn arm geometry and measurements...as I have 2 off these and have not used this one in a while i have decided to cull some gear in favour of a speaker upgrade/purchase. Item is in near mint condition save the marks where the Cirkus bearing mounts and some oil residue as shown. Have all original packaging but no screws/washers for the Cirkus bearing...figured those interested in this will already have some and i cant find them .....I'll leave the top grommets in though as shown...As mentioned this is a Linn mount only so basically any Linn arm will fit though Ittok owners less than an LV111 will have to drill the Keel to fit the arm rest ( there is a cut out ) ... You have been made aware .... Not gonna wax lyrical how this will transform the Sondek as its all been said before. As mentioned free postage to Eastern States...advertised elsewhere...... and Thanks for looking.. Any questions dont hesitate to ask..Price is $2K off list... Cheers Tase. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Yes.....you lose the 4th spring so to speak....regarding Sondeks that is....
  13. Time for a change.... Out with the LInn Ekos SE/Kandid/Urika and in with Duc's Univector/Dynavector XV1s/Naim Superline-Supercap DR.... I've had this Univector /DV/Naim stuff running before however this time I have left the Radikal's motor in situ rather than changing to a Naim Armageddon PS......first time I have done this actually... Gone is some exuberance and in its place a more laid back feel with an even wider sound stage...no doubt this will change over the coming days.... Tase.
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