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  1. ....Yeah...makes me giggle........& its been a while so this ones a little overdue...maybe....
  2. Your OC9 has an output voltage of .4 mv therefor is a Low Output Moving Coil ...LOMC... on your Project DS 60db will provide enough gain...or output voltage to your amplification....for LOMC's...... If you were using a Moving Magnet cartridge ...MM...the setting would be nearer 40db... The 47pf is the capacitance the cartridge "sees'.....this is a standard figure though some have 470pf.. 100 ohms is the resistance the cartridge "sees"...generally the higher the figure the "brighter" the sound which you may prefer... Have fun Tase.
  3. ...Difficult with our Univector Andy....or others with arm leads exiting from the top IMO...Unless your game moving very delicate wires that is... As you say best to use an arc protractor.......... in certain cases... Tase...
  4. Had the chance to see them many times back in the 80's when living in the UK.. ...They toured extensively over the yeas and one of their hot spots was the NEC at Birmingham... "I'll see'em next time round"....said the Richard Head in Me.... Just gutted.. Tase.
  5. @andyr..... This member should be able to point you in the right direction... ...and welcome aboard... Good luck Tase.
  6. Not with an DV XV1s on the end of it....
  7. ....like to see this repeated using a Unipivot... Tase
  8. Linn use a Brushed DC motor in their Radikal along with propitiatory electronics.... quite as anything I've heard...no pun intended... Tase.
  9. Dumping thousands not making a difference....mmmmm I did just this when diagnosed with bowel cancer 5 years ago...why you may ask...well a couple of reasons first off was the fact that I may not make it and at least I would like to enjoy what a really nice..albeit vinyl ..system could sound like as well as living with one... From my perspective this helped me greatly in my recovery and associated challenges along the way..I spent time with system set up which meant learning some new stuff and once all was sorted and settled with the system the enjoyment, calmness and relaxation that the system offered up was a blessing and revelation. What was being offered up in SQ was just as important..or had just as an effect..as the recovery process per se. I owe a lot to my system back then and still thank some of the gear I still own to this day though I know I will have to part with some purely because it aint getting used as it should. YMMV...just thought I would share this. Tase...who's all clear and healthy...
  10. Not me... "Fast food sound" IMO Tase.
  11. ...That would have probably been moi .......as mine was caked in some oily gooiii stuff which required some soaking in chemicals for a period of time... The thrust pad on the Mober bearing has an indentation. which as stated is even more puzzling cause it was used in conjunction with a TP Tranquillity.... I'd be sticking with the cirkus... Cheers Tase.
  12. Hi Luc...HNY to you too champ and may you live long and prosper......& I'm feeling about as good as I'm gonna get....which is awesome considering... As previously mentioned in this thread my unit arrived with a damaged motor which was noisy ....and the speed control unit would not 'lock on" 33.33rpm....45 was fine though....I spend quite a bit of time trying to get things to gel adjusting but to no avail Edmund was a Gentleman though and offered a full refund on the Mober PS....which I accepted. Turns out the speed control He send out had an internal fault ....I cant remember what though. I did ask Edmund to check everything before shipment so why this happened...???? Cheers Tase
  13. Yes Felix.... Marriage and HiFi have same this trait ... tis' the only one they share in common.....believe me Iv'e been messing around with both for nearly 30 years...... All the best for 2020....All the best to everyone... Tase.
  14. Thanks for the kind comments....a labour of love getting the decks to what I wanted.... As stated earlier I ordered 3 Mober units from Edmond ...His PS + motor....bearing and inner platter...The PS was not an experience I wish not to repeat though @Luc and @Peter-C I believe use the Mober PS with good results so they would be more qualified to respond than myself... The bearing whilst a laudable Idea I believe was rushed into production without much ( if any ) proper R&D which Linn would participate in if bringing a new or revised product to market....one reason for their pricing with relation to other third party offerings for the Sondek.... Which brings us to the Mober inner platter...well yes its been good ..so far...I checked the tip at the shaft end and have noticed no wear...but then I have a few Linn inner platters with much more mileage on them that also have no visible wear.... From my perceptive with regards to certain third party mods/upgrades I would be extremely cautious especially where electronics are concerned.....arms and carts not withstanding... Have fun Tase.
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