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  1. Spot On... I have had a very mixed experience over the years with purchases made both interstate and overseas... Unless the item is utterly unique and a must have I'll try and source produce locally.. Tase.
  2. Tasebass

    Vintage HiFi

    Vintage with a bit of later stuff.... PLX 1000+Ortofon 2M Bronze into the Rotel RX1203 internal phono...nowt special but it'il keep ya listening and is enjoyable enough.... Esoteric XO3se+ Rotel is sublime.... Tase.
  3. Tasebass

    My System this morning

    Back to Basics with this set up... PLX 1000 + Ortofon 2M Bronze into the Rotel RX1203 internal phono.... Nowt special per se but...enough to keep ya listening and its enjoyable too... Esoteric X03se is sublime into the Rotel......
  4. ......& there's a "fatboy" in there...gotta lurv yanka marketing....
  5. Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way - European 1993 original on black (VUSLP 60) VG/VG+. Record is excellent, very close to VG+. Just some light scuffs and marks. Sleeve has some light edge wear and creasing. With original inner sleeve. Plays beautifully. $70 Prince - Purple Rain - recent remaster w/poster in mirror cover (093624930242) VG+/VG++. Cover has tiny amounts of wear but hardly noticeable on mirrored edges. Lovely unwrapped poster and mint record. $32 I'll take the above please....any freebies i'll leave up to your discretion ...( be a nice surprise for me.. ) Thanks Tase.
  6. From my own experience buying a Vintage TT is a real hit and miss and unless your prepared for unknown I'd look at new or newish... $200 aint gonna get you much in the quality department either ....last thing that's needed is a young recruit thats gets put off with all the hassle of unreliable equipment IMO... If She can save a little more....( Hey what are Dad's for anyway...) with a budget of around $350-400 methinks in the long term the outcome will be one of love for ever.... have fun.. Tase.
  7. Tasebass

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    You got a great bargain there if you bought new as the List price of your front end is around $23K....well done.. Tase
  8. Tasebass

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Hey Warren...Hope alls well... In fairness we did conclude a loading issue between the Kleos and the JLTi if I remember correctly which might have contributed to proceedings as the difference was sometimes quite profound...as you mentioned re the SP Album... 2 things I noticed was the fact that the Klimax deck is all SM OP amps which were all cold with little to no warm up.......this was feeding into a valve amp and we got some great results. So mixing and matching new and old tech can work ... Also as seen in the photo the deck wasn't placed unfortunately in a not ideal position but still gave a great account of its abilities i think we got a Little foot fall but bugger all other issues. I had the deck set up ready to go in 40 mins give or take .... Tase
  9. Tasebass

    Vinyl Engine.

    Linn forum has....
  10. Tasebass

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    Way different Andy.. Better......
  11. Tasebass

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    Are we talking worst or bad sounding here.... The worst amp i have had is an old JVC quad amp.....not bad sounding though just needs a service etc IMO.... TBH I've never had a bad sounding amp cause i make sure they are fed with a good front end....especially the vintage Rotel ones I have. Tase.
  12. Tasebass

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Interesting question which one could answer.."should people just be buying the M3 in the first place and be done with it.?" rhetorically speaking... upgrading over time will certainly ease the financial pain in relation to a one-off purchase though the cost overtime will be higher even taking into account trade-in offer's if they are available... A Klimax LP12 at list price is around $40k and on the surface of it seems like an obscure amount but the TT is a package...( Phono stage inc cables..cartridge..Etc included ) all that's needed is amplification plus speakers and your good to go...( Urika 2 is digital output in Linn electronics only ) A shoot out between said KLimax LP12 and similarly priced offerings from SME/VPI/Clearaudio/Kuzma etc would be great but can't see that happening...pity really...think there would be some raised eyebrows from all corners... Iv'e added a few third party offerings from Tiger Paw to mine..Khan/Tranquillity/sKlae plus my own Plinth design... Tase
  13. Yes Andy as we discussed earlier...
  14. Latest Headshell... the one I have is first gen plus the geometry will be Linn so I can mount to a Keel