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  1. Tasebass

    Phono...pre loved..

    ...sure is..
  2. Tasebass

    Phono...pre loved..

    I should add you will need a separate power supply or a Naim Pre or Integrated amp with a suitable power outlet... Tase
  3. Tasebass

    Phono...pre loved..

    There's lots to choose from the likes of Tom Evans..Graham Slee...RCM...Rega...Project...the list goes on... However you have a DV cart...( nice one to ) so I'll throw this in the mix and this just might be the first time I have ever recommended one... Naim Superline. Simply a great match with your DV cart when loaded with a R453 plug as shown, you have a choice of power supply upgrades though its only connection to associated equipment is via DIN which can be a pain...
  4. Tasebass

    YouTube, currently uploading.

    ....and singalong...
  5. Tasebass

    YouTube, currently uploading.

    DSE....Impressive $20 speaker....
  6. Tasebass

    Giving vinyl one more try

    Playing Devils advocate here.... Vinyl ain't for everyone... I doubt spending $500 will improve SQ matters to the point where the "wow" factor kicks in if you are used to other formats satisfying your musical tastes.... I would advise if any offers from SNA members to a vinyl GTG you attend @jgunner as you will learn/listen and then maybe take things further if you wish... Or go visit some reputable VINYL outlets if you have the time ......VINYL specialists.... Have fun Tase.
  7. Tasebass

    Lovers of cart changing

    Couldn't agree more...and goes for ANY product from ANY manufacturer IMO... Tase
  8. Tasebass

    Cartridge /tonearm vibration

    Interesting..... I've had 5 different carts installed on my Univector over the years and never experienced such issues.... One aspect of the design of the arm and probably its achilles heel is the headshell mounting point that is susceptible to offset geometry and IMO one has to pay particular attention to this as the headshell/cartridge has 3 mounting points which gives for and aft as well as a full 360degree swivel adjustment.... Tase.
  9. Tasebass

    Technics sl1200GR or Pioneer PLX1000

    The Pioneer is good enough for a starter and if you like what you hear then opt for the Technics. I've partnered my PLX 1000 with an Audio Technica OC9ml2 + Linn Uphorik phono and the results are mighty fine.... Have fun Tase.
  10. Tasebass

    Dynavector 17D3 new upgrade to 17DX

    Thats cause you spend to wayyyyy to much time on forums.........( I'm going now)
  11. Tasebass

    Dynavector 17D3 new upgrade to 17DX

    No. The Univector/TKR"s SQ/presentation compared to my Linn EkosSE/Kandid which is lighting fast in the transient department come across as a "slower" presentation which I concluded after experimentation and ruling out other factors.. I put this down to the Univector being a Unipivot design. When I swapped the TKR for the XV1s much of the "slowless" that i noted seemed to disappear..which i personally like though I'm sure some would Luurvv the Univector/TKR presentation.. In other words the Univector/XV1s Transient attack, dynamics etc was closer the the EkosSE/Kandid than the Univector/TKR...The XV1s was showing the capabilities of the Univector better IMO... Tase. P.S. Hows the ZYX..??
  12. Tasebass

    Dynavector 17D3 new upgrade to 17DX

    Simples...XX2 Footnote.. wouldn't entertain the TKR/XV1s over the XX2 without upgrading your Phono stage first....The XX2 will offer 85%-90% of what the TKR/XV1s can do with a good midrange phono stage... Tase.
  13. Tasebass

    Dynavector 17D3 new upgrade to 17DX

    Looking at the specs for the Dynavectors from the 17D+ upwards all the carts regarding FR are the same... Having owned an XX2/TKR/XV1s...( cant comment on the 17D+ as ive never owned one ) I can report that as you go up the range you get "more" of what the previous model had so to speak, especially transient response. I had my suspicion that the Univector arm, the arm you have Andy, could sound a little "slow" with the TKR..very very nice though,,,,but when the XV1s was installed I was quite shocked at how the sound stage had more speed to it... Again Specs on a product can have little meaning on SQ performnce once all is sorted..IMO Tase.
  14. Tasebass

    Dynavector 17D3 new upgrade to 17DX

    Type Low output moving coil cartridge with flux damper and softened magnetism Output Voltage 0.3mV (at 1KHz, 5cm/sec.) Channel Separation 25 dB (at 1KHz) Channel balance 1.0 dB (at 1KHz) Frequency response 20 - 20,000Hz (± 1dB), 20 - 100,000Hz Compliance 15 x 10-6 cm/dyn Tracking force 1.8 - 2.2grams DC resistance R=38 ohms Recommended load resistance > 100 ohms Cantilever 1.7mm length, 0.25dia solid diamond Stylus Micro-Ridge Weight 5.3 grams Wonder why the New model weighs over twice as much...??? Tase