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  1. you can go painted platter on the outside.... Or grab some of these and with some elbow grease ..... Cheers Tase.
  2. AS above.... Plus your JVC will not be up to the job of any low output MC cartridge. Its a great 70's mid amp as I own one but the phono stage is only suitable for MM carts unless you go SUT or MC head amp.... why not try a better AT MM cart if you like the sound. most of the expense when upgrading bring in better stylus profile..cantilever...generator assembly etc. AT's own VM series and the ubiquitous Ortofon 2M series would be good places to start IMO... Have fun Tase.
  3. Back in the 70's Rank were the importers of Rotel gear to Europe as they knew all the laws pertaining to...based in the UK. They were also the owners of Wharfedale at the time so I'm speculating this receiver would have been sold along side Wharfedale products... I'd imagine it was made by Roland however there is an NEC badge on the back..( Roland were a third party manufacturer back then as well as making Rotel gear ) Rotel made a reciever badged the RA 402 which has similar features... Tase.
  4. Aurex to Toshiba is like Esoteric to TEAC.... Nice score...enjoy.. Tase.
  5. great features on 70's amps which i still use today.... Purists find these unnecessary but when setting up and for basic diagnostics are very useful. The power meters on my Rotel also give the option of channel bias when used with a suitable test record...
  6. Good Choice....I have a 2M black/Bronze on a Pioneer PLX 1000.....( styli can be swapped ) Check out the Audio Technica range too.. Tase
  7. ....Member posts a question about hum on their LP12....which can happen to ANY TT!!....and out come the "sell it cause of upgrades/constant adjusting" brigade..... Ahhhh!! gotta lurv it..... @rodders3 I'd suggest going back to basics...( no pun intended ) when did you get the Akito/Lyra combo?? Tase.
  8. Far from it!!! The Ekos SE is a stunner..... Tase.
  9. Pre Cirkus subchassis on the left....note the cut out around the bearing mount which is not there on the cirkus subchassis..... This is why a new subchassis was included in the cirkus upgrade Kit!!! Karousel has bearing new platter and associated springs/nuts/grommets...
  10. @andyr @Telecine ......Think you Guys will be waiting a while.......
  11. True ....but the option is there. There's a third party dealer in Sweden ( i think ) who does some nice builds using SME arms with third party Subschassis... https://www.linnarts.se/
  12. The Kore Subchassis is available with SME/Rega geometry ...... https://www.linn.co.uk/sources/turntables/sub-chassis#kore Tase.
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