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  1. Yeah got my Subplatter and Subchassis's completely mixed up there!!..DOH!!.. Remember the defunct Linn forum and the "third party Sondek " section. Of course you do....The 2 Johnny's ( Audio Origami and Audio Innovations ) used to post there complimenting each others products...no harm in that though.. But yes the Keel is the Holy Grail of Subchassis IMO.....hence why I sent my Keel down to Duc ( RIP) so He could modify my Univector to suit.... Tase.
  2. Just curious as to why you chose the Stack// I'm led to believe the Audio Innovations Subplatter is a good match for the PU7.. Tase
  3. Bad or Ugly She won't be....so long as the set up is correct.... Share some photo's if you can.... Tase.
  4. First Album Ive bought of theirs's.....I'm hooked. Some of the best recorded bass ive heard......
  5. Now c'on Andy....... I'm sure the efforts that you placed into the Skeletal are to a very high standard.....but I doubt you've spent the millions Linn have...( and other manufacturers ) to obtain the engineering standards they wanted to achieve with regards to manufacturing of their products. That said I've never layed eyes.....and ears... on your creation so I have no idea of its sonic virtue ....however I still think it needs a plinth which I have always said.... Have fun...Tase.. BTW if your gonna build V3 I would certainly take the opportunity of permanent
  6. EVO 4.3's here.... must admit they sounded awful straight out of the box but changed beyond recognition after a few days running in....
  7. My Naim Superline phono stage renowned for "picking up" radio station's transmissions though I've only experienced this myself on the ( very ) odd occasion..... Tase.
  8. He must be securing those allen bolts with a 1 inch spanner then.....
  9. same as the Cirkus at 30mm.... @Telecine where did you here about the Keel.s being defrormed?? Tase.
  10. Out with the "All LInn" in with "The Vectors"...... The Univector/XV1s/Superline+Supercap DR combo has always impressed me with its wide open sound in a holographic kind of fashion regardless of amps and speakers being used especially at low volume levels... So......Whats the addition of the Karousel done to all this only one way to find out... I set this up last weekend removing the Ekos SE/Kandid/Urika combo which I have slightly preferred over the Univector/XV1s/Superline/Supercap combo at the end of the day... The addition of the Karousel ha
  11. +1 for the above statement... By chance I put myself in the same conundrum having a "scratch to itch" so to speak with regards to a speaker "upgrade' but something new and up to date rather than vintage or used. With the same budget as the op..( knowing there might be a good chance that will double!!) I short listed some models from the usual suspects latest and greatest within the budget area. I'm prepared knowing that I might be going through a few models and manufacturers products but Hey!! its all fun to me which is what ANY hobby should be IMO... So when Father
  12. Trying out some speakers to "scratch an itch" so to speak..... First up...Wharfedale Evo4.3's......out of the box SQ was awful...no bass, detail lacking, thin sound.....like wtf..... After a week of running in SQ has improved beyond recognition tbh...... the AMT and dome sure are something nice..... Tase.
  13. Well what took you sooo long??..... Have fun Tase
  14. You want to stay Moving Magnet or go Moving coil?? Your arm suits carts from Audio Technica .....among others....so I'd be looking there first... Some others would be Nagaoka/Ortofon/Garrott Brothers.... Have fun Tase.
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