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  1. Bach - Air on the G String (on original instruments) no sniggering at the back 😊
  2. Scritti Politti White Bread Black Beer
  3. Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
  4. Totally agree with what you say @scuzzii Was glad I was able to see her at the Astor here in Perth (I think she was in remission at the time) She was a real powerhouse on stage and combine that with the excellent Dap-Kings and backing singers made for a memorable night edit: I also recommend the doco, Miss Sharon Jones if you can find it (I'm sure I watched it on Netflix but no longer available)
  5. I was born here and I'll die here, against my will It looks like I'm movin' but I'm standing still
  6. Louis Armstrong - You Turned the Tables on Me
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