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  1. Agree with above responses. The amp is electronically capable of driving 4 ohm speakers, but whether it is the "right" amp for relatively demanding speakers like your Maggies can only be determined by connecting them up and doing some listening to see what your ears think of the combination. I'd be inclined to hook them up and have a listen before you move the amp on. You might regret it. I certainly did.... I'm assuming you don't have the Maggies yet?
  2. I used to own one of these. A beautiful looking and lovely sounding amp. GLWTS. D
  3. Nice sleuthing Pete! I can't think of a single reputable hi-fi manufacturer that doesn't put some kind of branding or some other identifier somewhere on their equipment. D
  4. There's a Weston Topaz (KT120s) in the classifieds at the moment. Located in NZ but seller is willing to ship. D
  5. What an absolute stunner! Why by a PrimaLuna when you can have a hand made amp, with the same power, crafted by a true artisan, for around the same price? (Confession....I own a PrimaLuna......😖) GLWTS D
  6. These are actually really effective record cleaners. I've found it to be as good as my Kiwi RCM for lightly soiled records. I do a final warm water rinse after running the record through the cleaning solution, to ensure that there is no solution + residue left behind to dry in the groove. Great price. GLWTS. DaveR
  7. All Classifieds posts need to be moderated, to ensure that they comply with the posting guidelines. Moderators are volunteers. They offer their services for free, for the love of hi-fi and to keep this site going. They don't sit in front of their PCs waiting for a new classifieds post to pop up. Nice deck. GLWTS! D
  8. I'm no expert, but at $445 I think it is overpriced. The 3300 was the entry level of the range in that model run. 35 watts and weighing in at under 8kg. (I reckon Kenwood understated their true power though because I have an 8006 - 70watts - from 1973 that put out 85w on the test bench after recapping). It will be a decent sounding amp and quite capable of driving most quality speakers 8ohms+, but I think it would struggle to provide enough juice for 4ohm speakers for any period of time or at great volume, as the hi-fi engine reviewer ZXTT suggests. I think it is pricey at $445. In mint condition, I think $350 would be more realistic. DaveR
  9. Agreed. Guy got lucky. He's hardly the first bloke to win a prize he didn't want. Now he's offering it at a $3000+ discount on the new buy price. FWIW, it looks like a bloody sensational machine that anyone who has even the slightest interest in vinyl would love to have in their collection. It might represent the pinnacle of Japanese turntable manufacturing from Yamaha, but it aint for everyone. Jeesh. Make him an offer or move on. D
  10. Further information: This quality travel cot was only used on about 5 occasions when our kids were babies / toddlers. It is in excellent condition and can be used as a cot, bassinet or playpen. In original box. Easy to put up and down with instructions stamped on the base underneath the mattress. I think the original instructions are in the carry bag or box too. Includes bassinet attachment which was an optional add-on. This clips onto the top rails and is for use with newborns and younger babies. Includes padded base which is used for the bottom and for the bassinet. You will need to add your own mattress. They are a pretty universal size. Carry case with handles for the travel cot. Bag for bassinet attachment has been misplaced, but it folds up quite compact. Dimensions of travel cot open is: Length 110cm x Width 76cm x Height 82cm Dimensions of travel cot packed up is: 80cm x 27cm x 30cm Has wheels on one side with brakes so easy to move around if needed. Has meshing all around except for one side which has an outside pocket. Colour: Navy Blue Smoke free home Excellent, near new condition, hardly used, no rips or stains. Mosquito / insect net - an optional extra that is still in original package and never used. So if you've really been making the most of lock-down and are expecting a non hi-fi related package to arrive in the next few months, this will come in handy ..... once the travel restrictions are lifted and you can show your new bundle of joy off to your distant relatives. Or if you have a toddler and you and the family just need to get away for a break and escape corona virus cabin fever..... this is for you. Prefer local pickup, but I can arrange a courier if you're keen. DaveR Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Hi Al Excellent! Will get some postage details to you via PM. Thanks DaveR
  12. Further information: I recently upgraded my son's PC from 8GB to 16GB, so this kit is no longer required. DDR4, 2 x 4GB modules, 2133 mHz clock speed. This is really good quality RAM. Happy to post at your expense. DaveR Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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