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  1. Further information: Total of 12 LPs from the 70s: Janis Ian: Between the Lines Janis Ian: Night Rain Janis Ian: Self Titled Ellen Foley: Nightout Ellen Foley: Spirit of St Louis Carly Simon: No Secrets Art Garfunkel: Fate for Breakfast Art Garfunkel: Watermark Bread: The Best of (Volume 2) Peter, Paul & Mary: 10 (Ten years together) Eagles: Hotel California (some scratches) Toto: Toto 1 (Debut) Photos:
  2. The Bewitch KT88 was my first foray into valves. It is a brilliant amp and at this price, a dang bargain. Mine was reworked by Earle Weston to allow it to take KT120s - and it really shone. But even with the stock 88s it is a lovely unit. GLWTS K. I have no doubt you'll find a buyer quickly. She's a beaut! D
  3. Debut album from this legendary 80s Aussie band that formed in Brisbane then moved to Sydney and gained a cult following. The LP is hard to find in general, and rarely seen in this condition. Vinyl EX / Cover EX
  4. Further information: Vinyl Ex / Cover Ex- (some very minor creases, but overall really tidy and super glossy).
  5. In the process of organising pickup. If it falls through I'll let you know. D
  6. Agreed. I found the Dual to have a crisper and more dynamic presentation than the Regas I owned (which were always very warm and laid back sounding...to me anyway). D
  7. Is that an OM5 or OM10 mounted? Might be helpful for prospective buyers to know what model. D
  8. The Dual 505 is a great little table! I've owned a couple of the earlier variants (-1 and -2) and they always brought a smile to my dial and surprised me with their musicality. This is a great way to get into vinyl! GLWTS DaveR
  9. Further information: I bought these speakers with the intention of shipping them to Melbourne, but have since had a change of mind and am now offering them for sale. They were from a deceased estate and never installed (other than to test that they work) so present as brand new. I have all the accessories including spikes and manual in plastic wrap. They are offered in unmarked black finish. These speakers were the top of the range in the 100 series and received rave reviews when released a few years back. I have no doubt the new owner will be very pleased w
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