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  1. Sorry, that's a deal breaker. No dog, no deal. S/he's gorgeous! GLWTS. D
  2. JT is a well known Gumtree seller. Trading hi-fi is his business and he has a good range and usually good quality. The table looks to be in OK condition, but what JT is also well known for is: not offering bargains; not offering discounts; not negotiating prices; so the fact that he is offering a TD-160 for $350 (even without an arm) suggests it may be more average than it appears in the photos or is described. I am sure he will send it if he gets a buyer. But yes, buyer note - there is no arm included. D
  3. Hi Steve. I would like to buy this phono and have sent you a PM. Thanks David
  4. Item: Schiit Audio Mani Phono Price Range: Market Value depending on condition. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: My mate is looking for this phono stage. Apparently hard to come by new in Oz, so he's putting the feelers out for a second hand one in good nick.
  5. Hey PKay Might be helpful to indicate a preference for modern / vintage (if relevant). DaveR
  6. No worries. Audition / inspection is fine now we are out of lockdown. Mordialloc. D
  7. Don't know if you are looking for hi-end, mid, low / budget, but I had this listed a few weeks back. It is a decent spinner for the $ David
  8. Beautiful craftsmanship Sonny! Are you making these as a hobby / business or was this a "once off"? DaveR
  9. Further information: Odyssey putters are a golfing legend! This is one of their most popular designs being a heavy weighted mallet style and with the two white circles on top - these "balls" really help you line up the putt and strike it clean and straight. The shaft is centre mounted. This brilliant putter is in excellent condition. The grip is the original Odyssey and would benefit from a replacement as it is quite shiny and slippery now. Headcover is included but it is warn on the non-velcro side. Photos: PLEASE READ
  10. Further information: I bought these well regarded D-100 hybrids 2nd hand about 18 months ago, just to give hybrids a go. I had read that they were easy to hit and good for golfers like me who struggle with long irons. I liked them so much that after only a few rounds I decided to buy a full set of hybrids. I'm a Cleveland man, so I bought a set of those. Now these Wilsons are excess to my requirements. The heads have a few nicks and scratches - this is how they were when I bought them. The faces are pretty clean and tidy. The shafts on the 4 and
  11. Further information: With the impending lifting of restrictions on golf in Melbourne (COME ON DAN!), you need some proper wedges to knock strokes off your game. The Cleveland CG range are revered as some of the best wedges in the game. These are the Black Pearl, 2 dot (standard bounce) version. I bought these new around 6 years ago. The set includes 52 (approach), 56 (sand) and 60 (lob) degree lofts. The shafts are unmarked TrueTemper steel and the grips are regular Cleveland in excellent condition. There is a bit of oxidation on the heads w
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