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  1. Prana69

    FS: Flip Style Record Rack (Custom Made)

    Records included, yeah? J/K. GLWTS! D
  2. Prana69

    Yamaha PF 800 turntable

    Sensational table! GLWTS. David
  3. Prana69

    FS Cerwin Vega E12 Towers

    "..years of great highs without the obligatory visits to Betty Ford"!😆 Great listing!
  4. Wow, she's a beaut Jim! Where do you find this stuff? Kenwood's high end tables like this 700 and the 500/550 are really well built and lovely sounding decks. D
  5. Prana69

    FS: Dali CONCEPT 6 floor standers

    Gee, that's good buying! GLWTS D
  6. Item: Fitness & Leisure Store - home gym Location: Mordialloc, Melbourne - pick up only Price: $100 Item Condition: Very Good - a bit dusty. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: I was storing this home gym for someone while they were between homes. The owner no longer wants it and has authorised me to sell it on his behalf. I don't think it saw much use while he owned it, and it has been in my garage for at least 2 years. It has all of the usual dangly bits, curls and bars. The weights are not visible in the pictures because they are boxed separately, but I can assure you they are all there along with the bars and cables. Will need some assembly. I don't have instructions but apparently it is not too difficult and there are probably images available online that can help. Would suit a casual fitness person or a youngster starting out. It looks to have the same elements and layout as this one, though this is a different brand. https://www.justfitness.com.au/grand-hg150-home-gym.html Pictures: Sorry they are not more detailed. I can take it out of the garage and take more photos for interested buyers.
  7. Hi helotoby Your inbox is full so I can't send a PM. I'd like to be first in line to buy at asking price. Regards David
  8. Hey dwb I'll grab these please. PM coming. Thanks DaveR
  9. Prana69

    SOLD: FS: NAD PP2 - MM/MC phono stage

    Bargain price for a very nice external phono with MM and MC. GLWTS D
  10. Negotiations with the seller should always be done in a PM, mex. D
  11. Twenty of the best budget vintage watts one could ever hope to hear. GLWTS. D
  12. I have the 751BD. You can change the BR region by pressing a different number on the remote while the player is in standby. I wonder if the 752BD is the same? Codes are: Region A = 1 (US / South America / SE Asia) Region B = 2 (Australia / EU / Africa / Middle East) Region C = 3 (Central / Eastern Europe / Russia / Asia) There's a map and instructions in the Manual. I can scan and send it to whoever buys this. DaveR