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  1. Item: Martini Absorb XHD 50mm Black Acoustic Panels - 2.4m x 1.2m - http://www.csrmartini.com.au/products/acoustic-insulation-products/martini-absorb I have 6 panels (1 pack), will sell all 6 or 2 panels minimum. Location: SA - southern area, pickup only and you will need a trailer/van/whatever is needed. Price: $130 per two (pair) or $350 for all 6. Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Over-ordered Payment Method: Pickup only due to size, cash on pickup. Extra Info: As many have discussed on this forum, these are fantastic panels for DIY room treatment, which can normally only be ordered in 6 packs. Being large, you don't need many for a great result. You can leave them large or cut down to make multiple panels. Pictures: Panels are wrapped in black plastic as delivered.
  2. Thanks for that Ooogh and Dogbert, speakers have been picked up. Cheers.
  3. Thanks Dogbert. Someone local messaged just before, but if anything changes I will let you know. Sold pending pickup and payment.
  4. Item: Krix Dynamix Mk1 in Atlantic Jarrah real timber veneer - 2 pairs available Location: Adelaide Price: $650 per pair Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Changing to dedicated range. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Shipping: Willing to ship Australia wide if you are happy to be responsible for freight and cost. If you are very interested let me know your suburb and I can get a quote. Extra Info: Both pairs are in fantastic condition, have been mounted and not touched since then. They have single keyhole mounts for mounting. Specs: Frequency Range: 45Hz – 20kHz in room response. Power Handling: Maximum 100 watts RMS amplifier power. Sensitivity: 88dB for 2.83 Volts at 1 metre. Configuration: 5 inch 2-way. Bass Driver: 5” doped paper curvilinear cone with cast aluminium basket, 1” voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with copper shorting ring, and vented double magnet shield. Tweeter: High quality 1” doped fabric dome, Ferro fluid cooled with double magnet shield. Crossover Point: 1.8kHz. Impedance: Nominally 6 Ohms. Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, front vented. Pictures attached of one (they're all exactly the same in look and condition). Happy to take more if required.
  5. Should i go 5.1.2 or 5.1.4

    Same, for a second I thought the other thread had been removed and we were back to square one!
  6. Should i go 5.1.2 or 5.1.4

    Hey Al, I believe this post was an accidental double from the time of initial post and everyone just ran with that one. So Clinton has probably following that one since.
  7. Good point Jamie, that's a better way to explain it.
  8. Wiring for the full 7.2.4 is definitely a good idea. Personally I think adding in some rears in that length room is a good idea. It would also be nice to make use of overhead speakers, but that can always be added. The main thing to watch out for is try to thin about what setup you'll end up going, so you don't need to buy a second AVR. So look into an AVR that processes and amplifies 7.2.4 if that's what you think you may do down the track. They may cost a little more but it should be less than buying, selling then buying another. If you've got a 7.1 AVR now that will see you through then you can see if funds will allow for 4 speakers and a new AVR when the time comes.
  9. Thanks, one day I'll get around to it Al - you know how life goes and trying to spend more time enjoying the system/room more than tweaking it. I'm also in the process of testing out some acoustic panels, which will change the results too. Ref vs pref - there's probably a bit of both in there. The mid and top end tweak was based off measurements... the lower end based off what I enjoy
  10. I dont have any ceiling speakers yet.. iv got krix nuaphonix towers epicentrix centre and equinox rears.. as for system oppo 105 player elektra 7 channel power amp I was going along the lines of which speakers and finish as I will be looking to move my two pairs of Dynamix Mk1 in Atlantic Jarrah sometime in the near future. Not sure how that fits in with your mounting application or plans, feel free to let me know if you're keen. Not sure what you;d do with the Equinox then. Some in-ceilings would certainly look nicer above your head!
  11. I believe Denon/Marantz and Yamaha have seperate "Front Height" and "Top Front" placements which can be substantially different depending on the room size and your seating position. As mentioned in my other post I don't profess to know how it handles the mixing to speaker positions that aren't at the positioning in the Atmos home spec. You don't say? It would have been good to read the THX post you linked at the start... I would have understood where you were coming from sooner! I still think that article was written at a very early time of Atmos where there were still so many unknowns. What do we have one DTS:X at the moment? Not many specifics
  12. Your reply doesn't list any speakers? I've been asking as to what you have and what finish as I may have something that might suit....
  13. Home theater installation

    Hi Janid, try to keep your posts to one thread as opposed to copy/pasting amongst multiple. It can get confusing quickly. I'd suggest following the conversation on your build thread.
  14. First home theater

    You should see on the back of the blu-ray whether it says the movie is in 1.78:1 or 2.35:1 (or very close to these). You'll currently find that 1.78:1 material looks bigger (as it has a larger vertical picture). When playing 2.35:1 material there'll be black bars on the top and bottom, you probably just can't see them.
  15. A quick note on the post above - some (maybe most?) of the current AVR's seem to have positioning for top front, top centre and top rear. Yet Dolby's Home Installation Guidelines only have positioning for top front and top rear if x.x.4 and top centre if x.x.2. I don't personally know how it mixes sound to the top centre speakers in a x.x.4 setup if they're not listed on the specs... perhaps they use the Dolby Surround 'upmix', but to my mind this would not be in a 'purist' line of thinking as it's processing/changing where it thinks sound should go. If anyone has any info on this it'd be great to have a read