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  1. I believe the Australian blu-ray version of Hacksaw Ridge was not an Atmos soundtrack, unless it has been updated (or perhaps UHD). Dunkirk, even though 5.1, sounds pretty amazing, especially the aircraft!
  2. I've owned a Switch for nearly a couple of years now and I reckon it's a pretty good console. I originally played Mario Odyssey and Mario Rabbids Kingdom quite a bit until I finished them, but play the console a lot less nowadays. It can go months without being used - it's more a time restraint for me than anything to do with the console. On flights and trips away it's great, I generally save Zelda for those times. Most recent game purchase was Mario Party, which is great for the kids.
  3. I recently had the house to myself and watched Dunkirk at high volume. It was sensational - the spitfires and explosions.... wow. I was watching the blu-ray though, not sure how much the Netflix audio will affect it it as I believe it is compressed audio unlike using a disc. Some others: 13 Hours The Hurt Locker Fury
  4. I have a mate who is keen @Shane F, I'll send PM to organise the details. Edit: Apologies, I thought it was a 5063, looks to be a 3063.
  5. In a dedicated HT room used primarily for movies, AT all the way. Nothing beats the sound coming through the picture IMHO. There are people who make huge changes/compromises to avoid an AT screen just for the extra cost of the material. In the end it costs them even more and is compromised (such as having two centre speakers above and below, or a much smaller screen) than if they just paid a bit more for the AT material - as others have mentioned above. Videophiles tend to prefer perforated. Audiophiles tend to prefer woven. The Oztheatre woven AT screens take about 0.5 - 1dB off across the whole frequency range. So there's very little to even EQ.
  6. @rotur @raband @davewantsmoore Darren King (Melbourne) is your man: http://kingey1971.wixsite.com/tivorepairs He was an absolute gentleman in keeping my Tivo going after the great "switch off" and upgrading the HDD... it has been working well ever since.
  7. Do you mean the first two photos or the second two?
  8. This must be it although I wasn't aware they did this... the last blu-ray I hired was CA: Civil War and it looked like a normal blu-ray ?‍♂️
  9. Off the top of my head: The original Aus release of Gravity did not have an Atmos soundtrack. It was 5.1 or 7.1. I don't think Atmos had been released yet on domestic AVR's at time of launch. There may be a re-release. The Martian blu-ray has always had a 7.1 soundtrack. The Mad Max blu-ray has always had an Atmos soundtrack. Mission Impossible 4 blu-ray has always had an Atmos soundtrack. Unless the movie received a full "re-release" (with different packaging etc) I don't think there was a change in the soundtracks over time. If you've hired Mad Max or Misison Impossible, are you sure the VideoEzy disc is limited to 5.1/7.1? Are you basing this thought off of the back of the cover, or off the display of your AVR when playing the movie?
  10. While it's been known that some standard blu-rays lose out on the Atmos mix that their UHD counterparts get, I wasn't aware of there being the same title with different soundtracks. Outside from re-releases I assume. Do you have an example or two?
  11. Item: Martini Absorb XHD 50mm Black Acoustic Panels - 2.4m x 1.2m - http://www.csrmartini.com.au/products/acoustic-insulation-products/martini-absorb I have 6 panels (1 pack), will sell all 6 or 2 panels minimum. Location: SA - southern area, pickup only and you will need a trailer/van/whatever is needed. Price: $130 per two (pair) or $350 for all 6. Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Over-ordered Payment Method: Pickup only due to size, cash on pickup. Extra Info: As many have discussed on this forum, these are fantastic panels for DIY room treatment, which can normally only be ordered in 6 packs. Being large, you don't need many for a great result. You can leave them large or cut down to make multiple panels. Pictures: Panels are wrapped in black plastic as delivered.
  12. Thanks for that Ooogh and Dogbert, speakers have been picked up. Cheers.
  13. Thanks Dogbert. Someone local messaged just before, but if anything changes I will let you know. Sold pending pickup and payment.
  14. Item: Krix Dynamix Mk1 in Atlantic Jarrah real timber veneer - 2 pairs available Location: Adelaide Price: $650 per pair Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Changing to dedicated range. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Shipping: Willing to ship Australia wide if you are happy to be responsible for freight and cost. If you are very interested let me know your suburb and I can get a quote. Extra Info: Both pairs are in fantastic condition, have been mounted and not touched since then. They have single keyhole mounts for mounting. Specs: Frequency Range: 45Hz – 20kHz in room response. Power Handling: Maximum 100 watts RMS amplifier power. Sensitivity: 88dB for 2.83 Volts at 1 metre. Configuration: 5 inch 2-way. Bass Driver: 5” doped paper curvilinear cone with cast aluminium basket, 1” voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with copper shorting ring, and vented double magnet shield. Tweeter: High quality 1” doped fabric dome, Ferro fluid cooled with double magnet shield. Crossover Point: 1.8kHz. Impedance: Nominally 6 Ohms. Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, front vented. Pictures attached of one (they're all exactly the same in look and condition). Happy to take more if required.
  15. Same, for a second I thought the other thread had been removed and we were back to square one!
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