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  1. A very nice machine. I used to own one. Wouldn't do better for double the price. GLWTS
  2. Maybe not on your playlist bro but.........
  3. Way different from the system that blew me away. Any regrets bro?
  4. Yep, it's Slim Dusty & truckin' country here. But we do produce some real young country music talent here, such as this young guy......
  5. It's a masterpiece Chris. Played it twice. Love the tribute to Damien Lovelock.
  6. Possibly my fave, the brilliant Matana Roberts fourth album http://cstrecords.com/products/matana-roberts-coin-coin-chapter-four-memphis/ Do yourself a favour & buy all four cds as a bundle.
  7. Here's another worthy contenmder for jazz album of 2019, https://charlieporter.bandcamp.com/releases
  8. 2019 had so much brilliant new jazz, it was an effort just keeping up with a fraction of it. I really should be posting a lot more of the wonderful music I have been discovering. Junius Paul played bass with the AEC when they toured last year. This is his debut effort on the superb International Anthem label. Man, Chicago is so hip. https://intlanthem.bandcamp.com/album/ism
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