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  1. Natural Information Society with Evan Parker - descension (Out Of Our Constrictions) https://eremiterecords.bandcamp.com/album/descension-out-of-our-constrictions
  2. Next few years, bleeding hell bro. Are you building a concert hall or sumfin?
  3. Man, I would love to come up & have another session with you & the lads. My head is spinning with all this digital talk. Really just wanna check out the mighty JBL's
  4. I will take this please. Will send PM
  5. My system sounds like I have added another pr of NOS telefunkens into the mix
  6. I have had a pr of Bill's WE balanced interconnects between DAC & integrated amp for probably 40hrs or so now. When they first went in they sounded fabulous stone cold. Nice open, airy presentation. Nice bass weight. They have improved since. They offer a huge soundstage coming forward into the room. Bass is not necessarily deeper but just has more impact. The treble sparkles without sibilence & the mids are warm & real. The music just sounds 'right' & natural. These wires have replaced a pr of far pricier Antipodes Audio interconnects, (which I still love & will never part
  7. Some pics of the Composer 3x in my rigs,
  8. Cheers, a bit of googling & I have found some good retailers.
  9. Sorry, I don't mean Aussie made, just a retailer / distributor of quality Toslink cables.
  10. I'm having trouble finding an Australian source of a decent glass Toslink cable. Any suggestions?
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