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  1. Possibly my fave, the brilliant Matana Roberts fourth album http://cstrecords.com/products/matana-roberts-coin-coin-chapter-four-memphis/ Do yourself a favour & buy all four cds as a bundle.
  2. Here's another worthy contenmder for jazz album of 2019, https://charlieporter.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. 2019 had so much brilliant new jazz, it was an effort just keeping up with a fraction of it. I really should be posting a lot more of the wonderful music I have been discovering. Junius Paul played bass with the AEC when they toured last year. This is his debut effort on the superb International Anthem label. Man, Chicago is so hip. https://intlanthem.bandcamp.com/album/ism
  4. Hey Lee, I assume it's The Comet Is Coming download you're asking about. Well, it's from London. post modern & super hip. It's groove based & intense. It's the sorta shizz I love & would play selected tracks at a dance party. The nu London school has it's antecedents. Back in the early eighties I grooved to Pigbag, Pinski Zoo & Rip, Rig & Panic ( featuring a very young Neneh Cherry). They had a punk like ethos. Outside the establishment. The new stuff is like that too. The scene is eclectic and inclusive, jamming & supportive. If they weren't such great musicians, I wouldn't be real interested. Mind you, these thoughts are coming from a farm boy who is soon going to go and take the balls of a young bull calf in the paddock. Urban music inna da bush. Crazy contradiction
  5. https://thecometiscoming.bandcamp.com/album/the-complete-studio-recordings-2015ce-2017ce
  6. https://themusicofproject.bandcamp.com/album/mahakali-the-music-of-don-cherry
  7. https://themusicofproject.bandcamp.com/album/timbuktu-the-music-of-randy-weston
  8. Currently spinning one of my all time fave records, 'The Journey' by Dollar Brand.
  9. My fave Jarrett will always be 'The Survivors Suite', withe his American quartet, Dewey Redmond, Charlie Haden & Paul Motion on ECM from 1977.
  10. https://jazztrail.net/blog/taylor-ho-bynum-ambiguity-manifesto-album-review
  11. with six tequila slammers lined up............and six of your favourite girls
  12. Nice one Mark. An Italian stallion with huge balls & all the romance of a Puccini opera. They would be a pr of 6922's doing the pre duty, i assume. GLWTS
  13. Check out any ( or all) Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Prince Jammy, King Tubby, Scientist, Tapper Zukie, Adrien Sherwood etc, etc. Go to the roots. The original & the best. Currently spinning, Spinning this earlier,
  14. Superb! Slater & crew are world class. Great SQ too.
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