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  1. The Rotel is a ball-tearer. Blackgate caps in the output circuit. The laser is it's weakness.
  2. and more brilliance from the aforementioned label, Angel Bat Dawid, The Oracle. https://intlanthem.bandcamp.com/album/the-oracle
  3. Stretching the boundaries, Ben LaMar Gay, Confetti In The Sky Like Fireworks. On the wonderful International Anthem label from Chicago. https://intlanthem.bandcamp.com/album/confetti-in-the-sky-like-fireworks-this-is-bate-bola-ost
  4. Stop looking at the classies bro. It only makes you wanna buy something you don't need. But........did you notice these bad boyz?
  5. I was going to keep my comments for a few more weeks but I am quite excited now, so here are my initial impressions of my new FoilFlex RCA interconnects. I haven't changed my set up for a while now. A bit of valve & power cable rolling but I always go back to my favourite arrangements. I have been using Mike's FoilTek ic's between phono pre & integrated amp for around six years when I bought a new pr of Mike. My favourite ic's, (after trying many different commercial & diy cables), are a pr of Antipodes Audio Komako Unbalanced cables, that I run out of my DAC. I have been itching to try the FoilFlexs against the FoilTeks. I contacted Mike & purchased a pr of his new cables two weeks ago. They cost me $150 more than the original 'Teks. The new iteration brings quite a significant upgrade on the the original 'Teks. I suggested to Mike that he was running a charity for audiophiles but understand a small & justified price rise is imminent. I have played heaps of records over the last fortnight & maybe put another 20-25hrs cooking on them. The new sound is so much fuller (phatter!). Music projects into the room very naturally. I hear a more immersive & better defined soundstage. The bottom end is starting to really bloom. The 'Flexs seem quieter, maybe more resistant to RFI & EMF than the 'Teks. I would suggest a sweetly balanced cable through the frequencies. I know another couple of months cooking will see them near their potential but what I am hearing pleases me very much. I'll give them a couple more weeks & the try them out of the DAC. I also run an Antipodes Audio s/pdif digicable & Antipodes Audio Komako speaker cables. Will be an interesting comparison against the AA interconnects. Onya Mike, you're a top bloke & an audio guru.
  6. RIP Joseph Jarman. Just learned of this last night. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/11/obituaries/joseph-jarman-dead.ht
  7. Duly ordered. Very good price for such a crucial selection. Now spinning, Beautiful sound on original vinyl.
  8. mikey d

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Ah, S. Marsh, my favourite player. Never doubt the man. G. Maxwell contributes well. India usually chase well. Shame I can't watch it. Reading blogs are not the same.
  9. Mike, I run a pair of unbalanced RibbonTek ic's from an all valve phono pre to integrated amp. Very happy with the combo. Do many others, that you know of, use the FoilFlex ic's from phono pre? Do you feel that they are well insulated enough in this application. I use an medium output MC cart.
  10. mikey d

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Lee @Luc, I was at working keeping on eye on cricinfo. Sounded like a good win considering India's status as the best in the world. Sounds like Dhoni didn't quite get into his groove. I don't know what the selectors think of Maxwell. I remember his hard fought ton in India & he is having a good season in the shield. Handy slow bowler & probably the best fieldsman in the country. He can turn a game. A conundrum for sure.
  11. Glad you find the Art Ensemble to your liking Chris. You have reciprocated the favour many times over. What a great thread this is. I need to add some of the new stuff I've listening to soon. I have watched a couple of docos recently, I was choked up watching this but the tears flowed freely during the Alabama segment. Can't understand why they were talking to Bill Clinton & Wynton Marsalis when Pharoah or Archie Shepp would have provided more acute insight. Really, really nice doco on Lloyd. Well worth catching if you get the chance.
  12. mikey d

    Cricket season 2018/19

    I think we are suffering from mental disintegration.
  13. mikey d

    Cricket season 2018/19

    SHEFFIELD SHIELD BATTING AVERAGES (Players in bold have played for Australian Test team this summer) Steve Smith 51.79 Usman Khawaja 50.07 Glenn Maxwell 44.15 Matthew Wade 43.11 Joe Burns 43.11 David Warner 42.94 Shaun Marsh 41.59 Kurt Patterson 41.48 Peter Nevill 40.73 Peter Handscomb 40.13 Daniel Hughes 39.76 Hilton Cartwright 39.50 Callum Ferguson 38.87 Cameron Bancroft 38.83 George Bailey 38.49 Jake Lehmann 38.39 Matt Renshaw 38.13 Travis Head 36.08 Marcus Harris 35.32 Marnus Labuschagne 33.88 Aaron Finch 31.08 Mitchell Marsh 28.02 Tim Paine 27.79 It is hard to understand the selectors. Do you really think that the team would be weaker with Maxwell in the middle order?
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