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  1. Currently spinning one of my all time fave records, 'The Journey' by Dollar Brand.
  2. My fave Jarrett will always be 'The Survivors Suite', withe his American quartet, Dewey Redmond, Charlie Haden & Paul Motion on ECM from 1977.
  3. https://jazztrail.net/blog/taylor-ho-bynum-ambiguity-manifesto-album-review
  4. with six tequila slammers lined up............and six of your favourite girls
  5. Nice one Mark. An Italian stallion with huge balls & all the romance of a Puccini opera. They would be a pr of 6922's doing the pre duty, i assume. GLWTS
  6. Check out any ( or all) Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Prince Jammy, King Tubby, Scientist, Tapper Zukie, Adrien Sherwood etc, etc. Go to the roots. The original & the best. Currently spinning, Spinning this earlier,
  7. Superb! Slater & crew are world class. Great SQ too.
  8. Just found this thread. Don't have Fox, so will miss some great games. Yep, the Fijians charged out of the blocks against us but the technical superiority in set pieces was always going to tell. Plus the fitness & professionalism in the end. The game against Wales will be a real test of technique & organisation. I think that the Welsh will be happy to play without the ball & capitalise on errors, of which we are quite prone.
  9. Mate, I'm glad that the situation is resolved. But, I do feel sorry for Earle. Things must be very difficult in his personal life. I have had several long phone conversations with the man, back in the day. He was generous with his time & knowledge. He produced gorgeous pieces of amplifier kit that won many hearts. I hope that one day he can get his bespoke business back on track. I also empathise with those fellow music lovers who have been disappointed with their dealings with him. Nuff said. p.s. I can't wait to feel the sonic impact of those big bad boy JBL's threatening the foundations of Chez Daz Enjoy your journey bro
  10. Looks like Keith @cheekyboy has been working with Tony on those platforms. I see both their logos on them. Will have to get in touch with Tony again.
  11. mikey d

    The Ashes

    It was edge of the seats stuff. I would wake up once or twice a night to check the score. Was obsessed with the games, as everyone else was. The bowlers were magnificent, Broad especially for the Poms. It was the lowlights that you highlight that caused the frustration. Like watching the Wallabies lose with ball with the tryline beckoning. Doesn't mean that I will stop watching the Rugby tests. I personally thought it was the wrong decision to send the Poms in but I was suggesting that the Captain should be the only member of the team to make that decision. Everyone else has their thoughts but it should be the skipper's call.
  12. mikey d

    The Ashes

    I bet the bowlers would have been begging for another days rest. They had been absolutely flogged only 3 days earlier. They would have loved to have been sitting in the cool watching the batsmen make hay. It should be the the skippers call, otherwise what's the point of having one. No one would have dared to question Chappelli or Alan Border's decision and that is how it should be. The skippa is the skippa is the skippa. No need for a committee or 6 vice-captains. I'm glad it's over. So freakin frustrating.
  13. mikey d

    The Ashes

    We're in big strife. Cummins & Hazelwood are buggered. Siddle's chuckin pies & Lyon's just snared the first wicket.
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