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  1. mikey d

    The Ashes

    We had two chances to win it
  2. mikey d

    The Ashes

    Stokes has been superb. What a game.
  3. mikey d

    The Ashes

    Clever bowling. Bowl at the stumps. Excellent yorker.
  4. mikey d

    The Ashes

    A bit less nervous now.
  5. mikey d

    The Ashes

    Starting to get a bit nervous though.
  6. They barely had time to warm up. Hazel did bowl beautifully.
  7. Just looked at the Aussie bowling figures. They bowled 27.5 overs. Poor old Hazelwood had to bowl 12.5 of them. They must be exhausted.
  8. Amazing really. He adds the variety n extra pace that we will need.
  9. I don't find a batsman that middles the ball and times his shots so well, ugly to watch. His reactions to variations are uncanny. I'm still smarting badly after the humiliation in Auckland.
  10. I still think we shoulda batted first. Bancroft just doesn't look comfortable. Pokin n prodding n not trying to score n getting out for bugger all. Poms are bowling well.
  11. Good first hour but I wished we had batted first and played Starc.
  12. Cats n dogs falling out of the sky in London Town.
  13. Sounds like an anti-skate problem.
  14. Three excellent new Aussie releases worth checking.......... All available on Bandcamp.
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