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  1. Me thinks it is called price gouging .....
  2. Yes that is a good response. Hopefully you may well continue with Tidal ?!?!
  3. I would adopt a wait and see approach and see what help you get from Tidal in regards to your purchase. I have a Tidal subscription in concert with Roon and it works well BUT I have not downloaded material from Tidal as a purchase.
  4. Not sure why you are asking people here since you already seem to have made up your mind. I agree with those that have said that 2 SVS SB2000's is all you need.
  5. Mate ... I said that your words MAY lead people to infer something you don't want.
  6. I think that your words "crazy" price may lead them to infer (rightly or wrongly) that you want one for an absolute steal.
  7. OK .... what is a 'crazy' price? It would be better to state what you are prepared to pay.
  8. Yikes ... we don't need it more complex. Makes it beyond the realm of most to navigate their way through conflicting claims of manufacturers pointing the finger at others ....
  9. HDMI 2.0 specifications are all over the shop, making things very difficult. Unfortunately for the average punter, and even above average Joe, things are so complex. Consultants are making a very good living at present in advising and appropriately matching components to help put things together. Perhaps HDMI 2.1 may be a little better, but I wouldn't be holding my breath.
  10. As much as I am a Roon advocate, the words Roon and discount don't belong in the same sentence.
  11. This sounds quite arrogant if I may say so.
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