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  1. Yeah and I hope we win the toss and bat. Strategy: First idea: That is how you win Test matches by being brave and batting first. Second idea: Get England toiling in the field for as long as we can since there are only 3 days between the Second and Third Test matches.
  2. I shall keep this as brief as possible .... In advertising that Foxtel customers can now access Netflix movies using their IQ4 box, I thought this sounds good ...I gave it a go and from my previous posts have found that the Foxtel stream somehow disables the X7900's ability to offer anamorphic mode i.e. you are forced to watch a 2:40:1 aspect movie with the black bars at the top and bottom. The same movie (again from Netflix) played via my AppleTV does not do this. I phoned Foxel support and after one hour of speaking to a very uninformed Foxtel technical support person I gave up. The support person did not understand the term "anamorphic mode" and wanted to argue about the way Foxtel has arranged their Home screen. The present experience is that (as an existing Netflix customer) I have to wade through the movies and find out which ones are Foxtel movies (and have to pay to view them) and which ones are Netflix ones (which my subscription pays for). There is no Netflix button or a clearly delineated section to separate Foxtel movies (where you pay more) from the Netflix movies. The support person let it slip in saying that "this is to entice customers to browse Foxtel movies". There you had it ... it is a deliberate sales pitch. Foxtel know that my Foxtel subscription does not include movie channels, which is why I subscribe to Netflix. There was no manager or someone available to speak to who had knowledge of the anamorphic issue and I was told that someone will consider this on Wednesday. I was also told that if I purchased a new Foxtel remote, there is a dedicated Netflix button that supposedly would allow all Netflix movies to appear separately. When I asked why do I have to pay for a new remote, the support person then told me that I am not a long term customer. I said that this was not correct and then an argument occurred as to the definition of long term customer. The support person then told me that my current contract has been in effect for just under 8 years. I said that I have been a Foxtel customer for longer than this, but the support person said that it was defined to be on the current contract .... what garbage. At this point I told the support person that I was not receiving the support that I expected and that after a fruitless hour on the phone that I end the call. At no point did I use any language that would reflect poorly on myself and I was respectful at all times, but I stated my position candidly. Today I received an email to ask for feedback ... well it wasn't flattering to say the least and I really wonder IF I am going to get some follow up email as promised. I shall let all know who are interested. In summary, I shall be watching Netflix movies via my AppleTV box in the near future and shall not try and wade through the Foxtel offerings or be "enticed" to pay for Foxtel movies. Buyer beware is the motto that comes to mind. However, perhaps if the Foxtel techies can solve the anamorphic issue then I may be tempted to come back .... educating their technical support crew is also an idea they might try as well.
  3. Ok ... after experimenting I have made the discovery that watching Netflix via my Apple TV I am able to use the Anamorphic mode to watch a movie (2-night stand). Last night I was watching this SAME MOVIE on Netflix via my IQ4 Foxtel box and no access to the Anamorphic mode !!! Is Foxtel applying something to the stream that my AppleTV box is not ?!? Very strange indeed. So it seems that if I want to use my Anamorphic mode on my JVC X7900 projector I need to watch Netflix via my AppleTV box and not via my FoxTel IQ4.
  4. I will do some experimenting. If you are correct, then what zooming should I use given that I have also have an anamorphic lens to do the horizontal stretching? I assume I just do some vertical stretching/zooming OR does this mean if the anamorphic mode is disabled for streamed content then I cannot use my anamorphic lens and have to get the projector to do all the zooming?
  5. I was watching a movie from Netflix .... I don't understand why there is a difference. The projector doesn't know what it is being fed surely ....
  6. Have had my new X7900 for just over a year now and last night I went to watch a 2.40:1 aspect ratio movie and found that the anamorphic mode is greyed out on my projector picture settings menu. Normally this mode toggles between anamorphic A, B and off. I have not done anything to change any of the settings since I had it calibrated over 6 months ago. Any ideas what is wrong?
  7. Me thinks he is just seeing what others would suggest perhaps to confirm his own view.
  8. This is NOT a good sign. The weakness on previous tours has been the inability of the Australian batsmen to be able to play the swinging ball. Technique in many is sadly lacking as we saw in the one-day semi-final v England.
  9. I agree totally with the idea that you sell an item at a price that someone is prepared to pay ..... ESPECIALLY when you have held the item for some time and that you actually used it in your system. Would I sell to someone who I knew was a flipper? ... probably not, given that most of prices obtained on this forum are well below replacement cost. IF someone on this forum knows who the flippers are, why not share this information with those considering selling ?!? Sharing this information can only be of benefit. A market for used AV gear fully informed will function much more efficiently if there is FULL disclosure. I don't see the point of someone coming on here and saying they know there is flipping going on and then sitting their hands.
  10. I was thinking the same question Joz ......
  11. I have the Cyrus Streamline2 .... very good unit that I will be selling for a song very soon. I want it to go to a good home.
  12. When a show goes on so long as GOT did, the writers face a difficult job in trying to come to a proper conclusion. Having seen all, I feel that the show ran out of puff and some of the rather weak plot lines in the last season is representative of the fact that it was just too hard to reach the heights of previous seasons. I found the last episode to be very rushed with major plot holes and a very unconvincing ending. Having the main characters sit in a semi-circle and glibly agree with Tyrion (with no real discussion of the idea or even debate) that Bran should be King was rather ludicrous.
  13. The Ambertech support person (Garry) has already responded to another one of my emails ... which is very encouraging that he is on the task. Have to compliment him for this .....
  14. Ok ... with the JayCar HDMI splitter this DOES pass a 4K signal. So now with a SINGLE HDMI out from the AVR to the splitter, ALL is good. I now get picture on the TV and projector in UHD glory. So to a degree the problem is solved with a splitter that does that job. Cartwheels being done in my theatre room ... oops gotta watch out for all the extra wires and cables now!! I will still push for an answer from Ambertech.
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