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  1. Many people find that the ceiling actually contributes more than it appears.
  2. For casual listening and ability to coordinate multi-room music, IMHO it is the best system available.
  3. Hey I agree with you .... I was playing dumb. I have and I know that certain people on this forum are self-appointed experts and whoa betide anyone who contradicts them.
  4. @reactor_au I am all for room treatment ... and whoa you certainly have a lot on those side and rear walls. I cannot comment whether this is optimal but did you ever consider the ceiling too?
  5. As TS is a canny businesswoman, perhaps she thinks she might capture people's longing for a sense of nostalgia. Interesting move nonetheless.
  6. I just updated my Roon core (my Windows PC) and my Roon Remote (iPad). Both took very little time and apparently without any problems 😀
  7. Yes not cheap but worth every cent in my view.
  8. I fitted the Gaia II's to my Paradigm S6 signature speakers AND Gaia III's to my two subwoofers. The difference is significant: bass is so deep and tight that it adds presence to voices and the treble is more refined, with less sibilance. Listening to some music today, I can't believe what a difference they have made. I can thoroughly recommend this as a genuine upgrade and worth every cent.
  9. I got this email too .... that is what alerted me to the upcoming release.
  10. With the new Roon version about to land ... it is a bit like Christmas eve ... we are not quite sure what we will get !!!
  11. Clearly a CD player that is well suited to playing rock'n'roll music.
  12. Enjoy your journey into the streaming/digital world. I would suggest Roon would be a nice place to start and so look for Roon-ready devices.
  13. This is an excellent subwoofer ... I have 2 of them.
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