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  1. Hi to all here!

    Nice to be here and 'see' some familiar faces .... I can see some of my favourites are here ... haha !
  2. DTV Forum over the years...

    So funny ... except that is what some DO say!
  3. Hi to all here!

    Thanks Kazz .... I hereby pledge to behave and sit up straight ....
  4. Mr C here ... just moved over from DTV Forum. I am looking forward to learning on this forum as I did at DTV.
  5. Keep calm people ... don't let fear prevent the making of rational decisions.

    Hmmm ... I hope this checks out ok.
  7. DTV Forum over the years...

    Even more interesting when a rather innocent post of mine was deleted .... It was an eye roll!!!
  8. DTV Forum over the years...

    ok so not yet then!
  9. DTV Forum over the years...

    Do we log in to SNA with the same log in as per DTV ?
  10. HT Upgrades

    Cannot agree more. This finding is much like listening to supposed high resolution music files. Listening to a ''High Resolution' version of a Roy Orbison or Elvis track is rather pointless. It is the quality of the recording process that is more important than its resolution. I do laugh at some websites offering HR versions of albums mastered in the 1960's. Mind you some in that day were done very well, given the technology available. Hence buyers of UHD discs need to be aware of how well the mastering process is done - hence the appearance of websites such as hidefdigest.com.
  11. This is now SOLD !! Gone to a good home in Perth.
  12. Good on you ... I can atest to what 2 subs will do when integrated well.
  13. Yes but someone is coming to look at it this evening.
  14. Cannot agree more ... at the risk of getting shouted down, there are many on this forum that I would put into the category of "rich, impulsive". Many need to have the latest now so they go out and buy it.
  15. When one looks at all of the controls under the bonnet of the Trinnov, it really is mind-boggling. I have learned enough to know about what it does, how you can tweak various aspects, and what not to fiddle with. Then it is just all about kicking back and enjoying!