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  1. Excellent value here ... the serial number shows that it is relatively new .... made in December 2018. Good luck with this sale ....
  2. I have dual SVS subs and they are superb. Very musical indeed and still providing punch for movies when they are called upon. I know other subs are "louder" but I am an advocate for balance/proportion.
  3. Things have been tight for some time .....
  4. Perhaps this is evidence that BAD news spreads quicker than GOOD news.
  5. Yes I agree it appears that an effort is being made to allow old devices to work with the newer ones.
  6. Humming ... not to my knowledge and not in my presence!! The colour of my walls are (and doing away with the technical name) dark brown.
  7. To be facetious, since the colour of your walls have changed, so has the frequency of the light being reflected off your walls and this new frequency being reflected is interacting with the Elektra amp !!!
  8. Agreed .... it will be interesting to see how long my OLD Sonos components will keep working. I find that I now mostly use Roon as my controller rather than the Sonos app (except for my bedroom). Ha, ha ... intrigue !!!!
  9. This is the key .... until you give yourself some time to learn then most pieces of software can be consigned to the too-hard basket.
  10. I received an email today stating that 2 of my components will no longer be supported/updated. The offer of a 30% discount does little to entice me to purchase new components. At this stage I propose to keep using them .... they are working perfectly well and I don't really see any need to "update" them. I shall see how this pans out.
  11. I agree with the last few posts. If a buyer is serious then they should not expect you to hang around while they decide if they want it (or whether the wife likes it). I think this is implicit and you should not have to make it a condition of sale. But then again some things these days need spelling out loud what used to be implicit. For example: Signs that tell you slippery when wet. Buyers need to harden up and if they want an item then simply need to PAY UP.
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