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  1. I have the Cyrus Streamline2 .... very good unit that I will be selling for a song very soon. I want it to go to a good home.
  2. When a show goes on so long as GOT did, the writers face a difficult job in trying to come to a proper conclusion. Having seen all, I feel that the show ran out of puff and some of the rather weak plot lines in the last season is representative of the fact that it was just too hard to reach the heights of previous seasons. I found the last episode to be very rushed with major plot holes and a very unconvincing ending. Having the main characters sit in a semi-circle and glibly agree with Tyrion (with no real discussion of the idea or even debate) that Bran should be King was rather ludicrous.
  3. The Ambertech support person (Garry) has already responded to another one of my emails ... which is very encouraging that he is on the task. Have to compliment him for this .....
  4. Ok ... with the JayCar HDMI splitter this DOES pass a 4K signal. So now with a SINGLE HDMI out from the AVR to the splitter, ALL is good. I now get picture on the TV and projector in UHD glory. So to a degree the problem is solved with a splitter that does that job. Cartwheels being done in my theatre room ... oops gotta watch out for all the extra wires and cables now!! I will still push for an answer from Ambertech.
  5. Just got my refund. Now to set up and experiment with the JayCar HDMI splitter.
  6. Yes of course it was .... I am going to JayCar now!!!!
  7. Guess what .... I just purchased a HDMI splitter that was supposed to be 4K compliant. With both the TV and projector connected to the HDMI splitter (and hence just ONE HDMI cable to the AVR OUT), I can get a picture from the TV from any source (hooray). BUT and its a big but, it will not pass a 4K signal. For example, the 4K channel will NOT display on the TV and a UHD disc will only be displayed in 1080p. The biggest downside is the same UHD disc will just NOT display through the projector !!! So perhaps I have a DUD HDMI splitter ?!!?? Remember before that the projector would operate flawlessly when NOT using the HDMI splitter. Do I ask for a refund on the HDMI splitter ? Here is the splitter that I purchased. It has an in-built HDMI cable, so perhaps that is the problem. https://www.ple.com.au/Products/632282/ALOGIC-2-Port-HDMI-20-4K-Splitter-winbuilt-50cm-Cable
  8. Ambertech support just got back to me .... good on them for getting back within 30 minutes. I have been advised that it could be an issue of a projector 'hot plate' issue, whatever that is. The support guy will do some research and then report back to me. I also need to get a 4K compliant HDMI splitter to properly test my situation (my splitter is not 4K compliant). I will buy a new splitter and then report back.
  9. Thanks to all so far for their ideas. I have contacted Ambertech support and was forwarded to the technical support person but he is 'away from his desk'. Have now called twice and left messages. I am already getting the feeling this may take a while ....
  10. At present it doesn't matter what the source is, the AVR does not support having the dual HDMI outs in play. My other sources apart from the FoxTel IQ4 box is an Apple 4K TV and the Oppo 203 UHD player.
  11. I found my EzyHD splitter I purchased many years ago ... set this up with JUST the TV connected to the splitter. No picture from the splitter ! I don't like the idea of having to split the signal from one AVR out.
  12. Won't this degrade the signal being sent?
  13. Have just swapped this cable with another high speed cable purchased from EzyHD ... no difference to the situation.
  14. No since the TV is wall mounted.
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