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  1. Personal taste is key. Now that my room has been treated appropriately and that my Trinnov has optimised the sound for the room I am finding I can have it at a higher level of dB and not find it too loud. Around 85 dB is a good level for me (measured with my SPL metre) sitting 4 metres back from my speakers in my sweet spot chair.
  2. Your use of the word p155 here is rather unique and I have not heard this word used in this manner before ..... which made your post quite difficult to read as mentioned by another member.
  3. I was thinking the same thing ... I think Roon is great and whilst everyone is entitled to their opinions, I completely disagree with the what has been said. We live in a time of great advances and sadly it goes with the territory for people to find fault and nitpick. Each to their own. However I am a big fan of Roon and I marvel at what I am getting in managing my own digital library and the integration with Tidal.
  4. Haha ... I thought the Snake Oil reference was some criticism of the product ... but I was wrong!! What a phrase to put on a manufacturer's cables !!!!
  5. Hi Woofer .. I read your comments on the AVS forum Lumagen thread. Can't wait to do my first update with my Lumagen.
  6. Excellent .... what sharpness setting do you recommend and what is the range of values possible?
  7. Ok .. I assume that the sharpening does not introduce artefacts provided you don't overdo it?
  8. Good on you Woofer .... I am looking forward to this update. Do you know when it will be officially released?
  9. I think the experience you get depends on so many random factors that it is difficult to make sweeping statements.
  10. I will say nothing further and I will agree to be respectful.
  11. Rightio ... perhaps it is better to not indulge in the BS yourself.
  12. Agreed, but I took exception to some of the unsubstantiated comments made by TP1 about JVC projectors, that have yet to be addressed. I am all for forum harmony but when one member makes wild assertions they need to be challenged and one expects some response when they are challenged ... so far there has been none.
  13. The silence from TP1 is now at a crescendo ....
  14. I note that forum member TP1 has gone quiet recently .....
  15. Artifacts !?!? ... I am just flabbergasted by your comments.
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