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  1. Hi Ch-ch-ch-ch-chainers, Fashion > Scruffy > Shaggy > Uncut >Dreadlocks > Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc JJ
  2. Morning Songsters, Only The Lonely, Roy Orbison JJ
  3. Morning All, Soft Steps, Endless Melancholy, ambient piano JJ
  4. Hi All, Mark Lanegan Band, Blues Funeral JJ
  5. Hi All, Low + Dirty Three, In The Fish Tank 7 JJ
  6. Hi Songsters, Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon (Utopia Planitia) - The Flaming Lips JJ
  7. Hi All Have a copy of the original and the remastered, on my main system the newer remastered copy sounds slightly more sibilant. JJ
  8. Hi All, CCR, The '69 Hits, 10" white vinyl RSD 2014. Tracklist A1 Proud Mary A2 Born On The Bayou A3 Bad Moon Rising A4 Lodi B1 Green River B2 Commotion B3 Down On The Corner B4 Fortunate Son JJ
  9. Hi @furtherpale I have been able to get TMRs previously from Heartland Records in North Melbourne. JJ
  10. Hi All, Seasick Steve, Live at Third Man Records JJ
  11. Hi Songsters, Weasel And The White Boys Cool - Rickie Lee Jones JJ
  12. Hi All, Boz Scaggs, Silk Degrees JJ
  13. Morning All, Dire Straits, first album, self titled JJ
  14. Hi Songsters, A Punch-Up At A Wedding - Radiohead JJ
  15. Morning All, Listening to Eno and Shields, The Weight of History / Only Once Away My Son whilst having breakfast. JJ
  16. Hi Proggers, With the recent talk about Transatlantic, I thought I would put on Bridge Across Forever JJ
  17. Hi All, Earlier today played Dream Theater, Once In A Live Time, no problems with it, quiet, haven't had any problems with any of the coloured LPs I have purchased, bar one which was warped, so returned it, but that happens with any colour, including the light absorbent coloured LPs. JJ
  18. Hi Songsters, Better with Time - Prince JJ
  19. Hi All, Klaatu, Klaatu. A band that when their first album was released, many thought it was a Beatles reformed album, see under in link Music Style. JJ
  20. Hi All, "Only For Sheep" - The Bureau, the left overs from Dexy's Midnight Runner after their breakup. JJ
  21. Hi All, Finishing an album I played one side of yesterday afternoon, Caribou, Swim JJ
  22. Hi Songsters, How Many More Times - Led Zeppelin JJ
  23. Hi All, As an previous owner of a Denon DP 30L, still going strong at my step-daughters, that alone is almost worth the price, as they work well with any of the DenonMC or MC cartridges. JJ
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