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  1. Hi All, A last one for today before getting dinner ready, Black Sabbath Monomania, from the Box set released last year, this LP is various Sabbath songs rerecorded for radio programming. JJ
  2. Hi Proggers, Ayreon's latest, Transitus. As good as any previous Ayreon release, and comes with a 14 page graphic novel style booklet. JJ
  3. Hi All, Alan Parsons, Try Anything Once, 2015 repressing on aqua vinyl, 1000 copies made. https://www.discogs.com/Alan-Parsons-Try-Anything-Once/release/6874175 JJ
  4. Hi All, Panic / Desire, from Melbourne artist, Simona Castricum, https://simonacastricum.bandcamp.com/album/panic-desire JJ
  5. Hi All, Jurriaan Andriessen ‎– The Awakening Dream, described as a homogenization of Modern Classical, Ambient, Synth-pop, Progressive Trance & Experimental music JJ
  6. Hi All, Must to a comparison between the red pressing and the black pressing from the "Heady Nuggs 1992-2002" Box Set. Onto Sade, Promise JJ
  7. Hi All, The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots JJ
  8. Hi Songsters, Soul Kitchen - The Doors JJ
  9. Hi @progladyte Just ordered my copy 👍👍 JJ
  10. Hi All, No, not yet, with the restrictions in Victoria, difficult to get anything done, but currently a low priority, will get around to it when things are a little flexible. Currently spinning Father John Misty, Joshua Tillman, Live At Third Man Records JJ
  11. Hi All, The Scorpions, Acoustica, recorded live in Portugal 2001. JJ
  12. Hi Songsters, Soul Man - Sam & Dave JJ
  13. Hi All, Nick Lowe Abominable Showman JJ
  14. Hi All, Uncle Tupelo, No Depression - Demos JJ
  15. Hi All, Classic Ayreon, nothing else to say 👍👍👍 JJ
  16. Hi Songsters, The Cowsills - The Rain, The Park and Other Things JJ
  17. Hi Songsters, The Rain Song - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant JJ
  18. Hi All, Having another lister to Ayreon's newest, Transitus JJ
  19. Hi Songsters, Fight The Power - Public Enemy JJ
  20. Hi Songsters, Slave To The Wage - Placebo JJ
  21. Hi Songsters, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury & the Blockheads JJ
  22. Hi Fillumists, Subway > I Love You > Highlander > Sean Connery > Finding Forrester JJ
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