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  1. Hi Songsters, Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing JJ
  2. Hi All, Setting up to play Roger Waters this afternoon, JJ
  3. Hi All, The Universe Smiles Upon You by Khruangbin, Review from www.tahoeonstage.com The album truly has a universal feel to it as it is not grounded to any particular time period or style. Guitarist Mark Speer and drummer Donald Johnson played gospel music together in Houston before incorporating bassist Laura Lee into the fold. As a trio, the band continued to search out interestingly good music, and they fell in love with the musings of Thai-funk from the 1960s and 1970s. Thai-funk by the way of Houston gospel is certainly a psychedelic concoction, but you can hear how well the band has blended those two influences together on the serene closer “Zionsville” or “Two Fish and an Elephant,” which breezes by with the calm of the ocean at sunset. But reducing this music as combination of gospel and Thai-funk is a disservice to the elegant creativeness of this band. This music really is its own unique, vivid world and its meditative undertone allows one to really let go and explore where the music can take you. “Mr. White” sets a perfect tone for the album as you’re tethered to the Earth on Johnson and Lee’s hushed but direct rhythm while you float along in the atmosphere to Speer’s warm, buzzed tones. “Little Joe and Mary” is tender and innocent, Speer’s high-whistling flourishes on his guitar playing with Lee’s bubbling bass line. “The Universe Smiles Upon You” has that rare quality of being able to be played in a loop without it growing old. It just spins with the tranquility of Earth in the quiet vastness of outer space as time becomes indefinite and we become connected to the farthest reaches of universe. It is impossible to hang that art neatly in frame in your house, so you gotta go out and experience it for yourself. JJ
  4. Hi Songsters, Word On A Wing - David Bowie JJ
  5. Hi All, Love an Elbow album, have you heard Guy Garvey's solo album, Courting the Squall, very much in the Elbow style. JJ
  6. A classy Weller album Currently listening to King Crimson at a good loudness as home alone until around 2pm tomorrow. JJ
  7. Hi All, Claypool Lennon Delirium - South of Reality, at times sounds like the Beatles, at times like Klaatu at other times 60s Psychedelia. JJ
  8. Hi All, Onto another 'epic' piece of music, Dream Theater, Distance Over Time JJ
  9. Hi Songsters, Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney & Wings JJ
  10. Hi Songsters, Old Habits Die Hard - Mick Jagger JJ
  11. Hi Songsters, Bad Case of Loving You - Robert Palmer JJ
  12. Hi All, Giving Devin Townsend's album, Empath a listen to on a different amp, SS, sounds a little more dramatic than through my main amp, tubes. JJ
  13. Morning Songsters, (I Love It When You) Call Me Names - Joan Armatrading JJ
  14. Good Morning All, Beginning the day with Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno JJ
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