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  1. Hi Fillumists, Paris, Texas > The Cars That Ate Paris, a classic 70s Oz movie with Bruce Spence JJ
  2. Hi Songsters, Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 JJ
  3. Hi All, Listening to Thom Yorke Eraser whilst getting dinner ready JJ
  4. Hi Songsters, The Cowsills - The Rain, The Park and Other Things, Then and Now JJ
  5. Hi Fillumists, The Intouchables > Quadriplegic > Quadrophenia JJ
  6. Hi All, Harold Budd, The white Arcades JJ
  7. Hi Songsters, Burn That Candle Down - Richie Sambora As an aside, only 7 posts more to hit the 3000 posts mark in 5 months 👍👌 JJ
  8. Hi Fillumists, Denzel Washington > American Gangster > Al Capone > The Untouchables JJ
  9. Hi Fillumists, Honeyland > La La Land JJ
  10. Hi All, Bonobo, Migration the second LP of the album. JJ
  11. Hi Fillumists, Man On Fire > Fireman > Fire-starter > Fahrenheit 451 JJ
  12. Morning Songsters, Pearl Jam - "Better Man" JJ
  13. Good Morning Proggers, Playing the first LP on Steve Wilson's Hand. Cannot. Erase. JJ
  14. Hi, Must be a Western as there is a 'covered wagon' in the background, and from the photo quality must be in the last decade or so. JJ
  15. Hi Fillumists, Roger Rabbit > Judge Doom > Christopher Lloyd > Doc Brown > Back To The Future JJ
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