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  1. Hi All, Black Man In A White World - Michael Kiwanuka
  2. Hi All, Tash Sultana, Terra Firma. Gets better with every play.
  3. Hi All, I'll Come Running Back to You - Sam Cooke
  4. Hi All, Running On Empty - Jackson Browne
  5. Hi All, Mop Mop, Kiss Of Kali, LP #2 of 2
  6. Hi All, Home Alone so can turn the volume up, Deep Purple, In Rock
  7. Hi All, Showing your age there Martin 😉😲 Standing On Higher Ground - The Alan Parsons Project
  8. Hi All, A recent arrival, Marschmellows, Swoundosophy
  9. Hi All, Down to Zero - Joan Armatrading
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