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  1. Thanks all for the input. I might see if I can get the Toppy repaired with new hard drives
  2. I have an old Samsung non smart tv. I have a Topfield PVR which I just use to record FTA tv for my wife. It also acts as a set top box as the TV is not digital. It is about 5 years old and starting to play up and no recording and continually asking to reformat the HDD. I am looking for an alternative. I have looked at Beyonwiz which is a bit pricey for me. I see Fetch Almight which might suit. It seems it acts as a set top box and it has a TV program guide and you can record FTA. It also has a wifi. I was concerned when doing some sesearch that it gets a lot bad reviews with it missing recordings and stops often and has to be rebooted. There is also a Humix which again gets a lot of bad reviews. I would appreciate some suggestions as the best way to go
  3. I am not really familar with polarity and that technical stuff. I cant remember how the turntable was connected to a power source. Would it have a transformer that connected to the ordinary power supply. The guy who mentioned polarity was from Germany. So the belt just goes around the sub platter and around the little roller to the side.
  4. Thanks for the help. Can you just clarify a few things. The CS 435 is the base Dual model. It has a timber particle board base. Yes it has a spring clip. When removed the top platter comes off. It seems will have to remove the sub platter. Is that correct. Also as far as the power supply I did receive the following advice Important: Heed the polarity (centre contact = plus pole!) - 'cause unfortunately the CS41x/43x/45x family models aren't equipped with a protective diode against false polarity, so that one needs to pay attention, if one doesn't want to fry the regulator inside the DC205 motor. So do you have an appropriate power supply with the right polarity? Also I just noticed the address of Rage Audio. I used to live in Carvers Road Jannali a long time ago. Regular visitor to the Royal Como Hotel as well
  5. Hi. I havent been on the site for a long time and need some help. I am found my Dual CS435 turntable in the cupboard and decided to get it going. Unfortunately the power connection has gone astray. I understand it is a 12V DC 150 ma connection. I have searched the web but cant find any replacements. Any ideas on how to get another one or suitable alternative. I also noticed that the belt was broken. Can anyone give me some advice on how to fit a new belt.
  6. Hi Peter Thanks again. Yes I will take your good advice. It is only a little TV in the office and I can record anything on a more modern TV and DVDR in the living room. I see you have over 11000 post. You certainly have been sharing your expertise around over the years
  7. Hi Peter Thanks for all that great info. I just discovered that the Strong doesnt have a SVideo out. It only has HDMI, comp;onent and composite. So I suppose I just have to stick with composite out to the DVDR and component from the DVDR to the TV
  8. Hi Peter, Thanks heaps. Your advice is making everything clear to me. To answer your questions. I dont record a lot of TV. The model recorder is a Pioneer DVR630H. I just checked the back and you are correct and it does not have component in (only out) It does have S-Video in and I have a S- Video cable. I watch live TV mainly and might record a few odd shows if I go to bed. Play the odd DVD during the day when the TV programs are poor. So can I watch TV via the DVDR and record other channels on the DVDR? BTW I have just bought two Strong STB 5430 as we have two TVs that are not digital. They cost $48 from HN and Domayne. Very happy so far with them. Easy to set up and Strong website very informative. I rang and left a message to call and support rang back a few hours later. Also sent an email about SW updates and they sent me a prompt email advising me if my particular set needed the updated software. Good to see a company that provides some support.
  9. I spoke to the repairer yesterday and he said the TV needs some board and that Panasonic dont sell the board separately but you have to buy the board and the panel which makes it uneconomical to repair. I bought the Panasonic thinking it was reliable. Will be a bit reluctant to buy another after this experience.. I have an old Dick Smith (Tandy?) Digitor TV which is about 15 years old in my office and it doesnt miss a beat. Cost about $90. I was at Domayne on Sunday buying another STB and spoke to a salesman/manager about televisions. I asked him what brands he thought were the best. He said that Domayne regularly send him to Asia and he said if you are just using it to watch tv etc than he thinks LG are the best. He said he you are gaming he thinks Samsung. I asked him about Sony and he said Sony use LG panels. I said I thought LG was an inferior cheap brand and he said not any more. I did a bit of googling and his information was confirmed on other websites. Interestingly I found a website which said some of these real cheap brands may not have the best panels and may use panels that dont pass the grade for the dearer sets but the article said the problem is with the electrics and that they use inferior parts here and it can result in breakdown and possible fires. These 3D LCD TVs look great. Saw some for around the $3K mark but it is a bit out of my range at the moment. Thanks you all for your input.
  10. I would appreciate some advice on the best way to connect my new HD STB to my analogue DVR and analogue old TV. The TV has a DVD in connection which is component and two comp[osite connections IN and OUT for both audio and video. There are no other connection types. The DVR has component and composite and a fews others (but no HDMI). The STB is a Strong 5430. I have put the aerial cable into the STB and looped it out to the DVR and looped again from the DVR to the TV antenna connection. I only have one set of component connections and a couple of composite connections. Is it best to run the component cables from the STB to the DVR and then just use composite from the DVR to the TV or vice versa. Alternatively should I buy another set of component connections so there is a component connection from the STB to the DVR and then from the DVR to the TV.
  11. Yes I can understand that for a toaster or small appliances. But when you are paying close to a thousand dollars you should be able to repair the thing. Under the new Australian Consumer Law (which replaced the Trade Practices Act) the manufacturers have to provide spare parts for a reasonable time after purchase. I think if they dont have spare parts after 5 years that is not reasonable. I would just like to be sure because it would be easy for a repairer to just tell that it is unrepairable and if you leave it with him to get rid of which most people would do, he could repair it and sell it. I have sent an email to Panasonic Australia asking if they still have parts for that set.
  12. Maybe I didnt make it that clear. I find it hard to believe you cant get parts for a Panasonic TV that is only 3-5 years old
  13. My Panasonic TH-L37G10A LCD is at a repairer because the picture became very dark and unclear. The TV is about 3-5 years old (not exactly sure) The repairer rang me yesterday and said that the tv is stuffed and it needs a new board and you cant get any new parts for it. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether I am getting the right info.
  14. Thanks Tazzy I will give it a go and see how it goes
  15. I have just purchased a STB to connect to my Samsung TV (HD ready but not digital). I also have connected a DVDR. At the moment I have the aerial connected to the STB box. The set top box is then connected to the TV by a HDMI cable. The DVDR is connected to the TV by component connections and rca for audio. Is that the best aerial connection or is there any other way that would be better using the rf in and rf out aerial connections on the various pieces. I think this probably sounds pretty basic but I have no expertise in this area at all
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