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  1. Yes so true time just flies so quickly past...for all of us. I myself notice the "evolution" over time. It was not that long ago that I was a big fan of action movies and all the sound mayhem associated with them. They were my favorite on the PJ with surround cranked up. As for now I prefer much quieter genre's of film with more refined surround effects. Mellowing in my old age🙄
  2. Yes I do now recall many moons ago when you bought it. If you recall you posted pics of the Projector you hid behind the sofa as you were in the process of forwarding the "Projector" project to the Minister of Abode Affairs for approval🙂. Ahh the past!!! Great memories😊
  3. Thankyou to those who made comment to this thread. I may stick to a matte white screen for now . To be honest the N7 looks sensational during dark scenes in movies on my current LP Morgan 100" Motorized Rondo screen. I recent spoke to Simon Wilde at VAF and asked him his thoughts on grey screens. He said Tony (the isf calibrator) loves them. This comment was enough to whet my inquisitive nature.
  4. I am wondering for those of us who haven't a dedicated HT room (BATCAVE) and watch our movies on our PJ's in living rooms specified to WAF ie light coloured walls and carpets plus white ceilings on matte white projector screens. Has anyone replaced the matte white screen with the improved contrast "Grey" screen? If so and only going on limited reports has it improved the PQ (contrast) at all when watching at night with the lights off? I would be very interested in feedback as I am thinking of purchasing a Silver Ticket Grey screen however want to make sure that the "Grey" screen thing is not HT snake oil.
  5. I love those screen shots you take AL. Are you still using same screen or have you gone to the grey type for rooms that aren't batcave.?
  6. Hi Al Like you I haven't as yet (fortunately) experienced issues as described above. What is your MY date ? Mine is 07 2019. Interested to see if it just a bad manufacturing batch causing the issue.
  7. After Daniel Andrew's comments about our beautiful state I don't think he wants to go to Victoria anymore😁
  8. Is "Tony" from Adelaide? I believe he is the bees knees when it comes to calibration.
  9. Hi John I recently had my i93's fronts and i93 centre upgraded to SE specs at VAF. You won't be disappointed. Sound absolutely amazing. That tweeter just kills. I used to own i66's and heard the upgraded ones at a recent visit to VAF. It was an exponential jump in all facets of sound on the i66's I once owned. Simon Wilde is a sound guru. He was a sound engineer at DUNTECH during their glory days.
  10. No question Al this PJ leaves me staring at its pq in awe. I recently put on the 4K Apocalypse Now Final Cut and PQ was simply oustanding. The Combo of the Pana 9000 using HDR Optimiser and JVC frame by frame HDR option leaves me and many guests commenting on how surprised they are that a PJ image can look so good. The Marantz 8805 with Atmos evoked justs adds the icing to the experience.
  11. Thanks for your input. I suppose B stock is akin to refurbished in other brands etc.
  12. There has been some discussion above regarding B stock projectors. Am I correct in summarising that JVC do not get involved in B stock projectors because they would repair your faulty one?. Except in the case of a major issue. And once they repaired the one with a major issue does it find it self back in "New" JVC stock? Is there anything on the box to indicate it is B stock? Really starts to make you think.
  13. Definitely a good way of summing up re oled v qled. This guy always goes through the menus when reviewing gear. And totally agree with your Sony comment.
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