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  1. Don't over analyse or you will go nuts. Just enjoy the visual goodness.
  2. "I did ask re the infinity contrast claims... to which he says it "only applies when there is absolutely nothing on the screen" That is as good as Udders on a Bull?
  3. Yes I think it (JVC) is reminding us that it is there because mine is so so quiet.?
  4. That sums it up perfectly. I am getting too old to fuss about something I cannot see from my seating position. Once upon a time it would bother me knowing it was there . But many moons have passed through since then.... and now if I cannot see it then it's not there. I saw Once upon a time in Hollywood on the n7 on Saturday night and it was stunning. This pj just blows me away.
  5. It's a pity LP Morgan are no longer with us. I have the 100" Rondo and it is an excellent screen with the flattest of surfaces. The biggest plus for me of a motorised screen was that I could also incorporate a TV with it. The screen is ideal in situations where the media room is a multi purpose room ie a lounge room or living or where you have a window or even a sliding door and you can use this space temporarily to project an image.
  6. Yes so true time just flies so quickly past...for all of us. I myself notice the "evolution" over time. It was not that long ago that I was a big fan of action movies and all the sound mayhem associated with them. They were my favorite on the PJ with surround cranked up. As for now I prefer much quieter genre's of film with more refined surround effects. Mellowing in my old age?
  7. Yes I do now recall many moons ago when you bought it. If you recall you posted pics of the Projector you hid behind the sofa as you were in the process of forwarding the "Projector" project to the Minister of Abode Affairs for approval?. Ahh the past!!! Great memories?
  8. Thankyou to those who made comment to this thread. I may stick to a matte white screen for now . To be honest the N7 looks sensational during dark scenes in movies on my current LP Morgan 100" Motorized Rondo screen. I recent spoke to Simon Wilde at VAF and asked him his thoughts on grey screens. He said Tony (the isf calibrator) loves them. This comment was enough to whet my inquisitive nature.
  9. I am wondering for those of us who haven't a dedicated HT room (BATCAVE) and watch our movies on our PJ's in living rooms specified to WAF ie light coloured walls and carpets plus white ceilings on matte white projector screens. Has anyone replaced the matte white screen with the improved contrast "Grey" screen? If so and only going on limited reports has it improved the PQ (contrast) at all when watching at night with the lights off? I would be very interested in feedback as I am thinking of purchasing a Silver Ticket Grey screen however want to make sure that the "Grey" scre
  10. I love those screen shots you take AL. Are you still using same screen or have you gone to the grey type for rooms that aren't batcave.?
  11. Hi Al Like you I haven't as yet (fortunately) experienced issues as described above. What is your MY date ? Mine is 07 2019. Interested to see if it just a bad manufacturing batch causing the issue.
  12. After Daniel Andrew's comments about our beautiful state I don't think he wants to go to Victoria anymore?
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