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  1. Definitely a good way of summing up re oled v qled. This guy always goes through the menus when reviewing gear. And totally agree with your Sony comment.
  2. Definitely Al. "Sparechange " a Youtube HT enthusiast has referred it as a big OLED TV. Recently saw Apocalypse Now Final cut in 4k. on the N7 Simply superb pq and great movie as well.
  3. I think they will be finding a loving home in the near future🙂
  4. I have had VAF upgrade on my i93 centre and two uprights to the Mk111 . They now weigh in at 115kg each.
  5. I have all three in my current HT set up in Australian Jarrah. This is definitely the speaker sale of the year .
  6. Well the new series "H" of Pana oleds and led has just been lunched in the UK at Pinewood Studios. No mention by Vincent or Phil Hinton of any cease of production. Phil talking to Panasonic representative about HDMI 2.1 for future releases Appears still making them for UK and European markets. (Some how the AVforums link got copied in twice and I cant get rid of it.) Go figure? )
  7. Hi Gavin I recently did the fw update. My recollection was that my settings weren't changed. However doing a refresh/reset wouldn't hurt.
  8. I thought I would re watch the 2k(1080) version of I Robot on the N7 just to see how it compares to my previous projector. The idea was to see the first 5 minutes. I was mesmerized by how sharp and defined this film appeared. Despite the fact it is not 4k it looked absolutely stunning. I ended up watching the whole movie. Just love Will Smith. He is so refreshing to watch. I have also seen the ultimate 4K movie Gemini Man. That is on a another level. Was over a friends and he has the Sony 270 4k projector. He put on a movie called Billy Lynns Long Half Time Walk. Never heard of it until then.However Absolutely mesmerised . Especially that outdoor battle scene in daylight with Vin Diesel as the sargent. The "grid iron scene" also looked as if you were at the game. I have just ordered the movie. 😉
  9. Only on Vincent Teoh's HDTV youtube channel. He was impressed.
  10. I seriously believe micro LED is what the future will be. Even replacing the projector one day.
  11. I shudder at the thought that Sony might be next. If this is the case then the trilogy of the death of Japanese quality 😒 TV makers is complete. (Pioneer ,Panasonic and Sony)
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