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  1. Further information: This is Victoria on Lovetube/Goldenage Audio's Duc Lai's account. We are looking to sell my dad's things after his passing to a new home who will put them to good use! For sale are five (5) diy speakers that Dad had traded in. We really know nothing about their design except that all five speakers use the same 6.5" Scanspeak 18W/8545-00 mid-bass drivers exactly as used in the Wilson Watt Puppies. These drivers have a huge following and are difficult to find. Note – only three of the five work. The other two are open circuit. Cones, spiders and surrounds look fine on those two, so they can be an easy repair with just new voice coils. If you can find a pair of these s/h, they will be around $300 . (US$168 ea new + shipping + GST etc) The tweeters are all Scanspeak D2905/930000, with 28mm textile diaphragms. All five work perfect. S/H a pair sold for $120 here on SNA which was a bargain as street price is around $280pr new There are three red shaded cabinets and two black ones. The red cabinets are in nice condition, the black ones are just ordinary. They are well made though, and weigh 15kgs ea! Sorry, obviously pickup only. Dimensions- 215W x 495H x 335D All have been tested and the three red units work perfect. The bass drivers in both black boxes the drivers that are open circuit. One of the red cabinets, has an upgraded crossover full of expensive Hovland caps. Maybe this was used as a centre ch? Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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