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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences. A suggestion for you is to consider hiring a Church Choir. Most Church Choirs have a wide repertoire of traditional hymns to choose from that would include Amazing Grace.
  2. Telecine

    Dire Straights - Love Over Gold

    As is Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil.
  3. Telecine

    No more riding for me

    Sorry to see that you are in the wars. Get well soon.
  4. Speakers make the greatest difference, your amp will be fine. There are some LS50 speakers just appeared for sale in the Classifieds.
  5. Telecine

    FS: EOI Magneplaner 20.1

  6. Telecine

    "Dirty" sound on Thorens TD 160

    On a Rega arm, it is almost certainly a problem with the cartridge clips attached to the tonearm wires. They are notorious for failing. Have someone solder some new and better cartridge clips on for you.
  7. Telecine

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Yes it is.
  8. Telecine

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Ok then, lucky you.
  9. Telecine

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Have you tried filling the stands with sand or Garnet?
  10. Telecine

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Different issue I suspect (marital harmony).
  11. Telecine

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Minds will differ on this. My view is to couple speakers to the floor and isolate and decouple stereo components.
  12. It might have something to do with the fact that you appear to be in California in the USA. You probably need to be in the reception area to receive reception.
  13. Telecine

    Ex Hifi Nut

    @Willco is the guy to ask about these.
  14. Telecine

    Lubricant oil for Thorens TD124

    Minds will differ about what is best. Can’t see anything that would be harmful to a TT bearing in modern motor oils but each to his own.