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  1. @andyr might be able to make a suggestion for a DC blocker.
  2. Open it up and tension the bolt that secures the transformer. Other than that, you could try a DC blocker on the power.
  3. Agreed. The CP-700 is probably still the one to get for stereo.
  4. What Classe Audio preamp was it? My suspicion is that the problem was the PS Audio BHK Mono’s.
  5. Might just be a system synergy thing. It is a phono stage that I haven't tried but would like to give a go some time. It certainly has the design pedigree.
  6. This P9 is local to you and you can audition it:
  7. Given your preferences, I would consider buying an RP8 if I were you and selling off both of your decks. I think that you will find that if you have purchased the Groovetracer RP6 sub-platter that you cannot fit the Delrin platter. The Delrin platter is a significant upgrade in my opinion. I have three Regas with Groovetracer reference sub-platters and Delrin platters and an acrylic platter too. A tonearm upgrade is a significant improvement too but you would want to consider an RB-700, RB-808, RB-900 or RB-1000 etc to achieve a significant step up in performance over the RB-303 on your deck. The alternative would be an Audiomods arm. Have a listen to an RP9 or RP10 to see if you like the sound with the ceramic platter. One of these might be in scope if you sell off the other decks. Get a decent cart and phono stage.
  8. No problem. You won't damage anything by changing loading settings.
  9. You want 100 - 200 ohms loading and the 60 db gain setting. Choose an impedance setting based on your preference, so feel free to experiment but that is the commonly used range and what I use with this cart. You don't need the capacitance setting for this cart.
  10. Item: Headshell/Cartridge Leads (set of four) Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a reasonable quality set of four Headshell/Cartridge Leads. Send me a PM with any offers.
  11. I'm not showing this to my wife for fear that I will be required to make mine as neat as your's.
  12. I reset the Chrome browser settings and I am working again. Very odd, that hasn't happened before and I have been on here for a decade.
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