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  1. I can't see any reason to prefer plastic, particularly once it has worn out The manufacturer claims to have serviced 2,000 Thorens turntables, so I would trust his opinion over that of others.
  2. Not sure whether or not this is heavy enough to help: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/352851701315
  3. This might solve your problem. AudioSilente replacement pulley: http://www.audiosilente.com/spare-parts-for-turntables-thorens-td-160-td-166-td-145-td-165-td-125-pulley-thorens-td-125-160-166-145-50-hz-version.html
  4. The Casals is a great historic performance but mono. Pieter Wispelwey has made a couple of good recordings worth chasing down.
  5. I am not familiar with the Roksan Corus Blue but given its age, the cost of repair and the fact that it would be your primary cartridge, I would suggest that it is probably time to move on from it. Do some research, there are plenty of well priced MM options for a similar price to the cost of repair of your existing cart. You could sell the cart as is in the Classifieds, someone might be interested in it. This would help to increase your budget for a replacement cart.
  6. Looks like another Generator mounted in a Type A headshell. This was a common service offered back in the day.
  7. These are a very good sounding phono stage. I heard one paired with a Brinkmann Bardo and it sounded fantastic.
  8. For particularly dirty records, use the pot scrubber cycle.
  9. Just an observation, it appears to blow these “audiophile” fuses when you are changing the cabling. I would be looking at the IEC socket and power lead.
  10. Have you changed anything in your system or changed the gain or loading options.
  11. You didn’t cause the sub-platter to warp by moving house. Stand on your dig and demand a replacement sub-platter.
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