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  1. That would be fine or you could just use the one sold by Rega or many others.
  2. They are positioned at the base of the tone arm where it attaches to the arm board on the plinth.
  3. You will need to buy some spacers. There are lots of options. 2 - 4mm should do the trick.
  4. Great amp, glad to see you sorted out the problem.
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences. A suggestion for you is to consider hiring a Church Choir. Most Church Choirs have a wide repertoire of traditional hymns to choose from that would include Amazing Grace.
  6. Sorry to see that you are in the wars. Get well soon.
  7. Speakers make the greatest difference, your amp will be fine. There are some LS50 speakers just appeared for sale in the Classifieds.
  8. On a Rega arm, it is almost certainly a problem with the cartridge clips attached to the tonearm wires. They are notorious for failing. Have someone solder some new and better cartridge clips on for you.
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