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  1. I think that you might get one or two spares cheaper if you are patient. Found them on Hi Fi Shark.
  2. There are a pair of replacement drivers for sale here: https://www.subito.it/audio-video/altoparlanti-b-w-dm-4-roma-379927169.htm
  3. I haven't used an overseas account with a VPN but periodically have noticed that some tracks on some albums are unavailable and marked as such. I assume that this relates to distribution rights. I would be surprised if there were any other differences.
  4. I must say that I'm baffled by you selling these Andy but I'm open to seeing what you do next, GLWTS.
  5. It is a fact that MQA is a lossy format, some information is being lost. It has been repeatedly suggested that the sound may be improved in some way. The only way that the sound can be improved is to alter the data. That leaves consumers in the situation that they either have to trust MQA or trust their ears, neither of which would seem to produce any objective proof of the true situation. The primary beneficiary of the MQA lossy compression would appear to be the streaming companies, who save bandwidth, although there is a use case for mobile users who may save data
  6. Give up the Morris dancing, it is overrated anyway.
  7. I strongly suggest that you connect them up and don't look there again, it is what most of us do.
  8. How about a bit of Sarah K, Turned My Upside Down and (Would you) Break My Heart are great tracks:
  9. No, I want @djb to go and collect it and bring it home on a Tram.
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