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  1. You are probably fine, taking into account the cable but I obtained a set of capacitance loading plugs and a set of Y connectors from @andyr so that I could add a bit for some carts.
  2. If you send a message to one of the moderators, they may be able to link the old and new account. A recent change allowed people to delete their account, so that may not be possible anymore.
  3. Run another earth wire from the phono stage earthing point to the chassis of your integrated amp or preamp.
  4. True but your description sounded a bit like him, “old (fashioned) but very comfortable”.
  5. I have sent you a private communication in relation to this item
  6. Yes, most likely the power amp. Never change speaker connections with your gear on. Turn everything off at the wall. Wait 10 minutes (not sure of all of your gear but there may be a protection circuit that has triggered). Turn back on. If the problem persists, turn everything off and swap the left and right speaker cables. Does the problem shift? If so, turn everything off and change the left and right outputs of the preamp to the power amp. Does the problem shift? This procedure should tell you if it is an electronics problem or not and whether it is the preamp or power amp. I suspect that you have a problem with your power amp.
  7. The one that gets the ones and zeros in the right order.
  8. I like this emblematic of the times line: 1994 Component of the Year: As the votes trickled in on my fax machine...........
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