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  1. Ian McP

    The Song Game Mk III

    Jonathan Richman! Love his lyrics to this one!
  2. Ian McP

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    heard this on RRR's always excellent Beat Orgy last Satdee https://www.rrr.org.au/explore/programs/beat-orgy out now on Gearbox Records, our AudioNote Oz correspondent can probably tell us more of its sonic qualities. recorded live at London's Church of Sound https://www.audionote.com.au/gearbox-records https://store.gearboxrecords.com/collections/cd/products/sarathy-korwar-cd-pre-order Juno UK are a good place to purchase, I've been using them for years, good prices and cheap postage https://www.juno.co.uk/artists/Sarathy+Korwar/
  3. Ian McP

    The Song Game Mk III

    going to, moving to.....
  4. Ian McP

    Any film shooters on here?

    If you're up in central Victoria on a day trip Gold Street Studios in Trentham well worth a detour https://www.goldstreetstudios.com.au/ < gold street studios – photographic workshops & gallery provides an inspirational resource for photographic image makers offering workshops to inspire, challenge and educate. The workshops attract local, interstate and international participants wishing to understand and enjoy the art, craft and science of creating hand made photographs from professional instructors. The gallery reflects the hand made traditional photographic processes offered in the workshops – holding photographs from recognized Australian and International photographic artists. We also sell photographic supplies including an wide range of chemicals and equipment. >
  5. Ian McP

    Any film shooters on here?

    I was being "polite" re "optimistic" if you get my drift.....
  6. Ian McP

    Any film shooters on here?

    that's what it says in the book
  7. Ian McP

    Any film shooters on here?

    Probably faster than using a dedicated neg scanner, they can be very slow! Although one of the Epson flat bed scanners with the back light lid (I have the V700) can do 35mm up to A4, er 8" x 10" sized neg's and transparencies quite well
  8. Ian McP

    Any film shooters on here?

    Now this is large format! Book features laser scans from the original glass plate negatives! Bought myself a copy years ago. http://www.randomlengths.com/Product/Detail/the-locomotive-portraits/ < His equipment was bulky and heavy. Mostly, he used an 11x14 (inch!) Empire State view camera. It could be rested on a tripod that extended to above 12 feet -- so he could get the right angle in photographing men working from springboards above the swell and heavy resin at the butt of a tree. His 20x20 camera required two tripods. > < Tabitha Kinsey probably did not expect that marriage would result in 50 years of darkroom toil, but it was she who provided the care and skill that have preserved the Kinsey photos to be admired a half-century later. > regards Ian
  9. Ian McP

    Any film shooters on here?

    https://filmneverdie.com/ camera wise, prices are what you'd say..... "optimistic"
  10. Ian McP

    The Song Game Mk III

    one for Mr Buzzardstubble!