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  1. That would be awesome. I will send you a PM. *thumbsup*
  2. So after having a dig thru the box of shame (box full of cables and stuff) I found some Belkin PureAV pre-terminated 8ft speaker cables that I purchased a number of years ago and had forgotten about . They look like this http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Belkin-PureAV-Silver-OCC-14AWG-Speaker-Cables-8ft-2-4m-NEW-6-PureAV-Cable-Ties-/330593188880. It looks like Belkin no longer make or sell these cables. They look the business, but is 14 AWG big enough for my configuration? or I am just being a w@nker about this?
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think that i will make up something. What size should I be using? is 2.5mm sq (13 gauge) about right?
  4. I called them and they only have the lower end cables in stock. It might be worth checking them out to see what else they have. I think that they are in Mt Barker, which is a little too far at this point given limited time between now and Xmas. Any other thoughts guys?
  5. Hi Guys, I am look for some decent speaker cable to connect my Emotiva XPA-3 and Focal 826v's and 800cc over the Xmas break. I am want to get some good speaker cables. I think that I will need to go to a local shop as I have left it too late to buy anything online. I was looking about something around 2.5mm sq, in maybe QED or the likes. I dont mind spending a few bucks (~$100/per retail), and the runs are less than 2m each. Can anyone make any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  6. About the only difference that I can see it that the unit appears to be faster while moving thru the media streaming menus. I cant seem to find anything else at this stage. Cool grassy, I will try that number tomorrow. Who is it by the way?
  7. Yeah I checked there, but I only can seem to find info on the previous range and not the current 10 series. Thanks anyway.
  8. Hi Guys, I switch my AVR-4810 tonight and got a on screen notification that there was a firmware update. So I ran thru the process which took about 5 minutes, and was very easy. I dont know what Denon as has added/changed, and I cant find any info anywhere on what the update does. Has anyone else had an update to their Denon AVR? Does anyone know what the changes are? Just interested, thats all.
  9. Ah ok, fair enough. I only just got my AVR-4810 a few weeks ago. It was about the biggest receiver I could afford to run my Focals (826v Fronts, 800 Center, and 706IC rears). However there is always that thought in the back of my mind that it could do with a power amp to run the 826v for 2 ch stuff, but how much better will it actually be.......
  10. Hi yhng, I was just interested as to why you would be getting rid of the AVR-4810, you couldnt of had it that long.
  11. Yes, I ordered the AVR-4810. Should be here tomorrow. It was a hard call, but the Denon just seemed to match my requirements better.
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