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  1. I use them, great product for decoupling on wood floors, plus they do slide
  2. Yep, and also of note - the Special 40s are listed as Recommended B (limited low frequencies)
  3. How do you find the Heritage Specials, seriously considering them for my system
  4. Note he also bags out the internal wiring as "cheap run of the mill" - its actually Van den Hull ???? I am sure better caps and so on in the cross over will make a difference, certainly so do Dynaudio given that one fo the additions to the Heritage Special. Every thing is a cost v benefit and unfortunately in the world of manufacturing additional component costs usually work out to be 4x in the final RP.
  5. Ok I own Special 40s and love them - so I am totally biased but I agree 100% he talks a good talk but seems totally focused on "his measurements" and how he can improve those rather than listening to the end result. No matter how cynical you may be, no way Dynaudio releases speakers without total understanding of all those measurements and many many more, as well as lots of listening to the product. Their decisions are deliberate to get what they believe is the best sound. For example the simple first order cross over Dynaudio is used to prioritise the time domain ( something he does not
  6. I am also a bit of a knife nut - my advice quality over quantity the - two like the below are probably all you need just add a $20 bread knife. These are much sharper than the Global / Furi and made from harder steel that will hold an edge, ( FYI the hammers edge stops food sticking) https://www.kazsknifeonline.com.au/collections/japanese-knife-sets/products/2-knife-set-jikko-vg10-damascus-gyuto-21cm-and-petty-13-5cm Add a 1000/6000 Whetstone and go to youtube for lessons https://www.kitchenware.com.au/shun-classic-whetstone-300-1000-1.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAx
  7. Initially looking to see if someone is interested in the whole colection at a bargain price, pick up preferred but they are boxed up so possibly could post at buyers expense, the total colection weighs a bit so might not be cheap ! The photos are of just some of the movies, can provide a complete set if required and I have attached a PDF of all titles - PM me if you want me to send the list. If no one is interested in the complete set I will try ebay for the bulk and just list the music titles on this site separate. Thanks Further informa
  8. Wow, how’s it sound, Amazing how much weight you can put on those Herbie sliders 👍
  9. Ok, hard to see the point of a suspended turntable with motors attached to the chassis, but then Rega have the motor on their chassis with a similar advanced power supply so ........
  10. Your mounting the motors on the chassis ?
  11. The Samsung is good for movies, that what I currently use movies only - both the models above are similar go for the best deal
  12. $900 head phones and the only way to get music into them is Bluetooth 👀 No Wifi or wired connection even worse seem intended for use with highly compressed Apple Music
  13. These turned out very well, simple salt, pepper, garlic rub, moped with red wine, fig balsamic, Worcestershire, 8 hours at 240F wrapped at 172, taken to 198
  14. Remember them, the concept never sat well with me - I seem to remember "floppy" arms were trued as well
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