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  1. Hows that a comparison ? a Brinkmann Bardo with matching tonearm and cartridge is $20K
  2. Most AV Pre Pros and Receivers, even high end ones, will digitise all analogue inputs in any case, the few that do not will still only present a straight analogue path when set to "Pure" or "Straight" and thus all processing and equalisation is off. What this implies is that it is very likely that what ever way you hook up you will actually be listening to the Marantz DAC, and if you use the analogue input the Marantz ADC as well.
  3. Yep that can be done, but the units that do it well are expensive
  4. Looks like the tone arm will only work in there TT - the arm listed for sale on the web is just the arm wand and balance weights and looking at the pictured the arm uni pivot in built into the actual TT structure.
  5. Yep that look like a thing to get $799 yikes ! even at current exchange rates that value
  6. high - class filter 😎 caused no issues High - pass on the other hand 🤣
  7. Sorry but nothing exists that meets all those requirements - best Soundbar with Atmos is the Samsung 9 series ( $1999 RRP but can be got for less) - has much of what you want, wireless surrounds , ARC, 2 HDMI in optical in, 4k pass through wireless sub - sounds bloody good for a sound bar and goes loud - but no separate sub out. You will need to lose Atmos to get a sub out - look at Bose or Sonos
  8. Item: Musical Fidelity V LPS and V PSU Location: Brisbane Price: $250 for both Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: No boxes but can package and post at buyers expense Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Please do not take offence - but you don't touch the record outer surface with finger and thumb when handling ?
  10. I have re read all your posts and looked at the data - I strongly suspect that its a turntable / cart / tonearm set up problem - every thing I know about vinyl playback sugest that. Records are simply not cut with sub 20hz in the groves it takes up to much space . The giveaway is the once per revolution - simply not reasonable to believe that a large number of records were produced with sub 20hz noise at just one place per revolution - very reasonable to assume that there is a play back issue
  11. Ok so as best I can work out the resonant frequency will be about 6hz ( ideal is 8hz to 11hz) - so not ideal and a bit low - but but would not be a major cause of the issue your reporting - IMO
  12. What your describing is usually caused by a cart / tonearm mismatch + a slight warp - the cart compliance and tonearm mass would seem to be in the same range as the warps and thus cause instability. What Luxman do you have if you can look up the tonearm effective mass as well as the Cart(S) compliance you can use this tool to check https://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_resonance_evaluator.php
  13. Actually it's the other way around, Netflix is welcome as are all providers that the whole point a one stop shop, they have declined as they dont agree with the fee that apple will take ( 305 first year and 15% after that) - time will tell. The big threat to Netflix and the reason that 4k movies are disappearing is the merge of Fox and Disney - they will reales there own "Netflix killer" streaming service this year as well.
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