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  1. I have found Garnet to be a great option, finer and more dense than sand, no potential health issues of lead. Can be bought at a reasonable cost and no need to stuff around with drying in ovens like sand. made a very significant difference in Dynaudio stands. https://www.bunnings.com.au/flexovit-10kg-garnet-sandblasting-grit_p6330485
  2. I believe Apple came up with their own solution
  3. In the US patients can cover a detailed technical ideas, not restricted to hate ware, it’s a massive industry, there are literally companies worth hundreds of millions that have never produced a single tech product, they either just register patients or buy them then sue any one that comes up with the same idea. Patients can be in the hundred for a single product, in the case Sonos have over 100 individual patients on there speakers alone
  4. They have many patients, the key stuff relates to connecting several speakers at the same time and getting the sync right, even a fraction of second delay and you get a horrible echo effect. It hard to do and is the reason Sonos we’re the only game in town for some time. Reportedly when Apple released the home pod this was one of the significant challenges that held up release date
  5. If you can stretch a few more $ the top Samsung with a Atmos and wireless sub and surrounds is a cracking good unit, RRP is $1990 but can be had on sale for $1300 or perhaps even less. i have had many full HT systems worth much much more and this keeps me and wife very happy without the footprint and cable runs of a 7.2.2 system
  6. If you can find a GT2000 fir a good price it’s hard to go wrong, they just keep going up in price 👌
  7. I upgraded from a GT750 to a GT2000, the 750 is still in use by another forum member. For me there is a significant difference , the 2000 really is an end game TT for me, the sound is just so right. To my ear the 750 was a good TT, after getting the 2000 I ended up selling my Linn set up and not once in the last 7 years have I considered upgrading I use a Ortofon Jubilee also now have the external power supply ( a clone )
  8. OFFS, this is why the “audiophile community “ is treated as a bunch of nut jobs stop it now ........... To the Op Google Peter Belt and take the red pill to others give no credibility to this rubbish
  9. Very happy with my 590 driving Dynaudio Special 40 s so be interested on how one goose with your speakers
  10. Herbies have a range of option for not much money. In my experience its better to decouple on a suspended wood floor and better to use spikes on a concrete slab
  11. Nope, it’s for low level signals ( low current )
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