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  1. Black and white, one better than the other, this beats that None of these are what it I believe in with “ hi end Hi-Fi “ But each to their own
  2. Yep, original Apheta was not well rated, I am looking at the new P8, possibly the new Aphets 3 but not to start as I have several good MCs to try already, good that you like the Technics, I already have a great DD in the Yamaha
  3. Ok, got an itch that need scratching and seek opinions. my current turntable is a Yamaha GT2000, so heavy, mass damped DD, it’s epic and going no where any time soon. That said the current Rega P8 and P10 interest me a great deal, the detail and purity in the design is compelling, complete opposite of the big Yamaha. My first TT was a Rega 3 back in 1979 so that’s a emotional link as well. So looking at a second TT. So question to those of you with Rega experience and opinions, is it worth it for the P10 ? Or will I get enough of the modern Rega experience from the P8 Will be probably be using a Ortofon Jubliee to start with thanks
  4. Mmmm My TT has an optional gunmetal platter that’s 18kg, so I expect the 500g weight is no an issue 👍
  5. Its an interesting area, the short version as already mentioned is that "it depends on the turntable" Long version - there are several schools of thought by Turntable designers in regard to the record / platter / bearing interface. 1. Carefully chosen frequency dependant decoupling - the most common being the Linn / Rega felt matt. 2. A platter and record interface designed to couple the record to the platter and act as a massive "vibration sink" 1. Seeks to a) further reduce LF rumble from the record surface. b) absorb in a "lossy" way the mainly HF vibrations introduced to the record surface by the cartridge 2. Seeks to have the platter / record act as a single, massive vibration sink usually but not always the platter interface or even platter its self is made of a material with similar resonance to vinyl. 1. almost never improves with a clamp / puck 2. almost always improves with a clamp / puck To confuse the issue there are a number of turntables that are in neither camp, and a huge number of replacement matts that change the outcome to some extent.
  6. I have a Dr Fieckert protractor and it’s a nice thing to own, does a great job and easy to use. is it worth the price ? Yes or no is personal, but I don’t ever regret the spend
  7. Yep, kit is for non 24 volt models, yours while seeming to use a different 24 v motor is a 24 volt Rega so the kit is not compatible
  8. As others have said, sounds very much like your describing the basic presentation differences between those particular speakers
  9. I find both average, so it’s like deciding between the two worst options, ok for back ground or to discover new music, fine in the car
  10. How are you planing to incorporate the Pre in the system, I don't believe your YBA Pre has HT bypass ? None os them will be anything like as good for 2ch, but if you can do HT bypass than all good
  11. Worth every bit of $600 in my view, tonearm alone would sell for about $500. These were a nice TT, with a good suspension system, we’re considered a cheap Linn alternative and on par with bit different to the Rega 3 of the day. The were will reviews and considered to have a warm sound.
  12. I would expect the amp to have good overload on input as well, especially as their made to work together, there are some components that are not suited to match because of this however
  13. Keep in mind the 2v ( listed as a output of as a sensitivity on input) is an average, music will have peaks that can exceed that at high volume settings, and as its all logarithmic the source or preamp need to be able to deliver those peaks well above 2v without distortion or clipping. Its consider an important factor by many and very good preamps and sources often have very high max outputs to ensure liner response at full volume on dynamic material.
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