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  1. So after many years and many systems expensive and sometimes complex systems, this simple system is where I am now. Three quality components that complement each other and the room. ( yes technically there is 4 but I simply never listen to the Bluesound) The stand arrived today and is a big improvement on the old. And after years mucking around with HT and mixed systems and HT bypass, I’m happy with a quality sound bar for that application.
  2. Interesting, I find the phono stage on the L590 superb and with plenty of gain for LOMC.
  3. Wow, that not cool on any level 😱
  4. For Pre to intergrated Van den Hull have some very good cables at a range of prices IMO, I find VDH very balanced natural sounding. I have used time arms with cart to phono ( no break) for many years so can’t really make a suggestion, only comment is on the Linn the phono cable is very much part of the suspension so and cable should probably be similar to the original in flexibility
  5. Your an interesting person best wishes to you and your expert
  6. I think you might need to do some more google learning. It’s much more complex than you seem to understand. Nothing “ couples” perfectly across the whole audio spectrum, and surfaces and objects exhibit complex resonance across the audio spectrum. It’s true that the actual behaviour of spikes as an interface is not well understood, but the positive effects , in some situations, as measured by the human ear is. It seems likely that spikes are very effective at suppressing transmission at higher frequencies while acting closer to your “ coupling” concept at lower frequencies.
  7. Spikes would seem a good application with the SOTA as it already has a very Well designed spring based suspension, spikes will hold the plinth firm at low frequency and reduce transmission of high frequency from the stand
  8. https://hifichicken.com/speaker-spikes-tested spikes and both connect a reduce transmission of vibrations, it depend on the way they are used and frequency.
  9. Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 has a rumble filter, tubes, flexible loading and not much money, might be worth a try, low risk
  10. Pork Belly burnt ends, finished with two different glazes, Asian and BBQ yum
  11. Yes but the practical effect given even a reasonable size warp would be less than one mm of difference, so of no concern
  12. Perhaps get on the Graham Slee Loner program, they have a very good and flexable step up, sounded great in my system very neutral and quiet
  13. O that’s actually not to bad considering what’s gone into it.
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