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  1. Is either of these unit a good replacement for WDTV live? I have no need for netfilx and other services, just something that will play anything including h.265 from a nas and output to hdmi.
  2. At reference levels my roof is lifting for just about any action film. The misssus insists in 20db or less all the time. Bah humbug.
  3. Actually forget JB. The UK Amazon was a lot cheaper so I went with them. There is a lot of TV watching ahead for me!
  4. Cool - Thanks Chopsus. I just had a look at the UK Amazon and that also lists at 28 discs. The extra disc could be Sopranos Extra Content Bonus Disc which certainly looks interesting. I might mosey down to JB & see if they have a box set I can confirm the contents.
  5. Interested to see what the difference between the JBHIFI one and the US release. There is one less disc but is that all?
  6. Title says it all. Perhaps the best TV series ever. If not then clearly a game changer. It comes at a premium pre-order price from Amazon but has anyone heard of special editions or anything else to watch for?
  7. Well the OP topic was <$2k so I suppose that fits into the thread criteria. <$200 for a ONKYO TX-SR313 would be a steal to say the least.
  8. I've rented a ripped dvd before. No doubt the prior rentor substituted it. Burnt discs for bd/dvd are easy to spot if you are looking for it. Pirated Chinese imports are more difficult to identify but unless they are web rips or worse the quality is usually pretty good.
  9. Hmm - I might try updating off a downloaded firmware rather than using the internet connection.
  10. I have a Cambridge Audio 751bd which prompts for a firmware update but fails at installation. No damage is done but I'm wondering if this is happening because my player is BD region free which I guess is not officially supported? Does anyone have any information on this?
  11. Wanting full BD menu structure will create a problem. I haven't looked for a while but players that can read and play BD menus as if it was a disc are limited.
  12. Thanks for the tip. Done it myself now. I've been experimenting for the best android app but so far AirAudio is doing the job for streaming to the denon and PlayerPro seems good for actually getting the content from phone or network device.
  13. Only look thin because the insulation doesn't extend over them due to being a 7 in one configuration. Don't let that put you off.
  14. I got a asus rp-n53 recently. It's pretty good and also doubles as a wireless access point if you can get cable to it (which is definately a better option than using as a repeater). Another thing is that you can stream audio to it for output via a 3.5mm jack. You can control the audio using a PC or a smart-phone app. I did the latter recently for an outdoors party (connected to amp). The DACs aren't great but did the job. Digital passthrough would have been better.
  15. That was my problem as well. Tried for ages eliminating the problem & tearing my hair out then by chance discovered that the hum disappeared when I moved the Electra out of the cupboard when re-arranging some stuff. Viola - no hum. After some trial & error found that looping the interconnects back behind the Electra in the cupboard everything was fine and sanity restored. They were good ICs as well so expected the shielding to work better than it did.
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