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  1. Thanks, have had a read and certainly sounds like an excellent unit - hanging out for an Atmos setup though, at this stage. GLWTS.
  2. Interested in this - I’ve tried to find a review, but not having much luck. Does this support ATMOS? Thanks.
  3. I want the HT big enough to support these! The look awesome and a great price! GLWTS
  4. My contribution - has taken much longer than is justified by its relatively simple build and small size - but happy with the result! Made with Blackhole Blackbutt veneered MDF - not going to work with veneer again - takes ages sorting out the edge veneer! Yes, the top panel, with the grain running the wrong way, was not a mistake, but a disappointing outcome!
  5. I've got a pair - love them! GLWTS For those looking - this is a bargain!!!
  6. Thanks all for your comments. I will be connecting my HTPC (where my FLAC files reside) to the Oppo 105D.
  7. I'll buy that! (I had a hunch that would be the case...) Thanks for your response.
  8. Hi there, I am setting my system up to include an OPPO 105D to fulfil the role of disc player and DAC. I have seen some nice USB cable advertised in the Classifieds section and was wondering if I need a "powered" USB cable to the OPPO 105D or not. Most of the USB cables advertised (specifically for audio use) are NOT powered, so I assume they would be ok, but just wanted to check. Many thanks!
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