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  1. Awesome amp, excellent price. I have the 8005 and love the Power Amp Direct feature - I use mine 50/50 as a power amp for the L/R channels of my AVR and for stereo listening. The 8005 has a beautiful sound and this 8006 would be magnificent also. Great value, good luck with your sale!
  2. I've got one of these - ripper for 5.1 setup. GLWTS
  3. Just what I've been waiting for! Message sent with intent to purchase!
  4. Spectacular package! Shame you never got to use it! If the SR7009 supported Dolby Vision (ie, if it was an SR7010), I'd be all over that!!! GLWTS
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments - yes, I was devastated when I had to change the grain direction of the top shelf. A long story, but it was my fault... Less obvious when there is equipment on the lower shelves. Thanks for the messages asking about purchasing - this is SOLD - pending payment and pickup today.
  6. Item: Custom HiFi Rack - Eltham, VIC Location: Eltham, Victoria, 3095 Price: $100 or best offer in the next few weeks... Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving - Minimalising Payment Method: Cash on Pickup Only (Will NOT post) Extra Info: Total height - 740mm Horizontal space (between vertical poles) - 460mm Top two shelves height - 190mm Bottom shelf height - 250mm Made with Blackhole Blackbutt veneered MDF - NOT stained, only sanded. Beautiful veneer with character. Lower shelf is supported off the ground with anti-vibration raisers. Solid unit - advise not to dismantle as it's a massive pain to reconstruct. Much time and money spent on this - perfect size for hifi equipment. Photos: See below.
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