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  1. The picture is of an SR5007??
  2. What prices are people seeing for SR6013/SR7012??
  3. Joe Lighty

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    My contribution - has taken much longer than is justified by its relatively simple build and small size - but happy with the result! Made with Blackhole Blackbutt veneered MDF - not going to work with veneer again - takes ages sorting out the edge veneer! Yes, the top panel, with the grain running the wrong way, was not a mistake, but a disappointing outcome!
  4. Joe Lighty

    SOLD: EOI: Luxman D-05u CD/SACD Player/DAC

    That looks absolutely gorgeous! GLWTS
  5. Joe Lighty

    SOLD: FS: Orpheus Aurora 3 tower speakers

    I've got a pair - love them! GLWTS For those looking - this is a bargain!!!
  6. Joe Lighty

    Do I need a powered USB cable?

    Thanks all for your comments. I will be connecting my HTPC (where my FLAC files reside) to the Oppo 105D.
  7. Joe Lighty

    Do I need a powered USB cable?

    I'll buy that! (I had a hunch that would be the case...) Thanks for your response.
  8. Hi there, I am setting my system up to include an OPPO 105D to fulfil the role of disc player and DAC. I have seen some nice USB cable advertised in the Classifieds section and was wondering if I need a "powered" USB cable to the OPPO 105D or not. Most of the USB cables advertised (specifically for audio use) are NOT powered, so I assume they would be ok, but just wanted to check. Many thanks!
  9. Sorry to hear about the reason for the sale - I'm a good candidate for future tinnitus too, unfortunately... GLWS!
  10. Joe Lighty

    Amp for Orpheus Apollo's

    Hi Molika, thanks for your detailed response, much appreciated! Yes, I had also heard about the potential for "upgraded" crossovers. Again, appreciate your review.
  11. Joe Lighty

    Amp for Orpheus Apollo's

    I'm very interested to hear about your thoughts of the Apollo V1s - I have a pair of the Aurora 3s, which I love, but imagine the Apollos provide a wider sound stage and perhaps a bit more depth? Would appreciate your thoughts. Good luck with the search for your amp - I have a Marantz PM8005 which is beaut!
  12. Joe Lighty

    SOLD: On hold: Orpheus Aurora 2 speakers $150

    This does not bode well for the upcoming sale of my Orpheus Aurora 2.3s!! But, I'm buoyed by the enthusiasm of those commenting here!! (other than about the price!!!!)
  13. Joe Lighty

    FS:Usher V602 Speakers

    Usually a significantly more expensive solution...
  14. Joe Lighty

    AVR Recommendation

    Yes, in context of the OP's query regarding 2-channel performance, I would agree with the comments above! But I've got a nice Marantz PM8005 to look after that side of the house, which I really love!