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  1. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Well I go away for a few weeks without Internet access and all this happens !! well done Clay it looks fantastic, when do you sleep ? would love to compare it to my Konverta pre when I get back, please put me on the list for a trial, Clay if you need a base for Perth happy to be involved well done
  2. 1. Genesis - Selling England By The Pound 2. Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street 3. Genesis - Nursery Cryme 4. Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks 5. Electric Light Orchestra - New World Record 6. Santana - Caravanserai 7. Sly & The Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin' On 8. Deep Purple - Machine Head 9. Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame. 10. Julius Hemphill - Dogon A.D. 11. Free - Free Live 12. The Doors. - LA Woman 13. A L'Olympia - Alan Stivell 14. Allman Brother band - At Fillmore East 15. Carole King - Tapestry 16. Wings - Band on the Run 17. Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare
  3. FS: Quad II Eighty Valve Mono Blocks

    great power amplifiers, they drive my ML2 REF speakers really well Good luck
  4. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Hi Matt, yesterday I had a long listening session listening to some of my favourite vinyl and what I have found listening to the analog inputs is that the image and the depth is certainly better than the Mark Levinson but yes the real bass extension comes from the DAC
  5. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Hello everyone, well after waiting for over a year now for Clay's Konverter DAC preamp I finally came home and their was the box I had been waiting for sitting in the hallway. As you do when something like this happens you grab yourself a brew, sit down and gently unpack your purchase. I must say the first impressions of Clays DAC was of a piece of equipment that has been put together with a lot of thought with not a hint of being slapped together, I had seen pictures of the internals but I had to take of the lid and have a closer look, Clay I love your work ! To put the Konverter into my system required a bit of rewiring so I decided to pull the whole system apart and give everything a good dusting and rearrange some of the gear. My system consists of a pair of ML2REF speakers, a pair of Quad EightyII mono blocks, Mark Levinson ML1 preamp, Auralic Aries streamer and a Auralic Vega DAC so the pre amp will go and the Vega DAC I sold a while ago, the Konverter will replace them. Also I will be connecting to the Konverter a Audio GD cd transport, a Yamaha cd Recorder, a Technics sp10 turntable, and with the help of a tape selector switch box a Sony TC765 reel to reel and a Pioneer CT-F1250 cassette deck..... Few ! Well after about 3 hours of dusting, polishing and connecting I was now ready to sit down and listen to a bit of music. The remote that comes with the Konverter has volume up and down, muting, channel up and down and a power button, Clay has configured the remote so with these few buttons you can change the inputs, the filter settings the display modes and toggle the Home Theatre bypass on and off. At first trying to navigate through the different modes I found a bit confusing but having live with it for a few days you quickly learn how it works...... So how does it sound ? I believe that if you call yourself an Audiophile you have the ability to store audio memories of not only your own system but also other systems you have listened to over the years, so what I'm trying to say is that I know my own system sound very well I started to stream a few of my favourite tracks and what was apparent straight away was the amount of bass weight that my system had gain it was like I had added a subwoofer to the system, the Konverter goes deep, very deep in bass.....wow The more music I played the more excited I became, tracks I new well we're now being presented to me differently, the sound had a smoothness to it and the image was rock solid. It seemed like every piece of music I played had new surprises, some of the instruments in the songs I knew well were louder than on my old system, the sound stage was much more wider and things like cymbals were smooth with no hint of being splashy, I was having a great time. I then played some HiRez music and the sound as you would expect was taken to a whole new level, another thing I noticed was that the background was very black, no background noise that you could notice I can confidently say that the Konverter sounds much better than the Vega DAC particularly in the bass region, I will also say that my digital music now has a much more analog sound which is what I'm after So how did the analog inputs sound ? Just as good as my old system. I must admit I was a little worried about taking out my Mark Levinson pre amp as I really loved the vintage sound of it and I thought that if that sound changed that much I could always run the Konverter into the Mark Levinson pre to get back that sound back but there's no need to, the Konverter is a dam fine preamp as well. Makes me wonder how much better the sound will be ones it has had a good burn in Clay I must congratulate you on a product that looks good, built very well and sounds bloody brilliant, an outstanding achievement, the wait was worth it ! Thank you.
  6. FS: Pioneer DV-S733A

    I used to own one of these player it makes a very good CD player it should sell quick
  7. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Wow that does look fantastic and such a neat build inside. I have had the pleasure of listening to Clay's DAC last year and liked it very much having compared it to my Auralic Vega its performance on my system I thought was up with the quality of the Vaga. So when Clay announced that he was building a DAC with a Preamp I just had to have one as I would also like to add remote volume to my system, it's been a long wait but I should have it late next week and I will be posting my impressions thanks again Clay
  8. I placed an order for the Delux version today from my local JB so I'll let you know, they didn't have it in stock at the time
  9. I could be wrong but I'm sure i got the last one from A2A yesterday, they had one new one left and a couple of demo's so i grabbed the new one
  10. My DIY projects "J&N"

    I'm very impressed, well done they must sound amazing
  11. Never thought R2R would be back

    I know the feeling, thinking about doing the same thing, it's just not good to have them sitting there doing nothing
  12. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    While I have been waiting for Clay's Konverter I discovered about 6 months ago that my Yamaha CDHR 1500 cd recorder has a DAC mode so that you can feed it a digital signal and it will act purely as a DAC if I play a CD on the Yamaha recorder and then stream the same CD through my Aries it does sound better, so no surprise here what Clay is hearing
  13. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Hi Clay I think you will be impressed by the Auralic Aries, that's the one I'm using and I'm very impressed with not only the sound but also the lightening software which I believe is just about to get another overhaul to improve functionality and sound, a very stable program make sure that the iOS device that you use is an up to date model. I have an iPhone 6 and a second gen iPad and the iPad struggles a little to run the app where as the iPhone runs smoothly. This just shows you how sometimes products get a bad rap sometimes because the device running it is to slow for the app
  14. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Good on ya, look forward to hearing what you think of it [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk