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  1. It’s a great amp to work on most of the board’s unplug for easy component replacement well done
  2. Constant drop outs with me, first time ever Perth based ☹️
  3. Thanks for that. By the sounds of things I think I’m one of the lucky ones 😊 mine is still running after 11 years !
  4. I have a pair, almost mint. the original 401’s that have been re-foamed and sound great. these are the ones that have the front cover nailed on and the bigger Gale badge. There not being used so they may be coming up for sale pm me if interested.
  5. Welcome, I like this combination ! my go to blend in Perth is https://staygrounded.com.au located in Joondalup, fabulous coffee. they roast on the premises and only do takeaway coffee
  6. Just love mine, was such a big step up on performance from the original Aries Femto I’m using mine with Roon
  7. Great news, would love to score one of those decks the search continues 🧐
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