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  1. Item: Price Range:30-50 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: If you have one of the long original cable from the Focal Elear and you don't need it ,I'm happy to purchase it. Thanks.
  2. Further information: For sale is a Viltrox AF Adapter for Canon EF lenses to Sony E/ Full frame mount,Macro extension. It allows auto focus for Canon lenses to Sony E/ Full Frame cameras. So it's not just a mechanic adapter but allows electronic connection with the camera system. It is also an extension that allows Macro by a simple turn(see last picture). Never used as I sold my Sony camera before using it with my Canon lenses. Can ship Australia wide. Photos:
  3. Further information: For sale is a Sony Alpha SLT-A37 APS-C Sensor Digital Camera A-mount with Minolta AF 50mm f1.7. All are in very good condition both lens and camera. Fast lens with a nice and light camera. Camera has no scratches on the screen. No fungus,scratches,separation or oil on the aperture blades. They also come with 2 batteries, a charger, caps and USB cable. The rubber part on the lens is a bit whitened but can be cleaned. Sorry to see them go but I have too many cameras at the moment. Photos:
  4. Further information: Selling it as I lately prefer listening to speakers. Unit in mint condition. Made in Japan. Plays DSD through USB with the latest firmware(installed) Comes with manual,remote control and cables. Large toroidal transformer. Can be used independently through a SD card or connected to a PC through USB. Can be used to listen to two headphones at the same time (some use this feature with a custom cable in dual mono mode) Features: High fidelity 32bit D/A converter (Asahi Kasei's AK4399) and all discrete analogue circuitry headphone amplifier. Complies with USB Audio Class 2.0 up to 32bit / 192kHz (24bit on Windows). Asynchronous mode by highly precise TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) clock. Highly precise level adjustment by electronic volume control. Large capacity toroidal power transformer. Built-in SD (SDHC) card drive for DSD file (DSF format) reproduction. Selectable between the internal clock and the external clock (except for USB and SD card). Built-in up-sampling function of x2 and x4. Digital filter multiple selection between "sharp roll-off" and "minimum delay" developed by Asahi Kasei to eliminate pre-echo. Direct Out mode for bypassing the volume control circuit. Variable headphone amplifier gain from 0dB to -12dB by 0.5dB step for perfect match with any type of headphone. Various inputs including USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical (x2) and analogue RCA. Dedicated slim line remote controller. Beautiful white organic LED display. Photos:
  5. Further information: For sale is a Sony Alpha A7 II Full Frame DSLR 24.3MP with Sony FE 28-70mm Lens. Comes with apps. The long expo app is very handy, you don’t need an ND filter as it acts as long exposure and graduated filter. I will leave the purchased apps as they are. Comes with box, cables, charger, battery etc. Some marks on the body. Lens, screen in perfect condition. Please see pictures. Updated to the latest firmware. It will be carefully packed for shipping. Express shipping. Photos:
  6. Further information: Purchased for a setup but I would rather prefer speakers. Cables Three cables are included with the SE-MONITOR5. 5.2' and 9.8' unbalanced cables are made with dual-braided wires and have gold-plated 3.5mm stereo connectors. The 5.2' balanced cable has dual-braided wires as well, and it terminates in a gold-plated 2.5mm 4-pole stereo connector. This cable splits left and right signals to eliminate crosstalk. Earpads For all-day comfort, the SE-MONITOR5 come with two pairs of memory-foam earpads. One is wrapped in leather-like material while the other is covered in a velour-type cloth. HI-RES STEREO HEADPHONES Start Your Own Hi-Res Audio Tradition Make a telepathic connection to music with the SE-MONITOR5. As a fully-enclosed dynamic stereo headphone that provides an excellent listening environment, focus is placed on faithful reproduction of Hi-Res Audio formats. Yet Pioneer has voiced them to convey music’s emotional intent for a listening experience that moves mind and soul. Achieving this meant exploring new driver materials, innovating structures that limit resonance, and introducing proven technologies unveiled with our SE-MASTER1 flagship. Blending time-tested approaches with the latest in materials science, these headphones let music unfurl over a vast soundstage with localization, detail, and control that’s captivating. Shipping with balanced and unbalanced cords, the SE-MONITOR5 presents a unique opportunity to reignite your passion for music in comfort and style. Audio Features 50 mm (1.96") Cellulose Nano-Fiber Wide-Spectrum Driver Magnesium Alloy Base and Housing to Reduce Resonance Advanced Double Chamber Construction with Ports for Bass Definition and Clarity Magnesium Alloy Housing with Original Diffuser to Reduce Distortion Copper-coated Aluminum Voice Coil and Large Magnet Full-frame Magnesium Alloy Basket with Screws Cable 3.0 m OFC litz wire Floating Structure with Rubber Insulators to Reduce Vibration and Cross-channel Interference
  7. Further information: For sale is a Fostex HP-A8 32-Bit DAC / Headphone amplifier / Preamp in mint condition. It’s been updated to the latest 3.1 firmware which allows DSD64 (2.8Mhz) through USB. It comes with a remote, owner's manual and power cable. AKASHI KASHEI AK4399. Toroidal Transformer. Made in Japan. HP-A8 32-bit DAC Headphone Amplifier 
Model HP-A8 is a Fostex’s flagship DAC Headphone Amplifier offering finely built analog and digital circuitry designs as well as epoch-making DSD file reproduction function. •High quality 32-bit DAC (AK4399) and all discrete analog circuitry headphone amplifier for maximum sound quality •USB High Speed up to 32bit*/192kHz (*24bit on Windows) •Asynchronous mode using high precision TCXO clock •Audiophile quality electronic volume •Large capacity toroidal power transformer for ample power supply •Built-in SD card drive to reproduce DSD (dsf) and WAV file. •Internal Clock or External Clock mode selectable •Up-sampling function (x2, x4 and OFF) •Selectable digital filter; sharp roll-off or short-delay •24-step gain control for headphone out •Headphone direct out mode bypassing the volume circuit for line output •Comes with a handy dedicated remote controller •Inputs: USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical x 2, Analog RCA •Outputs: Phones x 2, Analog RCA, Optical
  8. Item: YAMAHA DSP-A1 AV Receiver/Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the Yamaha DSP-A1 in the beautiful gold colour with polished wooden sides. It’s in very nice condition both cosmetically and technically. It’s in spotless condition. The original price was almost $5000 new. It comes with the original backlit remote and manual. It can be used in a 7 speaker configuration but also in stereo mode and it is one of the best receivers I heard. It can be used with the included DSP modes but also without them in direct mode. The bass is one of the best. I used it in the digital configuration (optical) and again the internal dac is very good too. Mains - 110W + 110W Centre - 110W Rears - 110W + 110W Fronts - 35W + 35W - Digital sound field processor - Dolby digital AC-3 decoder - Dolby Pro Logic surround decoder - DTS Decoder - Cinema DSP - Auto input balance control for Dolby Pro Logic Surround - Test tone generator - Backlight learning remote control I can post it at the buyer expense. It will be double boxed.
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