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  1. I have install sound deading material and CLF inside the door. There is a plastic molded sheet which holds the windows in place behind the door trim. Is it recommended to install CLF on this sheet aswell.
  2. Finally got around measuring the speakers, one correction front speaker is 4 ohm and not 2ohm, (Multimeter battery issue) Center => 4ohm, 85mm Front mid => 4ohm, 148mm Front tweeter => not 100% sure multi meter showed 20ohm(apprx). There is a small cap in line so not 100% sure about this measurement. 32mm Rear => 4ohm, 145mm Center speaker
  3. Thanks Gat474 to pointing to Car Builders, i had a look today at some videos and ready few general forums. They are economical as Dynamat and Focal stuff. I got some of their stage 1 & 2 sound deadning stuff. I spoke to the sales team and they suggested just to put small tiles behind the speakers of CLF. Will do the doors first.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. One more question, do we need to install Dynamat Liner also on the doors or is it generally mainly used on floor along with Dynamat extreme. If its recommended to use a combination of both, Does Dynamat liner come in bulk pack. Online search didnt show much. Has anyone used Focal BAM? I am thinking if Dynamat extreme, and liner needs to be used it might be more expensive than Focal BAM which seems to be a combination of both.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion. Floor is definitely a big job, thats the reason for asking whether generally its recommended to do floors. I will start with door first to keep it simple and manageable. You also mentioned knock test what is it, i read it being mentioned in other forums aswell. I took further look around the bose amp, its a tiny digital amplifier with two automobile style connectors. I am guess the yellow one is some sort of input and the green one is output for the speakers. Yellow connector has got 4 red and 4 black wires along with few smaller guage wires.
  6. Planning to do door treatment first. I am considering installing focal bam or dynamat extreme + dyna liner. Any recomendations. Focal bam is much thicker, i mean its multi layer got foam + sound deadner + metal film. Havent used any before so not sure which way to. Is it recomended to install on floor also?
  7. Thats a valid point. From past experience of changing the speaker made a difference, it wasnt bose unit. So was trying to see if could do smaller changes to lift up sound clarity. Changing amp sound more work money wise. I was quoted approx 1.8k to 2k to install hertz h8 processor. Main issue is the amp interm of capatibility. As its driving 2ohm speaker, very limited option to change speakers. Hence expensive, focal 165 k2 are almost 1k. What sort of digital interfaces is used in these kind of units. Reading on diymobile.stereo forum says SPDIF interface
  8. Definitely considering sound dampening. thinking of installing Dynamat extreme or Focal DAM. Took the car to few audio places. Different opinion from all. One installer said tweeter might be an issue, second one recommended installing hertz DSP and tunning it, depending on how the current amp and rest of the setup interfaced. Other guy mentioned that its a tiny digital amp from bose so even changing the speaker wont help much as wont have enough power to drive them. Would need some sort of digital to audio decoder then hook up analog amp along with speakers. I am new to DSP's and d
  9. I am looking at upgrading the audio setup in my kia seltos. It came with Bose 8 speaker setup with a bose amp including a small sub in the trunk. The sound doesnt have much clarity, its an integrated sytem and only got 3 eq settings treble, mid, bass. When i increase the volume i feel like the system is holding back the sound. I mean the treble, and bass is noticeable but not much clarity. I have got the treble set at +8, bass +5, mid -7 (scale -10 - +10). I took a look at the speaker in front door. It looks like a 6.5inch 2ohm speaker with a very tiny magent at the back. This is first experie
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