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  1. Help choosing speakers

    Hi Jamiebosco, Sorry didnt get a chance to post reply was travelling. When i redid the calibration the subwoofer came to 90-95( cannot remember exactly now) then it asked me to windit down to 75. Dynamic EQ and volum both are on. Volume is set to medium. One question what is the Audyssey LPC used for, and under bass whats the use of LPF fo LFE. Its currently set at 80hz. Cheers.
  2. Help choosing speakers

    Hi Jamiebosco, thanks for the link for the panels will look into. I got a tripod, and the audessy mic which i got with the receiver can be attached to the tripod. While doing the calibration I placed the mic on the tripod. Yesterday finally i got my sub. Its pretty good as compared to the loaner which i had, loaner was focal one. I attempted re-calibrating audessy last night again, initially I kept the sub-woofer volume at 50%, but Audessy complained that it was too loud, so had to wind it down. I have attached the layout for our hall.
  3. Help choosing speakers

    Hi Jamiebosco, Al, I had a read through the links for Audessy setup and its prerequisite. Definitely when i did my Audessy setup i made quite a few mistakes. I am planning to do it again once i get my sub. My main concern is that, the setup says that you should not place the mic close to wall, minimum distance is 2 feet. My setup is in a Hall/TV room, dont have a separate theater room and the room is rectangular. TV on one end and sitting on the end of the hall. So the sofa is right in front of the wall. This means our main sitting position is with 2 feets from the wall. Audessy does 8 point measurement, now for measurement 7 and 8 it says to put the mic behind the sitting position. In my case its not possible, plus the mic needs to be atleast 2 feets away from the wall. Also it mentions that configure the speakers to be small instead of large so that the receiver will manage the BASS via the sub more effectively. Do i do this even thought the front/centre speakers are not really small. I configured the corss over to all at 80Hz, Audessy configured it to be 40 for all of them.
  4. Help with choosing Blu Ray player

    Hi @~Spyne~ , Thanks for your feedback. I ended up getting Panasonic UB900, lucky managed to get one as majority of the stores didnt have in stock. I Initially bought 280 lower end model, but the remote on that was way too small and not user friendly at all. I mean the buttons which are needed for DVD operation are way to small compared to Netflix which is super big. Returned this model and got UB900. Pretty good remote, easy to use in terms of navigating through the menus, plus remote got a light which is very handy..
  5. Help choosing speakers

    Thanks Al, I have pulled the center speaker in front and will move the side speakers away from the cabinet. Unfortunately the seating position cant be move due to door on the other end of the hall. Still waiting for the sub, its been finally dispatched but still waiting for it to arrive in WA.
  6. Help choosing speakers

    Thanks Jamiebosco for your feedback. I must say this forum was very helpfull in providing the right direction for a novice like me. I will read the Audyssey thread as there are a lot of settings i am trying to understand in terms of what they are for and how it changes the effect.
  7. Help with choosing Blu Ray player

    Thanks guys for your feedback. Liked the analogy of buying a drill from bunnings . I think i might go with the budget end player to start with as i am not looking to upgrade the TV in near future. Will keep on looking for some second hand one if it comes for sale. On the US forum lot of people selling oppo players.
  8. Help with choosing Blu Ray player

    Thanks Spyne, I agree its hard to say if upgrade is worthwhile or not. This is the first time i am looking at the various options of Blu ray players. As never used high end blu ray players, trying to understand what kind of difference does it make. People seem to talk a lot about Oppo players and Panasonic UHD players.
  9. Hi Guys, I am looking for Blu Ray player, My tv is not UHD TV, its a samsung smart tv . I recently got a Marantz SR6012 and Krix 5.1 speaker setup. I had a Samsung in the box home theater, which included a blu ray player. I sold this unit and looking to buy a new one. There are so many options and getting confused with which way to go. I got a lot of Blu ray disc, so looking mainly for playing blu ray discs. There are players ranging from 100$ decent brand onwards, to several thousand $.. I have been going through forums and came to know about oppo players, Looked at Oppo 203, its a UHD player, and got quiet a few features like streaming, playing different audio format etc.. Its also audio processing in it. But as I got a Marantz AV recevier, i wont be using audio processing from the player, plus my TV is not UHD. This is where the confusion starts. Given my setup is it worth getting a decent player (Oppo, Panasonic in the range of 750 -1K). Willit really make difference? or is it better to get a cheap blu ray player? Thanks Tama
  10. Help choosing speakers

    Hi Guys, Got the Krix Dynamix surround sound speakers over the weekend, Still waiting for subwoofer, but the sales person was happy to lend one till my subwoofer arrives. Thanks Mikeday, twofires about suggesting pulling the speakes in front. I pulled the speakers in front from the wall and re-did the Audessy setup again. No errors this time. With the subwoofer and surround sound it makes a huge difference to the sound effects. Absolutely worth it. It perfectly makes sense to keep the speakers form same brand. Still having issues with the HDMI control, will play with the settings this weekend again and try to get it working. I am currently using the bluray player from in-box home theater which i had earlier, each time i want to use the blu ray need to turn on the audio on HDMI. The player doesnt save the settings.
  11. Help choosing speakers

    Thanks Al.M, Hopefullguy. Interesting article. I checked the spec sheet online and there it says 110W RMS per channel. Its bit confusing as so many different ratings for the output.
  12. Help choosing speakers

    I am wondering if having a power amplifier makes any difference. I am sure it makes some difference but the thing which i am trying to understand is that when someone is listening at mid range volumes does it really make a difference with an amp. For eg my Marantz has a sticker at the front saying 185 watts, the speakers are rated at 50-250watts RMS.
  13. Help choosing speakers

    Thanks Mikeyday, As you can see from the photo posted earlier the speakers are close to the wall, also on one side we got a window. It does have curtains over it. I will try doing the setup again, just waiting for remaining bits to arrive.
  14. Help choosing speakers

    Thanks guys i found some connectors on ebay so ordered them. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20-Pcs-Nakamichi-24K-Gold-Plated-Speaker-Cable-Wire-Connector-4mm-Banana-Plug/261563236710?hash=item3ce6624166:g:JlYAAOSw0RlZcFCN I also ordered two krix Dynamix for surround sound. I am still waiting for the sub to arrive, haven't tried setting audessy again. Will wait till all the stuff arrives.
  15. Help choosing speakers

    Hi Guys, I have been searching for gold plated spade plugs, what is the best source to buy them. I found some at Selby, Spacehifi, costing approx 4$ per connector. Thanks