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  1. In response to Evil C's comments, I have owned an original pair of Haydn's . The Grand Symphony's are clearly better than the originals. I compared them before deciding which pair to list. The latter are used in second system in my partners art studio.
  2. Further information: They are finished in a cherry veneer and purchased new in August 2018. Cosmetically they are excellent. The cabinets are unmarked with no fading and the Drivers are as new and have always been protected by their grills. The only signs of use are on the rubber panel near the speaker terminals from the spades when connecting the speaker cables. (They are similar to spiders web in appearance). They have been used regularly but only at moderate listening levels. They can be positioned close to walls due to being front ported. I have all the original packaging so shipping is possible with you organizing it. Shipping info: L 460 mm X D 370mm X H 510mm Weight: 20KG approximately. I am in Melbourne from time to time so a drop off might be possible. Local pick up is possible. Impedance 4 Ohms Frequency response 40Hz – 20kHz Sensitivity 88.5dB Recommended Amplifier 50 – 180 Watts Tweeter 1” VA Hand Coated, Triple Neodymium Magnet Silk Dome Mid-Woofer 6” Spider-Cone™ X3P Bass System Front Vented Bass Reflex Bass Function Impulse Optimizing QB 3 (quasi Butterworth) Crossover System Two Way 6db/12db Bessel Crossover Components MKP Capacitor 1% Tolerance Coils 0.7% tol., Air Coils Metal Film Resistors 1% Inductance Free Weight per Pair 44lbs/20kg Dimensions (W x H x D) 6.85” x 14.2” 10.4” / 174mm x 361mm x 265mm Photos:
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions/recommendations. I greatly appreciate the time and effort taken by everyone. This process will take some time as I live in rural Vic. Once I have made a decision I will post it here. Until then any suggestions appreciated
  4. Thanks Standards, Listened to the PMC Twenty 5.22 and was impressed a few years ago. I might venture out to Gregs to have listen to the EOS. I might be mistaken, but I was under the impression his speakers seem to match well with valves I am in no rush so I will keep an eye out for the Hulgich....
  5. My amps are Densen (along the lines of Naim) Budget up to 5k. The Va's can be get a little muddied with complex music and lack punch if playing Gary Moore or SRV. Very polite, very nice sounding but I keep feeling I am not realizing the potential of the source and amps being used.
  6. Thanks Terry, I should have mentioned floor standers are not an option. I am looking for something different. The Haydn's are very good but possibly a little too polite in my system.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded fro VA Haydn's to another bookshelf model and if they would be so kind to share their experience? Alternatively what bookshelf speaker do people recommend up to 4-5k mark? Source is a streamer feeding a Denafrips Ares 2 and solid state pre power combo. Room is 4M x 5m Eclectic tastes in music so really almost any genre Thanks HIFI123
  8. An important consideration is the functionality of the app used to control the streamer. There are some great sounding streamers out there but they have a terrible user interface. You might want to consider what source you are using. e.g Your own CDs ripped to FLAC or Tidal, Roon etc. No point spending money on something you will never use.
  9. I recently upgraded from a Primare Np 30 to a Digibit Aria Piccolo (2nd Hand) and an Ares 2. While a driving force for change was my other half's desire for an easy to use and rock solid interface, I was seeking a more analogue sound. I had a chance to listen to a few all in one streamers but the Naim, Lumin and Auralic each had strengths and weakness. The challenge was staying within my 3k budget. (The Naim, Lumin and Auralic would have pushed me north of what I was prepared to spend). I had the opportunity to hear the Ares and Terminator. To my ears they have very similar sound characteristics. The terminator just does everything better. The Ares 2 is stunning in terms of performance and incredible value for its price. While I am sure there are other Dacs' worthy of audition a key consideration for me was synergy. I know what my system lacked and the Ares 2 added the analogue characteristics and detail I wanted. Finally I have a rival for my Densen 400XS Cd player but with advantage of the Ares being capable of handling decoding duties for the Piccolo plus the Blu-ray player and set topbox.
  10. Thanks for all the interest. I have a number of parties interested in buying the streamer at the asking price. Each has been contacted and advised I will deal with each in the order I received their PM.
  11. Item: Primare Np 30 Bluetooth Streamer /Dac (BLACK) Location: Gippsland Price: $700 plus postage Item Condition: Excellent, no marks or scratches Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the original owner and purchased new. I compared it to Cambridge Audio CXN , Bluesound Node 2 and Naim XS 172. It was a step up on the Cambridge and Node 2 but short of the Naim. It has worked faultlessly from day one and been used to stream from my NAS, Tidal, Spotify and both Apple and Android phones and Tablets and as a dac from a Blu-Ray player and digital HDD recorder. I had the opportunity to compare the NP30 to Bluesound Node 2i in my main system and the NP30 was easily a better sounding streamer. I have recently upgraded and no longer have need for the streamer. Output: It has Balanced out and RCA, Inputs: 3 X Optical inputs, 1 X USB A , 1 X USB B in addition to Ethernet and Bluetooth It has a digital volume control so it can be used as a pre amp and or connected directly to active speakers. As evident in the pics I have all the original packaging. The remote control has never been used Shipping Info: 57 L X 55 W X 20cm H Weight: 9.00 Kg Design Brief and Specifications : https://www.primare.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/NP30-Design-Brief.pdf NOTE: Serial numbers have been hidden as Primare has an upgrade program for this model. Photos:
  12. Item: USB cable min 1.0m up to 1.5 m Price Range: up to $250 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for a good USB cable. Let me know what you have......
  13. The Primare I believe also does gap less playback- a feature many streamers can't or don't. It means you can listen to without a pause between tracks if that is important. eg Pink Floyd "Darkside of the Moon"
  14. The photographs of the speakers were taken in audiomagic showroom. ( I was there a month ago). If you have any concerns ring and visit. As other posters have commented, Aleksandar is genuine and very easy to deal with.
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