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  1. Alas, they are sold. That's a reminder for me to update that thread, and close it.
  2. Further information: Excellent Van Den Hul AES/EBU XLR cable in a 1.0M length. Only selling due to the quality of my MSB DAC's USB connection. Photos:
  3. Further information: Outstanding portable headphone amplifier with enough power to drive full sized cans. Having owned multiple Chord Hugo 2's I can confirm the WA11 is not only more powerful, but more musical than the Chord. Currently for sale at A2A for substantially more at A2A HERE. Please refer to the review links below for anyone interested: https://www.headfonia.com/woo-audio-wa11-review/ https://www.cnet.com/news/high-end-sound-is-truly-portable-with-the-woo-wa11-headphone-amp/ https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/woo-aud
  4. Further information: I purchased these speakers for use in a dual headphone, nearfield setup in my study but in hindsight I've decided that I simply don't listen to music in that room often enough to justify a system of this quality. I ran the speakers via a Bakoon Amp-12R (also for sale in a separate listing) and the impact was beguiling. Incredibly holographic with a palpable immediacy to voices in particular. Spine tingling. The speakers were purchased from dan-m9 here and they present as described, which is, as new. They also come with the original sale
  5. Further information: This amplifier was originally listed by DaveH1 as a Bakoon AMP-11R, however upon closer inspection it was revealed that the amplifier is in fact the newer, updated, and more powerful AMP-12R. I purchased this amplifier due to the excellent headphone amplifier, and capacity to drive a pair of Klipsch RP600M stand mount speakers in my study. The combination of the AMP-12R and the Klipsch speakers are beguiling with their capacity to convey voices and instruments incredibly holographic. As per Dave's original ad this particular amplifier r
  6. Fascinating development @Yamaha_man. I've made a similar change, all bet in on a much smaller scale, both by way of displacement and price, I haven't regretted my change from Class A (in my case it was an Accuphase pre/power) to a Class D (Hypex NC1200) setup. I'm sure the Devialet's here are quite a few notches up on my Hypex mono's. Nonetheless, in my experience my TAD's soak up all the power my Class D's throw at them, and in turn an deliver an authoritative and almost visceral musical performance. I grew up feeling the music I listened to as much as I did hearing it
  7. WOW, incredible. Like many others I was wondering where they got to. My CR-1's manage to pressurize my large open plan lounge. I can't imagine what these would do. #EndGame
  8. Further information: A very difficult sale. Unfortunately due to the challenges this year has bought I must look at parting with some of my more cherished pieces for the purpose of raising funds for more pressing priorities. This pair of 2 Meter Shunyata Anaconda Speaker Cables are very much sought after, it was for this reason I jumped at the opportunity to grab this pair when they were listed HERE in February. As per the original listing you'll find these cables gracing uber-priced systems across the world. Known for their musical and full bodied tone the
  9. EDIT - I understand there is a 10 wpc & 15 wpc version of this amplifier. Is this the 15 watts per channel? Thank you in advance for the clarification. Cheers, GS
  10. I think this is the first Totaldac DAC I've seen listed for sale on these forums. This should tell you everything you need to know about how rare these products are, and the longevity with their owners. Throw in a great price and it's as close to a now brainer as possible. Very tempting.
  11. Would like to echo everyone's thoughts in this thread - incredible system. Would you consider listing individual prices for the components you are selling?
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