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  1. Well done mate. Looks incredible and no doubt sounds even better. Top effort re: the carpentry work as well. Got to love those easy jobs that turn into a labor of love but the end product looks well worth it. Bit of a left-field question but does Mrs M offer any skype based coaching/consulting services? If so, I'd love to buy a few sessions for my better half. Any woman that can humor a man with what I count to be 13 speakers surely deserves her own book/speaking tour of Australia so some of our long suffering partners can learn secret. WOW! What a collection!
  2. Like AudioGeek - I've been fortunate enough to own both (ML1 Ref's and P3ESR SE's). They are both voiced differently with the Lenehans the more forward of the two. Given you're talking about a system chain containing tubes I'd strongly encourage listening to both in your system, however if I were to over-simplify things I'd make the following statements: Lenehan: - Better extension across both ends i.e. High's seem to be better resolved and bass presented itself tighter and better defined. - Midrange came across a touch lean - Exceptional imagining Harbeth - A more textured and palpable midrange - Highs were smoother others may call it rolled off - Bass was just as textured and nuanced as the Lenehans with materially less impact If I listened to a lot of blues and jazz I'd got for the Harbeths, along with a comfortable chair, crackling fire and a well aged single malt.
  3. wow - have a look at that internal shot. Talk about attention to detail and quality components. Super impressive.
  4. Hi Fellas - thanks for the interest. Another SNA'r has paid for the unit, and it is now sold.
  5. Item: Astell & Kern Futura SE100 Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Price: $1,700 $1,300 + Shipping + Fees Item Condition: 8/10 - Surface scatches on the back glass. Functionally perfect. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this unit from Headfi in March this year. I was doing a lot of business travel at the time and grew tired of being approached by airport security every time I took my Hugo 2 out at check-in or in the Qantas lounge. Being a brown-fella with a decent beard holding a multi-colored Hugo2 with aftermarket IEM cable also made some my fellow passengers a tad uncomfortable when boarding. I'm no longer travelling as much so this units been sitting idle for the better part of 4 months. The DAP itself is in good condition. Unfortunately A&K have decided to use glass on the back which has in turn generated a few swirl marks. I can't see any issues beyond this. Sonically this unit is quite a few levels up from the LG G7 I was using at the time. It leaves the my Note 9 in the dust. It falls short of Hugo 2 territory for transparency and dynamics, but is its equal in musicality IMHO. Make no mistake this is a high-end high resolution product. I feel this is the sweet-spot in A&K's line-up. Not only is it the entry point into their top tier premium Futura line, but IMHO it's also its most tonally accessible product. When looking to move on from my Hugo 2 I auditioned both the SP1000M and the SE100 and to my ears with my 64 Ears U18T's I felt the SE100 had a better overall synergy. Not as forward or analytical as the SP1000M and materially more resolving and rhythmic when compared to the AK70. One of the unique things about this particular SE100 is that the APK service that A&K have opened up to side-load certain applications on has been further enhanced. In addition to the usual suspects such as Tidal, Spotify and Deezer this unit allows you install Google Chrome, Youtube etc. Turning this into an audiophile quality media player as per the following LINK Photos:
  6. Item: LUMIN U1-Mini + Kenneth Lau Signature LPS Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Price: $2,600 FIRM + Fees + Shipping Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Lumin U1 mini is widely regarded as one of the best digital transports available. This unit has seen off a maxed out UltraRendu + LPS-1 setup. Fellow SNA'r @rossb will confirm how his Lumin U1 mini saw off the much lauded Sotm Trifecta. Sonically the U1 delivered the same gains in resolution I experienced from the Ultrarendu but imparted a weightier tonality to my music. Where the U1 mini really comes into its own though is its ease of setup. Plug it in, connect it to your router, usb out to your dac, download the app and you're away to the races. This particular comes with a Kenneth Lau PS that I simply haven't had the time to get installed. The Power Supply is a $1K upgrade and improves upon the SMPS in the U1 Mini supposedly taking its performance towards that of the U1. The only reason I'm moving this on is that I'll be using a DSP solution that is already a Roon end-point. Here's a LINK to the original ad. This is priced to sell. Other units are selling for more than my asking price without the LPS. Photos:
  7. Brilliant! Thanks for heads-up! @metal beat - I'm also a big fan of Ben's solo work on his Buzzin Fly label. Unique groove driven deep tech house. Right up my alley.
  8. IMHO these speakers so competitively priced at the moment that I doubt you'll find them much cheaper in 10 years time. Outstanding buying.
  9. Excellent phone in great condition. I upgraded to the Note 10 and I'm not quite sure I'm enjoying it. Particularly the situation with the Headphone Jack and Off Button. The Note 9 is still a killer device. Excellent price as well.
  10. At the risk of contributing to a flood of posts expressing our condolences please accept mine. Your husband clearly had exceptional taste. It appears there is an after-market USB cable attached to the Bricasti DAC. Given the quality and condition of the rest of his system it may well be valuable and worth listing for sale. They are quite popular on this site. Take care GS
  11. I haven't heard the Lagoon's but I've owned the B&W PX's and Sony 1000xm2's. I found the Sony the warmer of the two with the PX's being the more resolving. I sold the XM2's and used the PX's for two years. In that time I had to return my original pair within 3 months and the warranty replacement I got has developed an issue with the volume randomly reducing to 0. So in under two years two pairs have had issues. I love the sound and design but doubt I'd buy B&W again. The recent Nuraphone review on this site was quite interesting and I'm considering getting a pair.
  12. If thats inspired by TAD then my beer gut's inspired by Idris Elba
  13. @Winter - WOW you know Thomas? He sounds like a really fun guy who doesn't take himself too seriously. One of the great things about the Densen is its musicality. It knows how to get your body moving to the music. In an era of uber resolving HiFi it's refreshing to see a company pursue musicality alongside high-fidelity.
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