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  1. Further information: Bought these speakers to tied me over while I was waiting for my TAD CR-1's to make their way down from Melbourne and was stunned at their performance. Clear, coherent and musical for the price they are a screaming bargain. The speakers are older than me, as such they show signs of use: the odd nick to the veneer, but in all honesty they are in great condition for their age. No boxes so pick-up only. Photos:
  2. Further information: I've used these under transports and DAC's for audible improvements in resolution and tone. Note the price is for all six units and I'm not looking to separate. Three come in their original packaging, and the three that don't will be packaged safely for postage purposes. The only reason I'm selling is because I've upgraded to a $2K Synergistic Research solution for my MSB Discrete. Photos:
  3. Further information: Purchased from @Syrot a little under 4 weeks ago the plan was to use the 220 in my second system, however Mrs Soap has quite clearly stated her preference for the all in one convenience of active monitors (not quite in those words, read: "not another amplifier!"). As such this brilliant amplifier is for sale. I'm hooked the amplifier amp and compared it to the NC1200's running my TAD CR-1's and was very impressed. The input buffer deployed in the Peachtree lends a euphonic quality to the sound I normally experience via my Hypex mono's. I'd rate this implementation of the ICE Power modules ahead of that deployed by Ghent audio which I have also owned. Link to the original for sale ad: Photos: Photo's taken from the original listing:
  4. Further information: Up for sale is my second Schiit Eitr USB/SPDIF converter. What I think of them should be summed up in the fact that I owned three of these units. An incredible upgrade, the Eitr is said to be on par with a Mutec MC-3+ USB when comparing the USB to SPDIF conversion performance. The Mutec of course, has more digital i/o options. Note this does not come with factory packaging, but will be packaged safely for transport. Preference for local buyers who can pick-up in person but will sell to interstate members if there is a lack of interest locally. Photos:
  5. What a beautiful piece, and incredibly well priced given the provenance. Should not last long.
  6. Cannot recommend the seller enough. Bought my CR-1's from him and they were in as new condition, everything from the packaging through to the accessories was meticulously cared for. As Darren pointed out - he's also a top bloke. It's also worth pointing out that the black on black color is a limited edition, and therefore rare. Buy with confidence!
  7. I made the change to Class D (in my case, a pair of NC1200 Mono's from March Audio) earlier this year. The change was part of a shift towards simplification as my listening space moved from my shoe-box sized study to my larger open plan living room. In stepping into class D, I was moving away from an Accuphase A70 Class A stereo amplifier that was spellbinding in it's ability to re-create holographic imaging and mid-range texture, but fell short of the PRAT I now enjoy with the NC1200's. The fact that SNA'rs like @Stereophilus & @wikeeboyrun/ran class D (Mola Mola Kaluga's and Devialet Expert 1000 mono's) amplifiers in their setups piqued my interest and I couldn't be happier with the decision. In truth, my mind still challenges me with suggestions that I'm selling my speakers and digital front-end short by running the NC1200 mono's and not a pre-power/super integrated from the usual suspects. However my ears (my feet, and hairs on the back of neck) tell me that I've made the right decision. At this stage if I were to change/explore other amplification it would still be within the Class D category i.e. a pair of Purifi Eigentakt’s or GaN amplifiers. As both specifications of amplifier are still new, I'm happy to sit on the sidelines and observe how things develop. Have I ruled out a return to Class A or Class A/B designs? No. But for me to do so I'd have to have access to a listening room that doesn't carry the constraints I'm currently living with i.e. lack of treatment etc.
  8. Further information: Purchased this amazing pair of closed back headphones in March via the following LISTING . I needed a pair of headphones to use while my Abyss TC's were being repaired in Brooklyn. The only thing I'll say is the hype is real. This pair of headphones are stunning. I used them via a SMSL SP200 and could not wipe the smile from my face. I'd keep this pair, however I'm trying not to keep components just for the sake of having them on hand. Now that my Abyss TC's are back the Argon MK3's need to find a new home. The price adjustment from the previous ad is due to not being able to find the box they came in. They will, of course, be packed securely for postage. Photos:
  9. They excel at near-field listening. I had a pair in the same beautiful rosewood veneer and I was gobsmacked at the sound-stage depth I experienced via near-field listening.
  10. Further information: A very rare piece, in that this is the only headphone amplifier made by valve amp guru Elson I've seen for sale. When it popped up for sale a little over a month ago I jumped at the chance. As it turned out the seller was Alan Langford of DEQX who using the amplifier in his active setup to power his tweeters, which should tell you everything you need to know about the noise floor of this particular piece i.e. dead quiet. I purchased the amplifier to power my Abyss 1266 TC's as it the Headphone output shares the same circuit as the speaker output and in turn offers 6 watts of power. It did the brilliantly, and did equally as well powering ZMF Verite Closeds. The only reason I'm selling it is that I've been on a mission to embrace minimalism and the headphone output on my Topping A90 while no where near as musical does the job to the extent that I can justify owning two amplifiers. As the topping also functions as the pre for my active monitors this has to go. Further information: Cymar Integrated 6l6 tube headphone amplifier with both headphone and speaker outputs. 2 inputs with volume control. output tubes are Jan 6L6WGB philipsECG USA. A link to the original ad can be found HERE: Photos:
  11. Best to discuss the merits of the other iterations of the 1266 in another thread, or to do your own research.
  12. Nice one mate. Enjoy that time with your little one's.
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