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  1. If thats inspired by TAD then my beer gut's inspired by Idris Elba
  2. @Winter - WOW you know Thomas? He sounds like a really fun guy who doesn't take himself too seriously. One of the great things about the Densen is its musicality. It knows how to get your body moving to the music. In an era of uber resolving HiFi it's refreshing to see a company pursue musicality alongside high-fidelity.
  3. Thank you mate - yes, it'll be interesting to see how it goes. It's my first Ebay listing, and that too with a 99 cent starting bid. I was somewhat relieved to see bidding is now at $1,250 when I woke up this morning! Its a screaming bargain at this price point. The internal design reinforces the how over-engineered it is, and unlike other components at this end of the high-end spectrum it's elegant and discrete. Then of course there's the sound: rhythmic and resolving.
  4. Please excuse the shameless self promotion. I've listed my Densen B175 integrated and 1NRG power supply on Ebay here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Densen-B175-Integrated-Amplifier-1NRG-Power-Supply/143360602329?hash=item2160f530d9:g:OC0AAOSww8ldW9mq Would happily accept $4K SNA'rs keen on doing a deal.
  5. Thanks for the comments @PKay & @075Congo - much appreciated. I've listed the Densen integrated and power-supply on Ebay (see: link below). I originally had a buy now price of $4,500 however I'm happy to accept for $4K for any SNA members interested in doing a deal. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Densen-B175-Integrated-Amplifier-1NRG-Power-Supply/143360602329?hash=item2160f530d9:g:OC0AAOSww8ldW9mq
  6. For some reason Payne put the Poms in having won the toss under clear skies. Right on queue it was overcast the next day when we batted. Precisely why the likes of Woakes gets to take the new ball. In Australia, during our summer, on our hard abrasive wickets he'd go at close to 5 an over if they opened with him. In England he's nipping it both ways off the seam and moving it in through the air. Perhaps I'm being harsh but I thought it was more our lack of technique than the quality of the bowling that was the undoing of our top 3. Warner and to a lesser extent Khawaja have no issues on our wickets where they can afford to bat a foot out of their crease and press forward given the minimal (if any) lateral movement on offer. But it's been difficult to watch how easily the Poms appear to have their number. Broad and Woakes are attacking the stumps on a beautiful length bringing in both edges, LBW and bowled into contention and our top 3 are either leaving enough space between bat and pad (Warner) or hanging their bats outside off and misreading the line thereby feeding the slips (Bancroft & Khawaja). For all of Smiths ticks and qirks at the point of impact the ball is just below his eyes and he's not a foot out of the crease i.e. he's playing it late. That's what separates the great from the good. Indeed. Archer's the cause of mild frustration for me. He was a member of the all conquering West Indies Under 19 team that won the World Cup a few years ago beating a strong India in the final. That team had the likes of Archer, Alzari Joseph and Nicholas Pooran in the team. In a perfect world he'd be opening the bowling for the West Indies, but alas, the ECB was able to leverage recently softened qualification criteria and ensure he was able to qualify for the World Cup. He'll go onto average in the low 20's and has all the hallmarks of a future great.
  7. Joffra Archer is such a rare and precocious talent. That action is just so rhythmic and repeatable its like watch a swiss time piece go through its movements. He seems (seams?) a class above the rest of the bowlers on show. Good to see cricket implement a concussion replacement ahead of this tour and credit where credit is due to Marnus Labuschagne (as someone who grew up in South Africa I can't get past the cultural cringe of his new Labus-shane pronunciation). When I first saw him bat I didn't think he was test quality but he's pilling on the runs in county cricket and on the A team tour and looks in form. We just escaped with a draw on as lively a Lords wicket I've seen. Now onto Headingly which I suspect will be have as much grass as they can possibly muster this late into the Northern summer. A few more inches of movement off a length compared to Lords. Just what our top 3 need.
  8. Item: Densen B175 Integrated Amplifier + 1NRG Power Supply Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Price: $4,500 + Shipping + Fees Item Condition: 8/10 - Shows signs of use but functionally perfect Reason for selling: Consolidating second system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this amplifier in December from another SNA'r as I was assembling a second system. Having just moved into our new place I wanted high quality components that didn't impost visually on the space they'd be installed in. As the second system was to be in our lounge room I was looking for a super integrated amplifier that was both understated in it's design without compromising anything by way of musicality and resolution. Enter the Densen B175 integrated amplifier and 1NRG Power Supply. This amplifier is Densen's top of the range integrated. The design brief for Densen's engineers was to incorporate their reference B250 preamplifier and DB350 mono-blocks into a one box solution. While there would be obvious advantages the separates would bring to the table over the integrated, to my ears, this integrated posses all the hall-marks of a reference product from one of the most fascinating brands in the HiFi world. This amp has PRAT in spades and is guaranteed to get your feet tapping. It's easily one of the most musical amplifiers I've heard. There's a vice-like grip on the bass that underpin's its tonality. Midrange information is presented with the sort of agility that will quickly put a smile on your face. The treble is neither up front or rolled off, rather suspended amidst the resolution the amplifier and upgraded power supply impart on your music. This reference grade amplification for the music lover. THIS Hifi Plus review goes a long way to describe the way I hear this amplifier. Note the 1NRG power-supply enhances the resolution and elevates it an incredibly high-level. This version comes with a great MM phono-stage, and can also incorporate additional modules. It's the current version, and it's existing spec comes in just a shade under $AU12K. The only reason I am selling this unit is because a system made-up of such exceptional components is wasted for back-ground listening duties. Hence why this amplifier, my Dynaudio Special 40's are listed for sale. Unfortunately I do not have the factory packaging, and this amplifier does not have a remote control. However I will ensure it is packaged securely. Photos: I've taken photos from the original listing which can be accessed HERE
  9. It would be remiss of me not to throw my own shameless plug into this thread. I'm selling my Densen B175 integrated which comes with an upgraded Densen 1NRG power supply. It also has the optional MM phono stage module. The amplifier retails for $12K in its current configuration. Here's a LINK for the Densen B175 sans Power Supply and Phone Stage. I suspect the Wharfdale's would have somewhat of laid back classic BBC control monitor type tonality. The Densen has pace, rhythm and timing for days and I would imagine provide a wonderful synergy. I paid $5K for it at the start of the year. I'll let it go for $4K if you're interested.
  10. Item: Tellurium Q Blue Speaker Cable - 2.5M Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Price: $110 + Shipping + Fees Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these cables from Luc in 2015 here. They've served me well in that time, but its time to move them on as I don't have a need for them anymore. Great opportunity to experience what all the fuss is about re: TQ. Great musical cables.
  11. Item: Kimber 8TC Speaker Cable - 3M Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Price: $200 + Shipping + Fees Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this 3 meter pair of Kimber 8TC from Audionutz in March 2018 via the classified here. I didn't get around to using it as I intended and it's been sitting in my cupboard since. As such its time to let this cable go to a new home. You'll note that it's particularly well priced for this length. Should not last long.
  12. I used to own an Accuphase E460. Not sure how different the E470 is to it's predecessor however I paired it with quite a diverse range of speakers: Dynaudio C1 MK2's through to Magico S1's. There wasn't speaker that didn't match well with the Accuphase. A very special amplifier. I understand Accuphase and Tannoy have great synergy.
  13. Item: Audioquest Colorado XLR - 3M Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney Price: $550 + Shipping + Fees Item Condition: Excellent to Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A rare chance to own a high-end XLR signal cable at this length. I purchased the Colorado's as an upgrade to the LINN Silver XLR's I've also listed for sale. The Colorado's are considered by many to be the sweet spot in the AQ range for a highly resolving musical copper cable that leverages AQ's pedigree in cable construction. Purchased a little under a year ago via THIS classified, I'm now moving them on for less. Please note there's a pair of used 3M AQ Colorado XLR's for sale on HiFi shark for $US800. This is great buying. Cables purchased from Amber Technology. They come in RCA signal cable packaging.
  14. Item: LINN Silver XLR's - 3M Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Price: $350 + Shipping + Fees Item Condition: 8/10 - Signs of usage but functionally perfect Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A warm full bodies XLR that I used when I ran active monitors. Imparts a holographic sound-stage with smooth top end. Highly recommended. Purchased from Winter two years ago. The original classified can be accessed HERE.
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