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  1. Damn you!!!! ? I remember attending the launch party for Desyn's Balance album in 2005 at Candy's Apartment in the Cross. He bought the house down to about 20 or 30 punters that night. I thought I'd pop in for a quick beer, listen to Desyn's set and head home. Next thing I know I'm walking out of Candy's at 6AM. Incredible.
  2. Objection your honor! ? The original request was genuine in nature! LOL! In truth, genuinely looking forward to hearing Mark's view on what differences, if any, he can hear.
  3. Would love to hear your impressions re: the DAVE vs the H390's internal DAC.
  4. @Ittaku's suggestion is a great one. With those specs a Hypex amplifier looks to be a great match.
  5. @Esoterica - not sure if you're PM feature is working as it should, as I sent you a message about this amp but it looks like you're yet to read it. ?
  6. Hi @Esoterica - Apologies for the off-topic post in this thread, I sent you a message re: the Pathos amplifier you have for sale in the classifieds last night, however I see you're yet to read it. I'm not sure if you're having an issue with the PM function, but thought I'd try my luck by posting in this thread to see if I can alert you to my PM. Apologies again for using this post/thread for your purpose.
  7. Hi Everyone - Lots of interest! I'm working through responding to PM's now.
  8. Further information: Incredibly linear yet musical headphone & pre-amplifier that drove my Abyss TC's very well. Only reason for sale is looking to try a dedicated speaker amplifier for the TC's, which is materially more expensive than the A90. Australian stock, purchased from A2A in August 2020. Price to sell. Photos:
  9. Further information: Up for sale are two sets of Gaia 1's i.e. 8 in total. They are brand new. I only opened one box to have a look at them, the other box still has the plastic wrapping covering it. I'm only selling as my CR-1's require 3 per speaker (6 in total), which would leave me two Gaia 1's unused. I've decided to stump up the cash for the considerably more expensive StillPoints equivalent. As you can see by the pictures they come with packaging that speaks volumes about the quality of this product. Photos:
  10. Alas, they are sold. That's a reminder for me to update that thread, and close it.
  11. Further information: Excellent Van Den Hul AES/EBU XLR cable in a 1.0M length. Only selling due to the quality of my MSB DAC's USB connection. Photos:
  12. Further information: Outstanding portable headphone amplifier with enough power to drive full sized cans. Having owned multiple Chord Hugo 2's I can confirm the WA11 is not only more powerful, but more musical than the Chord. Currently for sale at A2A for substantially more at A2A HERE. Please refer to the review links below for anyone interested: https://www.headfonia.com/woo-audio-wa11-review/ https://www.cnet.com/news/high-end-sound-is-truly-portable-with-the-woo-wa11-headphone-amp/ https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/woo-aud
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