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  1. Stunning mate. How are you finding the difference in SQ between your analogue setup and your digital one?
  2. Yes and no - I ran some Audeze LCD-X's vs a Manley Neo Classic with 300B's and it was brilliant!
  3. Further information: If ever there was a headphone who's reputation preceded it, it would have to be Fostex's masterpiece TH900mk2. This limited edition Blue Sapphire anniversary version is considered by many to be the TH900 fully realised. The team at Moon Audio said this about the Blue Sapphire edition: "The Fostex TH-900 MK2 Limited Edition Sapphire Blue is the upgraded edition of one of our favorite headphones, the Fostex TH900 MK2. The Sapphire Blue edition has different voicing than the original, Fostex has revoiced the driver slightly with a bit more dampening treatment. The frequencies between 300-600Hz have been increased or expanded and from 6500Hz and up the frequencies have been smoothed out a bit. The end result is a more linear sounding headphone across the frequency band. It is not a dramatic change over the regular version of the TH900 MkII but it is improved and it's the best sounding version of this model in our opinion." I purchased this headphone 2 months ago from Addicted to Audio, the only reason I'm selling it is due to recently acquiring a pair of Verite C's. While the Verite is the more coherent and musical headphone there's something about the TH900Mk2's visceral and highly resolving presentation that is in a word: breathtaking. I own the Abyss TC, IMHO this goes toe to toe with as an all out aural assault weapon. Listing here before advertising it on Headfi.
  4. Further information: A change of system location means this fantastic hifi rack is now surplus to my needs. Incredibly functional with the ability to adjust the shelves to accommodate the unique sizing of your components the Salamander Archetype 5.0 Hi-Fi Rack is both practical as well as acoustically functional as per its isolation properties noted in the reviews linked below: https://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2017/6/4/salamander-designs-archetype-system-audio-stand https://www.salamanderdesigns.com/racks-stands/audio-stands/ I purchased this unit from this forum, the original listing can be accessed via this LINK. Photos:
  5. Some wonderful options available in the classifieds:
  6. Close to 80 per cent of my listening is to electronica. I've found tube's in the system chain add a euphonic quality to the soundscapes my favorite artists create. A lot of the ambient and stripped back tech that I adore involves brooding and organic aural backdrops punctuated by effects and samples. In my experience, with this music, tube's add a level of depth and nuance that elevates the listening experience to something bordering on spiritual. Enjoy!
  7. Further information: Purchased these as soon as they popped up for sale as I know the seller is fastidious with his gear and the color rarely comes up for sale, throw in a great price and I decided to move first and ask questions later. The plan was to have these speakers in my study where my TAD's once lived but my wife advised me that she wants the space to be a speaker free zone. In truth the speakers won't get used for any critical listening and the LS50 wireless' are too good to waste on back ground music. If anyone missed out on the sale last time here's your chance. Price is firm. All fees, postage costs and transport related risk is the buyers responsibility. Not looking to split the stands and speakers. Here's a LINK to the original listing. Photos:
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