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  1. Yikes, ASR's biases not withstanding that peak power figure at 20khz is a surprise. As always, a fascinating exercise when you consider that this amplifier is used to drive some of the worlds best speakers. Surely the amount of real-world users of Devialet's can't all have bad hearing. Therefore, what conclusions can you draw from what has to be said is some underwhelming measurements: - More power @ 20Khz while assumed for an amplifier of this price is not necessarily yield any audible issues? - The channel imbalance while showing up as the proverbial in measurements isn't audible? Fascinating. I don't have a position on Devialet either way as I don't own the brand, but you've got to hand it to the guys at ASR they keep pulling back the curtain on products that are held in very high regard. My system is an illustration of the ironies that exhibit themselves when chasing fidelity and musicality. I use amplifiers that are ASR approved - Two March Audio NC1200 mono-blocks that use the latest NC1200 Hypex boards. They replaced a $13K Accuphase Class A stereo amplifier and I'm wanting for nothing. On the other side of the coin I run a Reimyo DAP-999 LTD and ANK DAC 5.1 Signature in my system. Both products have been reviewed by ASR. Brutally. LOL. I also have a Topping D70 DAC in my office system, which I've tired in current system. The differences were certainly audible, in favor of the Reimyo and ANK DAC.
  2. @metal beat - Is that DEQX I can spy above the Accuphase phono stage? If so, how is it deployed in your system? Lovely components as always!
  3. Works well in bright rooms
  4. Lets hope they've learned their lesson after their stint in the big house
  5. @MachineMastering - That's a Line Magnetic LM-512ca preamp: https://www.line-magnetic.eu/en/products-line-magnetic-en/vacuum-tube-preamplifier-line-magnetic-en/lm-512ca-préamplificateur-tubes-6kz8,-6922,-rca-22de4-detail Its a 240v version designed for the Australian market I picked up from Bill McLean. It's imparted depth and layering to my system that I was yet to experience. This year has seen a bit of a wholesale change in components. At the start of the year my system had the following components: DAC + Upsampler: Chord DAVE & Blu Mk2 TRANSPORT: Lumin U1 Mini PREAMP: Accuphase C2820 AMPLIFIER: Accuphase A70 CABLES: Top of the range Audioquest interconnects & along with their best all copper speaker cable SPEAKERS: TAD CR-1 Now my system is made up of: DAC'S: Reimyo DAP-999LTD + Audion Note Kits DAC 5.1 Signature TRANSPORT - Primare NP5 + Schiit Eitr PREAMP: Line Magnetic LM512ca AMPLIFIER: March Audio NC1200 Hypex Mono's CABLES: Mogami Gold interconnects + Shunyata Anaconda speaker cables SPEAKERS: TAD CR-1 I'm finding the change in components has introduced an increase in musicality. The components I had earlier were excellent, and there's no doubt that the previous incarnation of my system had higher resolution, but with the introduction of tubes I'm enjoying my system more than I have in the past.
  6. Trestle table moonlighting as my work desk. #WFH
  7. Do they have the Gaia 1's in stock? I've been waiting on some for my TAD CR-1's for a month and got a call last week saying stock is delayed. I'll give Klapp AV a call today. Thanks! GS
  8. Mate that's epic. What was the room before you turned it into your listening room?
  9. That's more like it! Tell you what - when the NSW tour of these speakers kicks off I'll bring a bottle of Limeburners Single Malt and we can toast your achievement. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  10. Congratulations Mike. We should all be so lucky as to have our passion and drive burn as fiercely as yours does. Great work. Can't wait to hear them, and indeed see the examples online and later in the flesh! As an aside, allow me to (humbly) grant you the permission to upgrade your dram from blended scotch to a lovely single malt. No dry necessary (or allowed).
  11. WOW - top stuff hippo. Did you do all the above yourself? Very nice!
  12. New radiant ebony Magnesium Ltd from Lenehan?! Give the masses what they want and show us some pics of the finished speakers fellas! Congrats Bill!
  13. Brace yourself @amandhillon, that second Heos 1 may highlight that Frank is in fact a Fran!
  14. WOW - Fascinating. Got to hand it to the PS Audio team they don't rest on their laurels when it comes to product development. The new Stellar monoblocks with the tube output stage look interesting, I wonder if the integrated will also have some tube magic.
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