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  1. Will you just sell the psx-r and how much? Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Peter. Do the other models also behave the same? I cannot remember if my previous Draco also took that amount of time to boot up; I'd switched on the machine 24/7, however the power supply blew up after 3 yrs of use, triggered off the main power line and short one of my TV HDMI input.
  3. I got a cheaper Toppy model 2100. The PVR takes about 40 secs to boot and start on the TV. Is this normal? Should I leave the PVR on all the time, instead on standby mode?
  4. Humax can't do it, but Toppy manual says it will display the current time during standby mode, and the operation service during active mode.
  5. Lucky you. Most of the stores here in Perth sells this ranging from $390-$450.
  6. Does the Humax 7500 or Topfield 2400 display the current time on the front panel during standby mode?
  7. Anyone knows where is the best place to purchase this in Perth, and how much?
  8. Thanks Digitalj. Do you know if those sets purchased from Singapore works here without an external STB?
  9. If I purchase a LCD/LED TV with built-in digital tuner, would I be able to receive digital channels in Australia?
  10. Thanks again Peter. You have provided very useful information for me to make a decision on my pvr purchase.
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