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  1. PS4 with VR, camera, 4 controllers (plus dual charger), gun and 15 games. All cables required also included. Mild preference for local pickup due to bulk, but can ship if you're really keen.
  2. I would love to see this go down on Reddit. But it’s SNA. So let’s move on and no more flaming. @Hytramhas summed it up neatly.
  3. There’s a separate section for computer games...
  4. I haven’t watched the video... but was it the same driver, same rubber and same track conditions?
  5. Further information: Excellent heater that will heat a large (eg open plan) area. From a Covid free home and I'll wipe it down with alcohol wipes before pickup. Local pickup preferred due to bulk and size, but could arrange postage via Pack n Send at your expense. Speakers not included... Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Further information: Owned since new. Great computer and works well. The aluminium case shows a few marks - especially on the top - but screen is unscratched. Charger included. Will be reset and delivered with a clean install of Windows. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. I'm more or less in the same camp, although some track focussed "road cars" that I've owned have so much frigging rubber on the road that they don't need AWD.
  8. This thread title is likely to be provoke some strong reactions! As with most generalisations, I think that describing FWD cars as "slow" or "boring" en masse is innacurate. FWD is just a different flavour and they drive differently. Whether you prefer one over the other is just that... a matter of preference. I have an early 2000s Renault Clio that I race in Lemons with a bunch of mates. It has an LSD installed, which obviously makes a huge difference, but other than that and some suspension it is all standard running gear. It is nimble and predictable and we have an absolute hoot throwing it around Wakefield Park every year. It's just a great little car for that type of event, where track density is super high, you often can't take the racing line because there are several other cars on the same bit of track and you regularly need to make adjustment and sometimes "chuck it" into or out of a line to avoid a collission. For that event, the natural tendency of the FWD (due to all that inertia being at the front) to stay relatively straight when you chuck it and oversteer rather than understeer so you can grab the inside line works brilliantly and it is much easier to control when the back wheels go than an equivilent RWD setup would be. For most city driving FWD offers plenty of advantages and usually better traction under normal driving conditions, on bad road surfaces, in the rain and so on. In most circumstances it is also easier to recover from a loss of traction in a FWD than a RWD. I'd have my kids in a FWD instead of a RWD without question if I was making that choice. For "spirited" driving I personanly prefer a RWD layout. If I had my druthers I'd also take the engine mid or rear mounted. But that doesn't mean FWD can't be fun. To be honest, the problem with most modern cars is that you can't really flog them around on the road without breaking the speed limit anyway, so you're more likely to have fun wringing the neck on an underpowered car anyway. And driving fast on a racetrack is completely different to driving on the road too... at the end of the day the driver will have more influence on the lap time than the drivetrain layout... there's a reasons why most motorsport is full of rich, white men.... you need money and spare time to pay for driver training and fast cars! Anyway, I've had plenty of fun in all of FWD, RWD and AWD cars. I hope there are many more fun days in front of me!
  9. Further information: A lovely watch from well-regarded Polish manufacturer. I have owned since new, but worn it only occassionally. I have too many watches and need to move a few along. Still has the original band, with plenty of life left in it. No box or papers. Photos:
  10. Further information: Solid Cedar top, walnut laminated back and sides. Ridiculously priced for an instrument made by Lowden. It has been tuned up, but never played. Absolutely new with all case candy, soft case and so on. Good luck finding another one in Australia at the moment. Lowden massively underestimated demand. I originally purchased to give to a friend's child, but ended up going down a different path. Photos:
  11. Joel apprenticed to Jim Olson and the similarlity in the neck feel to my Olsons is noticeable. Now you've got me curious... how do I measure the radius?
  12. Joel Sahlstrom 000 custom build. Ancient Sitka top (carbon dated to 2850 years old), master grade vintage sugar maple back, sides and neck (milled in the 1970s for cello wood, cured and dried since then), ebony bridge, fingerboard and binding. The dark, glacial stained top and dense maple canvas back and sides embody 3000 years of witnessed history and are given a voice for the first time on this guitar. This guitar is incredibly responsive and powerful. It sounds even more gorgeous than it looks. It is also absolutely unique. I have owned it since new and only very seldom played it. I have accumulated (far) too many guitars and need to move some along to make space in the media room. The guitar has been setup by Jeff Mallia and has a lovely action. I have some room to move on price. I am very keen to see the guitar remain in Australia. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Thanks @Marc... I have to give these speakers a flogging for old time's sake... new ones should be here in 12-16 weeks. Whoever gets these will have them well run in!
  14. A new streamer arrived for demonstration purposes this afternoon - the Innuos Statement. More detail to follow, but initial impressions are very positive. The chassis is lovely, the interlinking cables all have good detents etc, so build quality is top notch. Setup was super easy. Currently running it as a server for a Roon Core on the main PC and initial listening impressions are good, streaming Radio Paradise FLAC and playing August & Everything After DSD. More to come.
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