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  1. I'll leave that for the consulting acoustic engineer to resolve! Even if it means bringing the subs in line with the Trios... I have the space and having them behind on the earlier setup seemed to work.
  2. @andyr Those huge things are the horn loaded subs mate. At this stage I'm not sure if they'll need to be moved, but if required I'll likely physically tune the room and move them around, rather than go for DSP. As the room was previously set up by an acoustic engineer, including treatments and Helmholtz resonators, time will tell what needs to be shifted about. I'm expecting a fair bit, but that will wait until they're run in. Out of the box there aren't any obvious gremlins (presumably due to existing treatments for the old Trios), but we will what the waterfalls tell us in due co
  3. @rob Maybe slightly. Theoretically they should due to the horn placement (even if the upright configuration isn't as architecturally interesting). In any event, I wouldn't say that imaging is the Trios' strong suit. The bass is definitely better integrated with the bass horns instead of the conventional subs. More to follow once I've got a few dozen more hours on them and have been through some of the old favourite tracks. 👍
  4. Many SNAers know this room and have heard it. After many years of being settled, this week I ushered in a new pair of speakers, so thought it might be a good time to start a new thread. The current setup is, in summary: Avantgarde Trio Luxury Edition 26 speakers with bass horns Dartzeel NHB-18NS pre amp mkii with phono stage Dartzeel NHB-108 model 2 power amp Air Force Two turntable with Acoustical Systems Axiom tonearm and Lyra Atlas Antipodes DX into Accuphase DC-17 fed by Roon Sound treated room Fancy cables and power management, dedi
  5. I no longer need this in my setup and my room will be improved by taking some items out. (I'm a bit cluttered.) Paid a huge amount for this new but not sure about used pricing, so open to realistic offers. The cereball feet are included in the price. Pickup preferred, but can ship using Pack n Send if you're really keen, although it is heavy so won't be cheap freight.
  6. Loved the Statement. There is one in my future.
  7. I loved my RX8. What's not to like? Investment though... no chance... you'll mainly be invested in filling up at the petrol station every 120km if you're enthusiastic with the right foot.
  8. Those veneers are gorgeous, both inside and out. And given the BRW you could never build anything like it today. Someone is going to get an heirloom piece! Good luck with the sale. 👌
  9. $7.5k is a big budget... so many options. My work system, which gets extensive use, is Adam Tensor Deltas (active) fed by a Mytek Brooklyn DAC (which does duty as DAC, preamp and phono stage). I run it from a Sonore Sonicorboter which functions as a Roon endpoint. For vinyl, I use a Technics SL-10. There are (much) better sounding turntables, but it looks cool and is idiot proof so I don’t mind anyone in the office using it. That’s just one example of a system you could assemble for comfortably under $7.5k. It sounds like you’ve got a good idea of what you want sp
  10. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  11. Item: About 3 shopping bags full of classical records. Left for me by a friend and I don't have time to go through as sort. Some Decca, Columbia and Deutsche Grammofon. Many box sets. Bach, Beethooven, Vivaldi etc. Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used, unknown, dusty Extra Info: I need more space, not more old records. Happy to give them away but need the new owner to take them all please.
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