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  1. Camera I have had from new in functionally perfect condition and still good cosmetic condition. I've travelled far and wide with this little camera. Although it hasn't taken a huge number of frames (I'd guess under 3,000), it has been a pocket companion for many great nights out. There is a slight indent in the lens mount, which makes no difference at all. Lens is absolutely sharp. I checked pricing on ebay from these and people are asking $900+, reflecting the fact that this classic compact camera remains very much a cult item. That was never my interest in in though
  2. iphone is in very good condition for its age.
  3. Phone has very fine scratches all over, including on the screen. I do not find them noticeable when the screen is lit up, but clearly a used phone.
  4. The 75s are a good upgrade. Smaller, magnetically “snap” into the case. SQ is similar. Yes, I’ve been using the “active” (designed for sport/sweat) versions.
  5. I got Withings and Fitbit scales for Christmas. Set up both but really only need one and the Withings are fine. The Aria 2 are as good as new... the Aria 1 has been heavily used but still works fine. Looking for a quick sale with local pickup, so if that's you make me an offer!
  6. Far out... I am tempted as have been looking for something for the living room and those are just stunning in the piano black finish.
  7. Very fine DSD capable DAC from bespoke high end turntable manufacturers, TechDAS. These were nosebleed expensive (like the rest of the TechDAS lineup) and consequenetly never took off competing against many heavy hitters price wise. They were discontinued back in 2017,. They remain however, a silky smooth sounding and highly versatile unit. Like everything TechDAS (and CH Precision - the brand of Stella/Zephyr TechDAS' parent company), manufacturing standards are very high and I expect the unit will continue to function flawlessly for another decade at least. This was deployed in
  8. Relisted at a reduced price. Asking price is firm. Bullet proof build quality, excellent rendition of DSD (it is suprising how many good front ends do redbook superbly but are cold with DSD) and an internal DAC capable of handling up to a 24bit/192kHz signal onboarded via SPDIF, so that you can use this as a DAC and not just a disc spinner. It is in at least very good used condition, includes the remote and works perfectly. I'll happily warrant it as such. This is currently set to 110 volt, so you will need to use a step down of have your local tech chang
  9. Single owner Antipodes DX (gen 2) 4TB music server. Has faithfully served as my Roon endpoint and never missed a beat. Only moving along as I have upgraded the full digital front end, and the new DAC has a matching streamer. I was offered $4,550 on a trade in (for an upgrade path I did not follow) so believe the $4K asking price is fair, but happy to field sensible offers for a quick and hassle free transaction.
  10. A vote here for the Jabra. I’ve used both the 65 and 75 extensively (I run about 2,000 km per annum), have tried many alternatives and these are my favourites. Sound is good, they are secure, reliable, block ambient noise effectively without NC but have good listen through when it’s needed.
  11. The ipad is obviously used but there are no deep scratches or marks on the screen. Any superficial marks in no way effect viewing when the screen is turned on. Includes clamshell case/keyboard and Apple pencil. The case is functional, but shows obvious signed of use. Treat it as a bonus free inclusion. ++
  12. I bought a pair today. I’m impressed. First, they are not obviously “Apple”. No external branding and in the space grey (and I expect all of the darker colours) they are elegant and understated. More like a B&O product that anything from Apple, Sony etc. I’m pretty sure Apple is making a “design statement” here and that in years to come headphones in this shape will just be known as Apple headphones. The headband is reminiscent of Stax, which personally I love. SQ wise, it is early days, but they are tuned in a way that suits my taste and Bluetooth via iphone 12 P
  13. Not for a long time. Back then I preferred the DCS.
  14. One my favourite all time speakers. Awesome find!
  15. @dalamii It has volume control, so could be used as a preamp. However, it has no networking capability at all. I am currently running it from an Antipodes, but have just ordered an APL DNP-SR streamer (which appears to be a modified Auralic Aries), based on how happy I am with the DAC.
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