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  1. Item: Logitech Squeezebox Location: Perth Price: $100 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Bought as a spare and used 3 times before it was re-boxed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Will also throw in a pair of quality concord interconnects as I don't have the crappy original ones anymore. I un-boxed it and tested it - works perfectly. Happy to post but buyer to pay the costs. Pictures:
  2. Perhaps they should remove some of the Latin off it before they launch it.... "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque rutrum, dolor quis ultrices tincidunt, enim est eleifend elit, viverra sollicitudin ligula lectus vitae turpis. Phasellus tristique tortor ut leo vehicula imperdiet. Phasellus viverra elit interdum nunc ultrices facilisis. Sed eget mauris nisl. Proin vulputate sagittis elit ut dapibus. Integer orci eros, venenatis ut porta a, bibendum sit amet orci. Maecenas eu sem eu erat bibendum suscipit ac eget lorem. Phasellus laoreet ante vitae facilisis interdum. Sed placerat urna at urna ultricies rutrum. Sed ut felis vitae ligula fermentum tristique ut in tellus."
  3. Heh guys. I have an MC20 as well. I hear a very slight 'pop' when I turn it on and a similar one when I turn it off. It has never bothered me. What I have noticed is that once on and after the slight 'pop' it has the lowest noise floor of any amp I have ever heard. Pressing my ear against my SF auditors I cannot hear a thing. The unit itself is incredibly quiet. It doesn't have a fan so with my ear pressed up against I can barely hear anything and from a seated position you hear nothing. I'm running mine with a NAD M51 as a pre direct via balanced inputs. Very happy with the sound.. and an inky black noise floor. I also have a little Nuforce Icon desktop amp that I run into some Quad 11L's and it sends a huge 'pop' to the speakers every-time I turn it on ... much louder... always has ... and the speakers are fine. I suppose there are little 'pops' and big 'pops'. When I queried NuForce apparently 'they all do it'. A really loud 'pop' sounds very disconcerting ...
  4. Hi Hexan - thanks for the comprehensive reply. I actually ended up getting the entire right channel rebuilt and the amp serviced and checked. It could well have been the problem. The techs weren't able to isolate the single cause, but insisted a channel rebuild would give me a long term solution... I hope so because the repair was expensive. Of course in the time the amp spent in the shop .. about 6 weeks.. I got the upgrade bug. I've since upgraded to a NAD M51/Halcro MC20 poweramp combination. When the HK 990 came back it ran significantly cooler than it ever had even when it was new. I liked it so much I actually kept it running for several weeks ... but have only just returned to the M51/MC20 combo.
  5. I agree - I think the amp manufacturer should cover the cost ... if a fault of the amp has damaged the speakers they should be covered ... what else is an amp going to be connected to???
  6. ... but who will write the report?.. now that the defective unit has been replaced I think he has no chance of getting something .... house insurance might be the only avenue. The amp has clearly caused the issue ... but does the manufacturer's responsibility extend to the speakers that the amp is connected to?
  7. Yes - could be worth doing that as long as you have a policy that covers those items ... I'll ask him.
  8. Hi guys Without going into enormous detail I have a friend who bought an amp and then speakers new from different suppliers. After placing them together the amp was discovered as defective and replaced under warranty, however it appears that the defective amp has damaged his mains.. and now the speaker supplier has said 'it wasn't their fault' ... and hence he is left to cough up for the repair. Anyone else experienced this? Should the amplifier manufacturer cover the liability cost if they supply defective unit that destroys a set of speakers?
  9. I can't help but think it is something else ... but a blown woofer VC makes sense ... but in both speakers at the same time?
  10. ... I also presume that the easiest way to test this without pulling the speaker apart is to see if you can easily push the woofer cone in and out? A fused VC would prevent this wouldn't it?
  11. Thanks Aslan - if this were to happen is it typical for both speakers to be blown together? Would there be a smell of burning?
  12. Just reading about the HK 990 - like many modern amps it has a DC offset protection circuit "A DC Servo circuit is designed to prevent a DC offset voltage from appearing at the speaker terminals. A DC servo provides a compensating voltage at the power amplifier's input to remove the DC offset at the output" As such I find it incredibly unlikely that the amp has damaged the speakers .. yet they both went 'out' simultaneously ... the plot thickens.
  13. We bypassed the DAC on the amp by running an analogue source into it and experienced the same issue. We also ran the speakers on an entirely different amp and it too sounded the same. It appears that whatever occurred happened simultaneously to both speakers.
  14. Yeah it would appear that the original defective amp has damaged the speakers somehow. I didn't think this was possible with modern protection circuitry.
  15. Seems extraordinary that a physical issue would have occurred to both speakers at exactly the same time - hence why I thought perhaps a fuse was the issue? When the speakers were first powered up apparently they worked fine.
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