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  1. I use Altec Lansing vintage drivers that were pro-audio oriented.
  2. I had a very similar issue, with a used copy of Pink Floyd's wish you were here. Bought another copy, without the lacking treble. So it could be record wear? Ben
  3. Mofi dsotm and around Xmas some 1967 Altec Lansing valencia’s
  4. They sound every bit as good as they look. And the workmanship on those cabinets is sublime!
  5. Damnit. ill go next in line for Alan parsons if it falls through
  6. I caved and opened it needs an ultrasonic clean, but it sounds fantastic
  7. I picked this up today off Facebook. It’s still sealed. Torn whether to open it or not!? help me decide!
  8. Just happened to me - coffee machine. $450 agreed on a time and place he would "let me know while i was on my way" time comes and goes, he never gives me an address. then the "oh ive gotten offers for $100 more now its so popular" then the add price goes up on fb. etc... Reported him but doubt anything happened.
  9. i thinky you misinterpretted my question earlier, i literally was asking who had made the comparison. If you had directly done so, or if it was just an opinion you had read. I ultimately want whichever the best pressing is, if you say the uk is still better, ill try hunting one down too. There was really no intended belittling on my part. Similarly with Metalbeat - if the 45 sounds to him as good as a 33 but i cant easily procure a 33 that is better, i think the 45 is an ok compromise. I humbly apologise to anyone for any offense
  10. Its cute when you start belittling and branding people with labels. Read back about two pages and you will see what i compared it to.
  11. You said it earlier dude when you said "the music and the flow is most important" I dont buy into any hype im trying to be objective. I also do like the mofi inner sleeves, what would you reccomend as an alternative?
  12. That really doesnt answer the question. but anyway assuming it was you that tested it, sad to hear you're not happy with it. The way it presented in my stereo wasnt a lacking in dynamics, just less loudness on the guitar. but a really nice open and dynamic recording. anyhoo, the fascinating part of our hobby is how we hear things differently.
  13. who said it doesnt sound as dynamic?
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