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  1. well - despite making a plan to go after work, he gave em to someone else. FFS
  2. No need to explain yourself, just wanted to make sure your sale is smooth and painless. Just sold one myself.
  3. If it has USB input - its not an SV237MK its just an SV237. GLWTS
  4. Hey mate, Could i grab this?
  5. Further information: Hey all, for sale is my Vincent SV237 which is an amp that needs no introduction, and has won multiple 5 star reviews. It is engineered by Frank Blöhbaum of Thorens fame (amongst others). See a very detailed review here - http://i-fidelity.net/en/test-reports/high-end/vincent-sv-237/vincent-sv-237.html I have upgraded the 6N1P's to Voshkod Rocket 6N1P-EV's, and the 12AX7 to a telefunken. The only blemish on it, is the tiniest of dents on the top edge of the face plate (see pics) I bought t
  6. Item:pair of 6l6’s Price Range: depends on what you have? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hey guys, my matched pair of Svetlana 6l6’s is showing signs of one tube dying. I’m hoping someone has something in Sydney that I can hopefully pick up today (31 jan) some brands I’d be interested in are nos rca, Sylvania or winged c svetlana. open to other brands too? let me know if anyone can help me out! ben
  7. Provisionally Sold - Pending Pickup/payment.
  8. Further information: just plugged these guys back in and forgot how good they sound. vifa drivers all around, 2 x p17’s in an mtm configuration around a d25 tweeter. the pina that hold the grilles on are a little rusty, boxes are good, drivers are good. a bloody bargain but I need space!! Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), y
  9. Further information hey all, after a year of mulling over this it’s time to part ways with one of my first true high fidelity speakers. I ended up going down the horn route so these are no longer required. I bought these new for $2600 new from digital cinema a couple of years ago, in perfect condition except for one minuscule dent on of the 6.5” drivers which doesn’t affect the sound, but I was quoted $200 for a spare part if it troubles you. comes with all the original literature, the spikes, rubber feet, plinth and grille. always
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