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  1. Thanks I'll look at trying some different woods when I get a chance, got several other projects I need to get done after this lol. Cheers
  2. Thanks, something like that would work, I see the subdude has the foam underneath the board, I was thinking the other way foam on top as the sonosubs have an MDF base. I assume I would need a high density foam? Thanks, I have done similar with my surround speakers, cut down one the pads to make them smaller. I would probably use the 100mm ones not cut down, four maybe five each sonosub, I was thinking just have the MDF base with the pads on top and place the sonosub on top of that. I've attached a pic on the sonosub base.
  3. thanks, I was thinking the whites ones would be a better option, and cheaper too. One pack under each sonosub should work ok hopefully
  4. Hi all, I think I need to build some isolation platforms for some sonosubs I picked up on here last year, I have wooden floors and there are a lot vibrations when I turn things up. I have an MDF sheet I can cut up and use, what would be a good economical material to use for vibration absorption & isolation? I went into Clark Rubber today and they suggested this product . Would that be suitable for what I'm after? Is there something else I should be looking at instead? I have also seen the Whites anti-vibration products in Bunnings, would any of those be suitable? Thanks for all advice you can give. Cheers
  5. I was looking at these alpha models a bit more, the direct input have a sensitivity of 1V / 5kohm or 1V / 10kohm depending on model. Oppo recommends your amp have an input impedance of at least 47kOhm, if I wanted to connect to my Oppo 105D to one of the direct inputs would I need a audio buffer, like the burson buffer or similar, between the Oppo and the amp?
  6. Sure is a shame, they are such nice amps pictures don't do them justice.
  7. The amp has been on-sold now, I did message a few companies with the picture and diagram of the PCB from the service manual about getting a replacement PCB made but didn't get a response.
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