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  1. Thanks donation made to SNA
  2. Am interested PM sent
  3. Blackrose666

    SOLD: 15" Martycube subwoofer

    Thanks unfortunately is a little too big for the space I have.
  4. Blackrose666

    SOLD: 15" Martycube subwoofer

    Hi, do you have the dimensions of the sub?
  5. Hi, is this one still available?
  6. Blackrose666

    Denon AVR-4810 Firmware Update

    some can do it http://www.locale.harmankardon.com/en-US/HDMI14a.html
  7. Blackrose666

    FS: VAF DC7 G4 and DC6 G4

    Hi, Please PM info re shipping details, and I will get estimates to determine whether it is economical to get them shipped to regional vic. Cheers.