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  1. Also the seller's account is no longer active
  2. Thanks for your interest. You’re currently 3rd in line. I’ll let you know if all before you do not buy on hold pending purchase
  3. Item: Tauris Gamma Hi-Fi Rack Location: Adelaide Price: $100 Item Condition: Used, minor wear and tear Reason for selling: Upgraded, NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: For sale is the ubiquitous Tauris Gamma rack, with only minor marks. Tempered glass shelves support 25kg each, 61cm wide, 43 cm deep Bottom shelf height clearance 25cm, the rest 20cm, Pick-up only, <10min south of Adelaide Pictures:
  4. CAV= Carlton Audio Visual in Melbourne. I’m sure you can find one to demo in Sydney
  5. Good to hear that they are still replacing failed wifi modules. Actually, I think the issue is Auralic’s MQA unfolding - no problems with redbook streaming. I guess I’ll just disable it
  6. Don't head there now... they have closed and are looking for new premises
  7. I think some of them stayed, but I don't know which. You could ask @VAF
  8. They should give me a commission 😂
  9. Actually, I’ve started to have trouble with the entire device crashing while using Tidal. It stops responding, but continues to play the last song for a minute or so, then stops and will only power down. It then won’t power up again without the power supply being cycled. This all over wired ethernet, with a very fast fibre connection. Local streaming is generally flawless.
  10. @Gremrock I’ve tried to send you a pm to enquire about these, but perhaps your inbox is full? Interested if still available
  11. If you're referring to Tidal/MQA, I didn't think 851N could do either natively. I don't have one though, so I could be wrong
  12. I’m using Tidal via Lightning DS also, and have never had this problem. Occasionally I need to power cycle because everything stops, but never just Tidal
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