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  1. we should probably get some head-fi experts in here @Bengineer @BlueOceanBoy @Odyssey @PassionForSound I think Hifimans would be a good choice, but have limited experience, except for the HE-1000, Arya, Edition x - which would all be good, but only a used Edition X would fall in your budget from those. They do make considerably cheaper, and still good options, but I can't comment on those
  2. As @zippi has suggested, a mid-to-high end planar will give a much better rendition of organ music than those Senns (which would nowadays be considered "entry level" but were great a few years ago)
  3. http://isoacoustics.com.au/product-category/gaia/speaker-isolators/
  4. agreed, ask @Grizzly but also you can look at soundocity.com
  5. These will be going into storage after this ad expires. If the ad has expired and the pics are still there, feel free to PM me to ask about them
  6. Further information: Version 1 of this Australian designed coffee grooming tool https://onacoffee.com.au/product/ocd-v3/ 2 chips in the anodising No packaging Photos: .
  7. If you look carefully at the 1st photo, there's a bottle in it... I would wager that the oil in that bottle is what has dried up
  8. A little bit further out: Nairne
  9. Further information: I purchased this luscious-sounding Class A/B 110wpc integrated amplifier from SNA in 2018. It's condition is unchanged - there are scrape marks along the side panels, which look to be from bumping against uprights when being put into a tight rack, which are not visible when it is in a rack. There are a couple of upper edge dents on the facia, where it looks like someone has dropped something onto the face - but you won't notice these, because you will be staring a the cool blue VU meters bouncing along to your favourite music. It has a metal remote, but truly, nothing beats the heavy clunk of operating the source selector by hand. It is functionally perfect and hasn't missed a beat. I've run a few different speakers with them, and I would say that this amp would be an excellent choice to tame a standmount with an upward tilt to the treble. I'm not a vinyl guy, but I have been told that the inbuilt phonostage is very good I have all of the original packaging and documentation. Photos: (the orange marker is a sticker to help me see the volume level from across the room and will come off without trouble)
  10. you should livestream the arrival 🤓
  11. Further information: I purchased these new a couple of months ago from Addicted to Audio to use for Zoom etc Little did I know that my laptop's bluetooth isn't compatible with these - apparently a known issue with certain older chipsets Works fine with wife's laptop, my phone, tablet etc They've only had a few hours use and the used eartips have been swabbed with alcohol Photos:
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