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  1. You could try these guys: https://periaptcables.com/ I had a 4 pin XLR cable made for my HD 600. It’s good quality, but I can’t comment on the sound, as it’s the only aftermarket cable I’ve tried. If you do try, maybe don’t take the $10 shipping option, as mine went around the world eastwards by sea and took over 2 weeks!
  2. sakabatou

    Kef LS50 Wireless Question

    I’m not in a position to have any particular insight. Maybe it’s just Australia tax
  3. sakabatou


    Is this a locally bought unit (ie local warranty) or direct import?
  4. sakabatou

    Kef LS50 Wireless Question

    If you’re willing to buy grey, “catch” is bringing them in for about Aus$2566 (~$2800 assuming you have to pay customs). They offer a warranty, but who knows what that’s worth?
  5. sakabatou

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Mine had one
  6. sakabatou

    Logging In

    I noticed this after the last tapatalk update too
  7. sakabatou

    Headphone DAC / Amp under $800

    The Aeons are pretty easy to drive though. I'm using the Gieseler Klein II and @Suopermanni's old Jotunheim to drive the Aeon Flow Open via a balanced cable. I think the upgrade from Modi 2 to Klein provided more than the amp upgrade from Magni 2 to Jotunheim balanced. I'm not familiar with the Element, though.
  8. sakabatou

    Headphone DAC / Amp under $800

    Perhaps not, but if you keep it, you get to spend your whole budget to upgrade one component, and upgrade the other one later when you can afford another step
  9. sakabatou

    Headphone DAC / Amp under $800

    If you don't mind 2 boxes, you have heaps of flexibility. Keep the Element and get a better dac, maybe DSD capable if that appeals to you, or maybe a ladder dac. Or you could use the Element's dac and get a headphone amp with balanced drive, and upgrade your cable.
  10. Not sure if there's a misunderstanding here: Magni is a headphone amp, whereas Mani is the phono stage.
  11. I'm no expert, but on a standard household 10A circuit, theoretically it could draw 2400W. some appliances do (eg vaccuum cleaner)
  12. sakabatou

    Provider advice for the NBN

    Whirlpool forums are a good place to look for large amounts of feedback on ISPs I went with Aussiebroadband. Speed is good, but I haven't had any opportunity to deal with customer service in the year I've been with them. They have their own access points and congestion seems low
  13. sakabatou

    Hardware advice on moving the the NBN

    I'm not an expert, just drawing from my experience changing over. There is some variability depending on which technology they are using to connect you, but if you are being offered a modem, I'll assume it's not fttp (fibre-to-the-premises) A lot of wireless capable ADSL modems can be put into bridge mode to act purely as a router (both wireless and ethernet) which you can then plug into the provided NBN modem with an ethernet cable. Your old phones and lines won't work. If you are getting fttp, Telstra offers the ability to keep a traditional telephone service for a fee in some cases. Otherwise, you will need to move to a VOIP (voice over IP) system. Probably best to get something with a few cordless handsets rather than trying to rewire, but either way... Not sure about the fax (I abandoned mine). With regards to improving your wifi coverage, there are a few products that have multiple base stations designed to cover larger homes - they are often termed "mesh" routers. I managed to pay my old provider to keep my email addresses open - it costed about $25/yr.
  14. I did too...went awol in the last move
  15. I’ll grab these - whereabouts in Adelaide are you?