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  1. https://vimeo.com/537470248 Ted and Darren taking about the final stages of selection for Sunlight
  2. I wonder whether the amp used to drive the Empyreans for your demo contributed to your impression?
  3. maybe not quite what you’re after, @Marc?
  4. I have a pair of those covers for my amps. They are decent quality and custom fit. I have no complaints, but I'm not sure it would be a good choice for a TT
  5. The thread linked is about how Tapatalk isn't supported
  6. It's been defunct for some time now
  7. I believe Ken Ishiwata used to use this extreme toe-in setup at shows. There's a few write ups about it. It supposedly allows for many more people to experience a more sweetspot-like presentation at the same time
  8. 30 days seems to have been the average time between listings recently! Restless lot, aren't we? 😉
  9. I'll leave that for someone who knows about tubes. I don't recall noticing, but I wasn't looking for a gain difference
  10. I think it might be the other way around: BHK from PS forum
  11. you're all good then. If it is in "low" there's a -20db pad in the signal path the other issue is that the RCA output is significantly lower than XLR
  12. I know you're having trouble with the analog side too, but I just wanted to check that you don't have the attenuator pad on in the Directstream? that very much could lead to unsatisfying volume, and subdued dynamics, in my experience
  13. Never heard of them, and that photo you refer to looks like a crappy render. Lots of white van alarm bells tbh
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