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  1. https://www.minidsp.com/images/documents/Product Brief-DDRC-22A.pdf
  2. That’s outstandingly silly design. Maybe they’ll fix it in firmware
  3. Further information: I purchased these during a recent sale, but can't get used to the depth of insertion required. Less than 20 min of use, all packaging and accessories included. Tips wiped with alcohol Current prices seem to be $220-300, so grab a bargain Preference will be given to a local buyer Photos:
  4. If I may add 2 things: 1) there's no optical interface in that pic. If you want to use optical into the Edifier, you may need a spdif to toslink converter of some description 2) often digital outputs from TV will be unaffected by their volume control, which will mean using the Edifier's remote for volume.
  5. Further information: Needs no introduction! Final production model with 3 separated ribbons, not the older model Great for bass extension and soundstage, with beautiful mids Red stuff is electrical tape to identify R channel. easily removed if desired. A new pair would cost you $1200 Photos:
  6. Yep, that's what I did. That's why the replacement remote hasn't been used. It doesn't look perfect though
  7. Further information: BNC-RCA, but supplied with an original BNC to RCA converter if you need RCA both ends DESIGN Tri DNA Helix SIGNAL CONDUCTORS 26AWG | 0.1 sq. mm CONDUCTOR MATERIAL OCC Solid silver & Silver-clad Copper INSULATION Composilex 2 PLUG CONTACTS Silver-clad OFC Still retailing for $950-1050 for 1m, so a good discount, especially as this configuration is special order https://6moons.com/audioreviews2/wireworld/3.html Photos:
  8. Further information: For sale is the Wyred4Sound "Stereo Preamplifier - Special Edition" (STP-SE) in black Passive transparent resistor-ladder volume control, with active stage only above unity gain It comes with 2 remotes - the first has suffered from the sticky rubber disease, which I have cleaned off. The other is an unopened replacement Full original packaging Preference given to local buyer, who would be welcome to audition FEATURES: Input / Output wiring upgraded to Kimber Tcss wire 2nd stage filtering caps (4-22,000uf caps) are
  9. I reckon it's a gateway drug - people like it and move up the ladder. Or they don't and move it on
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