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  1. @Xecuterhas a wtb up. It's a while back though
  2. sakabatou

    Please help identify these speakers :)

    Definitely. I sold one recently Mine were Gen 4 Mark 2 though, with 4 bits of dampening on the woofers dc6 data sheet short.pdf
  3. sakabatou

    Lid Up/ Lid Down?

    Seeing this in my feed, I thought it was a bathroom thread!
  4. sakabatou

    Songs about loneliness.

    Roxette - Fading like a flower (everytime you leave)
  5. sakabatou


    Worth noting that a simple jumper setting can make this 5v or 9v too. good price for a great power supply, GLWS
  6. sakabatou

    Tivoli Audio the best clock radio?

    Try Ruark's R1 or (R2 for stereo) https://www.ruarkaudio.com/products/r1-deluxe-bluetooth-radio
  7. sakabatou

    Not happy with Krix Phoenix

    No worries. I don't think you would have done any damage to the speakers, but your poor amp! 🤣
  8. sakabatou

    Not happy with Krix Phoenix

    I see, the Denon's specs are well hidden. Have you set it to drive 4 ohm?
  9. sakabatou

    Current media of the Far-Right

    But doesn't the genius of overt satire lie in exaggeration and misinterpretation?
  10. sakabatou

    Current media of the Far-Right

    (disregard if you were tongue-in-cheek, but..) The onion is satirical
  11. sakabatou

    Not happy with Krix Phoenix

    Are they Mk 1 Phoenixes? If they are, I think they would be 4 ohm. Maybe your denon (rated to 6 ohm, I think?) isn't the best match? If they are Mk 2, disregard, I think they are nominally 6 (but drop a lot lower)
  12. Try putting in a (blank) hard drive. I'm not sure you can do any setup without it. It will probably start formatting the drive once you power it up, but that's just a guess https://download.qnap.com/Storage/TechnicalDocument/20160811-QNAP_Turbo_NAS_Hardware_Manual_EN.pdf
  13. sakabatou

    SOLD: EOI. Swap Luxman 507U amp

    You don’t need a whole liver to transplant (they use half for kids). And they grow too 🤣
  14. I believe this is the Australian arm of 7digital.com but they couldn't use their branding in Australia due to Channel 7's digital platform