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  1. Are you still looking @Bengineer ? this could be hard to beat for the money:
  2. sakabatou

    SOLD: Price drop: FS: Gieseler Klein DAC II

    Midweek bump, open to offers
  3. digital-to-digital converter, for example, something that has USB in and SPDIF out. Or pick any 2 (or more) other digital formats to convert between
  4. sakabatou

    Atmosphere Audio

    Yeah, they had a several weeks long clearance sale for their email subscribers. It had been pretty picked over by the time I heard about it
  5. sakabatou

    Where to buy extension cable?

    you could try these guys, for about US$84 landed: https://periaptcables.com/collections/frontpage/products/professional-pro I had a set of 4pin XLRs made for my HD600s. There are pretty good quality. If you're not certain about compatibility, just email them, and they will make what you want
  6. sakabatou

    Where to buy extension cable?

    You might have to go looking for a source, but I think I read that either will work... Hifiman just uses the cheaper option
  7. sakabatou

    Where to buy extension cable?

    I think it's the same connectors as Sennheiser HD700, if that makes it easier to find. Probably easier and faster to get the 1/4" extension: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/cables/products/grado-labs-4-5m-extension-cable
  8. Or I suspect @Spider27 would be faster
  9. sakabatou

    Dynaudio Special 40s

    @yamapro did a review a while ago: I also had a chance to A/B the Special Forty vs 1.4 (not LE) recently at a retailer. I think the 40's highs are smoother (less tizzy) but overall capability is too close to call.
  10. In this context, I think he means 8 ohm (or higher!) speakers. AVRs often aren't rated to drive 4 ohm speakers, or might not be able to drive 4 ohm surrounds. For some cheapies, 6 ohms could be borderline You could always ask the author @Rec. 709
  11. Item: Sonore microRendu, updated v2.6 firmware Location: Adelaide Price: $400 $380 ono, plus postage as required (currently US$499) Item Condition: Good, 2 tiny marks on the case, but working perfectly Reason for selling: NLU, prefer Aries in my setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% unless F/F) Extra Info: I bought this a few months ago from an SNAer. I upgraded the firmware to the latest 2.6 version, due to having some issues, which turned out to be a problem with my JRiver installation . I will include the spare microSD with the old firmware. I have a generic 9V SMPS which was included in the purchase, and will include that unless you want to save on postage! (but I would highly recommend using an LPS or iFi) Some links: https://www.sonore.us/microRendu.html https://darko.audio/2017/01/classy-sonores-microrendu-takes-digital-audio-higher/ http://thehbproject.com/en/reviews/193/1/Sonore-MicroRendu-:-some-tech Thanks for looking Pictures:
  12. I have a pair of these on my desk and they are as amazing as you say. Swap your pre with a Little Bear, and you have exactly my set up (in black) Great buying!