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  1. Sure thing, my drivers are HPD385's with Mark Pitcher Jantzen crossovers and sound great but works equally as well with the Golds too... Good luck with the Ardens...👍
  2. Hi HifiMan The dimensions are 1060mm Tall x 610mm Wide x 425 Deep.. Sorry no recordings of them in action, all I can tell you is they sound great.. I have lived happily with them for the last 6 years and I am only selling because I have ticked another bucket list essential and built myself a pair of Westminster Royal SE's. I'm sure you have heard of Earle from Weston Acoustics, he had a pair built fro a guy in Sydney and I listened to them before commissioning a cabinet friend to build mine.. Any further info please just ask... Cheers
  3. Item: Tannoy GRF Rectangular Replica Speaker Cabinets (Cabinets only no Drivers) Location: St Andrews Beach Victoria Price: $2,000 Reduced Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Built New Westminster Royal SE Speaker Cabinets Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Tannoy GRF horn loaded rectangular replica speaker cabinets (Cabinets only no drivers) made for me by a cabinet maker friend from Tannoy plans on Hiberlink. Beautiful sounding horn speakers made from Walnut veneered plywood and moveable with heavy duty lockable castors under base skirt. Cost $4500 to make including labour at mates rates. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Rega Dac available with Audiophilleo 1 Location: St Andrews Beach Victoria Price: $450 with Audiophilleo 1 Reduced Item Condition: Rega Dac excellent - Audiophilleo has dimmed led's on display and remote trigger wire needs replacement Reason for selling: Purchased a new DAC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Rega DAC in excellent condition with Audiophilleo 1 (please see description for Audiophilleo 1) The Audiophilleo 1 allows for a SPDIF to USB connection and provides the ability to run audio formats up to 24bit 192khz on Windows with their driver installed or the the native driver on Mac. Great sounding DAC and great value at this price.. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Item: Weston Acoustics Trinity Push Pull Triode Amplifier 30 watts output - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT THANKS TO ALL... Location: St Andrews Beach Victoria Price: $1100 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Built new speakers and trying different amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Earle's Tube amps of Weston Acoustics are well known here on StereoNet for their sound and build quality, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this amp. It is now time for a change to complement the new speakers I have built and so the Trinity is up for grabs. Price is to include a bag part used tubes still with plenty of life (checked and tested by Earle.) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT THANKS TO ALL... Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply, will share the pics when I have fitted the oak mouldings in a couple of weeks... I also changed my crossovers too from the original Tannoys and it made a huge difference, they were made by Mark Pitcher in the Uk, I can highly recommend his work. He is highly recommended by the Tannoy dealers I have spoken with... With the right set up and tweeks the Tannoys sound great.. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi The drivers I have in them are HPD 385 15" re-coned and re- foamed with new crossovers from Mark Pitcher who is recommended by Tannoy and there dealer network for his years of work on crossover design.. I am listening to the Westies at the moment and are in the process of fitting the American oak trims that will finish them off completelyand will post pics online then.. I am just about to post some items for sale in the classifieds if you would be interested in moving to 15" Tannoys. I have Tannoy GRF horn loaded cabinets in Vannered plywood top and sides with the matt black fronts which I have listened to for the last 5 years and they sound great, also a Weston Acoustics 30 watt Triode push pull amp from Earle and a Rega dac with Audiophilleo 1.. Let me know if you would be interested? Cheers Chris
  8. Thanks for your info... I haven’t played with vinyl for quite a few years now, do you find the difference between high quality digital compared to your vinyl colllection?
  9. Sounds like you have put together a solid system.. just have to finish the solid oak trim on the Westminster’s and they are finished.. listening to them In the meantime, will let you know when they are complete if you would like to demo.. Earl’s amps are great, I just purchased a Mac MC 275 version 6 to replace a triode push pull I had from Earl.. Needing a good preamp if you have any suggestions.. Running Roon through a Qutest dac.. Re the x overs I replaced mine with Jantzen from a Guy in the Uk who supplies the Tannoy dealers throughout the uk, he is well known by Tannoy the Factory and I found him great to deal with if you need his details let me know.. He advertises on EBay...
  10. Hi Antran what pre and power are you using?
  11. Thanks for your comments.. I have owned a pair of Tannoy HPD 385 15” drivers for around 9 years now which I re-coned and re-foamed recently.. They have lived their life for the last 3 years in cabinets made by an old school cabinet maker friend, the Tannoy GRF rectangular horn enclosures made out of vaneered plywood.. I purchased a valve triode push pull amp from Earle from EHT who is well known on the forum and have had many hours of listening pleasure with this amp.. My source has always been dac based with a large hi res digital file collection and I was interested to know of any other combination of hardware that Tannoy owners use and their experiences.. just finished a tick on my bucket list and completed construction of Tannoy Westminster Royal SE cabinets from plans posted on the web and they sound as good as I have read from reviews.. Please keep this post going with all the Tannoy enthusiasts and people interested in trying the dual concentric route... Cheers
  12. Thanks for your input...👍
  13. Hi all Just interested in how many of you out there are using the Tannoy classic dual concentric drivers and which versions, and what equipment you are using with them. Would appreciate your comments on speaker cabinets used, amps tube or solid state and source preference of digital or vinyl.. Look forward to all your feedback.. Cheers Chris
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