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  1. I checked the antenna cable at wall...it was faulty ...replaced and now 100%. thks.
  2. I live at Noble Park VIC. And Channel 7 is at 55 signal strength very rarely it gets into 80`s . every other channel is in the 90`s ....Is this CH.7 ???? OR me ? T.V has built in tuner and rescan does nothing.
  3. Can`t go past a VELODYNE cause that`s what they specialise in....nothing else
  4. My 46" sammy led has a audio sync. it`s available in the menu under "sound" scroll down till you see "additional settings" but first make sure your sound is in "clear voice" or it won`t be highlighted .......in your book just go to sound menu and it should be explained there
  5. I just ran another config. and i was able to save it .......thks anyway for your reply.
  6. Hi, I just ran Audyssey but after it calculated and when i was to "save" i could not get the remote to activate "save" also on the Receiver "enter".....anyone had this prob. ? spose i have to run it again and hope i can save it.?
  7. Item: HTR 5940 Location:MELB. Item Condition:USED Reason for selling:UPGRADED Price:$300 Payment Method: Pick Up Cash Extra Info:http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/item/features/538300610?v_c=ADF_v1
  8. Hi, thks for the info, I set "HDMI AUDIO T.V. OUT " to "OFF" and have set the Blu-Ray to bitsteam audiofile, and now get the readout on the Amp. Played a Bluray and up came DD TRUE HD so I`m happy now,
  9. Hi, have gone from a Yamaha to Onkyo 606 , and i`m getting confused with the sound settings, could someone pls send in there settings . I`m running T.V thru the amp with hdmi and also the Blu-Ray . The player is Samsung BDP-3600 T.V. LED Samsung. .......at the moment the display say`s "DVD HDMI THROUGH" while watching a DVD, pressing the listening mode "movie/t.v" button the best sound comes with the "DTS NEO 6" display mode, the other`s that come up are....full mono, mono, PL11, T.V.logic, all ch, theater dimension, ........shouldn`t i get the dolby digital display ???.... Also pressing "PURE AUDIO" the Bass in the Sub fades dramatically . the movie i tested it on was AVP2 REQUIEM. ......BLU-RAY...set at .BITSTEAM (audiophile) PCM DOWN SAMP. ...OFF DYN. COMP....OFF DOWN MIX MODE....SURROUND COMPATIBLE. hope this is enough info and not to confusing.
  10. Has anybody noticed that with LED tv`s that the pic go`s pale "washed out" the more you move to the side.? Is this normal ? have not noticed this with LCD. Is it because of the edge lit flouro`s ??
  11. So i take it that the Bluray Player needs to be region free.??
  12. Yes i found out after Samsung relaced it , it was the Antenna ! which just needed turning a bit away from the transmitter towers (which i can see in the mtn`s from my roof) I had the Antenna directly pointing at them which i thought was the way to go, but for some unknown reason not the case, I also tried another new "normal" Antenna but still had the same prob. so returned that and put back my Fracarro Log Periodic, So after getting another new t.v. it was just a simple but frustrating problem. !!...,A great pic and very happy with it. have just matched it with a BDP3600 BLU RAY
  13. I didn`t think of that scenario cause that didn`t happen !!.......yea i do know what happens when people assume.......they get it wrong on a forum !!!
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