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  1. Where are you getting that price for the Tortech? If it were my house/gear I'd be going with the Tortech.
  2. Yeah, but that was only very recently. I get the impression that they sold out and the new owners wanted to unload a bunch of it, either for cash flow or they were not going to continue on doing the wines in the same volumes. (maybe buying the fruit in etc for smaller runs). As it has been on Grays for over a year in varying quantities. Mainly the cheaper stuff, but also the Torchio and 6-Packs of the Puma. I have fond memories of dining there and Luigi (I think it was) was helping with the serving of the wines. I ordered the Black Puma by the glass and I am sitting there, thinking this is really corked...so I called him over and said 'sorry but this is corked', so he took a sniff and was beside himself, he'd just picked up the half empty bottle that one of the other waiters had been using to pour by the glass and had assumed it was OK. He was most upset that none of the other customers had raised it and was worried they would go back to Melbourne thinking that's how his Black Puma tasted! We had a good chat, he showed me his hands after years of pruning which were like wiry ropes, and he had been out in the vineyards that morning still tidying up things which he was quite proud of.
  3. Usually means mixed vintage. Most cases it is a cheaper wine, but there are some like Sami-Odi who do a Multi-Vintage wine, and of course Vega Sicilia Especial (but that is getting close to 4 figures a bottle). And don't forget Penfolds money grab with the G3 which is a blend of 3 vintages of Grange 🙂 Usually the cheap ones are to prop up a poor vintage, so say 2011 which was ordinary in SA/NSW they might put in some 2010 to prop it up.
  4. Just keep monitoring Grays, they pop up all the time. They were selling them by the pallet at one stage. (not Black Puma) https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=grays+online+warrenmang
  5. Grays Online have it by the pallet load. Warrenmang must have dumped a B-double worth of their wines with them.
  6. I'll take it if you want to post to Sydney.
  7. Jeremy Holmes organised it for me. Gave me a few options for what would be drinking the best (or best chance of as with all the 40yo+ wines) http://www.dortodoor.com/1970s
  8. Nice Sunday dinner at Kingsleys at The Loo. Some very good wines from DRC, Latour, Lafon. Plus a nice toast with a birth year wine (45y.o Barolo) to a good mate who recently passed away.
  9. 😉 easily missed. If you want the Premium Coonawarra Experience without the Penfolds price tag, keep an eye out for bottles of aged Wynns John Riddoch. Which can be had for around $100 with 15-20years on them in the secondary market. This is a bargain in the scheme of things. A sensational wine that ages superbly.
  10. 707 is not $900 a bottle not sure where you saw that. It is around $500 (way overpriced still)
  11. The Model S is very long (5M) and very wide (think 911 fat arse). Mine only just fits in the garage lengthwise, whereas a Subaru Outback has no issues.
  12. NuForce HA-200 Class A Headphone Amp * Location Botany, original packaging, can pack and post if required * Item condition description – in very good nick. Non-smoking, pet free household. Being Class A it does get warm!! See here for a good overview of it, (this was purchased locally not via Massdrop). https://www.massdrop.com/buy/nuforce-ha-200-headphone-amplifier A review of it here https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/nuforce-ha-200dual-mono-madness * Price and price conditions $175 * Reason for selling Selling 2 of my HA to buy a specific one. * Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup, or DD * Pictures
  13. I dread to think what this tube complement would cost to replace...
  14. Item full name and model – Schitt Vali and Modi 2 Headphone Amp and DAC with Straight Wire USB Cable and Straight Wire Jumper RCA Location Botany, no packaging, can pack and post if required Item condition description – in good nick. Non-smoking, pet free household. See here for a good review on the Vali https://headphone.guru/schiit-vali-headphone-amplifier/ And a short one on the Modi 2 (this is not the Uber) https://hometheaterhifi.com/blogs/schiit-modi-2-desktop-dac-review/ Cables are about $50 on the Schitt Website Price and price conditions $150 for the lot Reason for selling Selling 2 of my HA to buy a specific one. Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup, or DD
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