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  1. Nice lunch at Aqua yesterday, some really nice wines. Not many bottle shots as the Somm was a bit busy and couldn't always bring over the bottles. My WOTN was a 96 John Riddoch en magnum, really good spot at the moment. I think there was some Bolly, 06 Mt Mary Chardy, 04 Fevre Chablis. The Bass Philip was on song for a 23yo Aussie Pinot. Grange was a bit too in your face American Oak/Vanilla/Coconut but still a great drink. The 76 d'Yquem was drinking great.
  2. I remember when Audio Connection used to be upstairs from Bankstown Hifi. Rudi used to run it and do all he could to try and entice you to stay downstairs. :-) Campsie hifi was another.
  3. If possible try them first! I've not yet found a pair that I could wear for any length of time without annoying me with internal body thumps and crunches (if that makes sense, like when you stick your finger in your ear and tap yourself on the head - I hate it!! :-) I need air coming into my ears)
  4. It was a ghost town in the 90's. Was always something being built around there so the hoardings were always up, streets dirty with mud. Get off at Town Hall station, then I'd do the 3 record stores there Lawsons, Ashwoods, and Phantom. Then down to Red Eye in the Tank Stream arcade and back to Town Hall (with a quick stop at Brashs for any new stuff) and check out my purchases while travelling home. Good days.
  5. Something like this, is a pro-audio leaning set, so should be a bit more rugged and transportable (removable cables, foldable, coiled cable) https://headphones.com.au/product/audio-technica-ath-m40x-headphone/
  6. Forgot we had this as well doh... never had the Mazy before so was really interesting. Doesn't soar like the Chambertin, more down and dirty, but is supremely balanced as a wine.
  7. It was an 04 but luckily the Rhone didn't suffer like Bdx and Burgundy during that vintage.
  8. Casual, organised at the last minute catch-up with a few mates. LaLa was WOTN.
  9. Googling brings up virtually zero hits (which should ring alarm bells for any wine). Yes I know Geoff is a well regarded winemaker but I am concerned with the whole 'deal' thing. So I am assuming Vinimofo have an exclusive access on it, so they can say whatever price they want, the only reference is on the winemakers website. No-one else seems to stock it, which for me is a bit suss. I used to use Vinimofo, but the more I dug down on their 'specials' they would always seem to be faux specials.
  10. I suppose to put the whole issue in context is that we are talking about something that is circa $9K a device. You should invest in a Laser thermometer to get a proper case temp reading. https://www.thermoworks.com/IR-Gun
  11. I’ll give you $1500 for your old one and you can get the new one :-) :-p
  12. I see they have a new model out, looks fantastic, is listed at $2000USD with one tonearm
  13. You can probably guess the general theme :-)
  14. Chardy tasting with a few mates. (was another flight we did but couldn't fit it in the collage). All served blind. Was some very good wines, but no exceptional ones, which was a bit disappointing given the calibre of the wines. Happy that I ranked my faves in the top 1 or 2 of the flights they featured in (Folly, LEAS, Gia, Tappa)
  15. From the original pics I thought they were around 6ft in height, but from the last one, they are not that bad. Such a shame. GLWS
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