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  1. Not necessarily. 89 was a great year in Bordeaux and the 1st/2nd Growths are really coming into their drinking windows now after 30 years. Most Aussie wines aren't made for this type of long haul (Grange, HoG, John Riddoch are some exceptions). Most normal 89 Aussie wines would be past it. The 2004 Bonne Mares by Dujac is a weak vintage, but they managed to minimise the whole green stemmy issues that plagued other wines. Was still there but the fruit certainly outshone it. 2012 on the other hand was superb and everything a Bonne Mares should be. (still young but quite capable of being the WOTN) The 99 Musar is another wine that will live for decades, 99 was a good year for Musar. Not everyones cup of tea, I happen to love it. So yes, a younger wine could very well be a better one, age is not the be all, end all. A lot of wines are created to last X amount of years so you have to be careful not to leave them too long. Sorry for rambling on a bit.
  2. Another eclectic range of wines, first at the restaurant then back at one of the attendees apartment. The 89 Cos was the WOTN for me. Missed pics of about 3 or 4 other wines.
  3. How does it work in terms of the horns basically firing at each other? Is the idea to bounce off the centre part out into the room? You can see from the photos in this ad the angle they fire at. https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-Paragon-C44-Vintage-Walnut-Stereo-System-518-LE15A-375-075-N7000-LX5-/322921924828
  4. If it is who I think it is, I am in the same boat, has had my amp for 9months. It was only a spare amp I wanted fixed up but yeah not sure how he runs a business. I might just send someone around and pick it up, and write it off as a bad experience.
  5. Looks like it has been taken down from FB.
  6. Old school French Polisher could probably sort those scrapes out.
  7. Good question. We had a heap of Fried Chicken delivered https://buttersydney.com.au/pages/food-drink-menu And given it was over 10 hours, it wasn't too bad. I didn't achieve much on Sunday though...
  8. Nice looooong lunch for a birthday that moved to a cheeky game of poker afterwards. Some epic wines. The Gaja was my WOTN. Not all wines shown, will type up a list when I get a chance. The 69 Bredif was as fresh as a daisy.
  9. I'm the opposite! 🙂 My Zaltos are like the Carbon Fiber equivalent of glasses, they weigh next to nothing, any other glass I pick up now feels clunky.
  10. I am finding that glass very triggering.... just saying 🙂 esp for a Winny Blue. I use Zalto Uni's for all my champagne nowadays.
  11. If I am doing stuff with the Joetisserie I usually let it get browned up nicely then put the deflectors in to stop the direct heat and finish cooking it via indirect. Stops the burning of the skin. Just need something on the deflectors to pick up all the drips.
  12. You mean you guys don't use Audiophile Skin Cream? makes the backgrounds much blacker, more air in the notes, and increases PRAT.
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