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  1. Gotta be a canister of gas there 🙂
  2. Our Annual Wine of the Year dinner was last night. Everyone brings a wine they think could be a contender....8 of us were in attendance and we held this at Aria restaurant, a 10 course degustation matched to the wines. (even had Alan Jones on the next table!). The wines were stunning, some truly special ones. Not everyday you can drink a port from 1882 alongside some DRC RSV, multiple vintages of Rousseau Chambertin et al. Very, very generous offerings from everyone. A privilege to be part of this crew of like minded people. NV Jérôme Prévost La Closerie Fac-Simile Extra Brut 19
  3. Surprisingly good. I put in to have the day off work fearing the worst and I could have easily gone in.
  4. Another great dinner with the crew. You can probably guess the theme... Some stunning wines, the variety of the wines made it difficult to pick a winner. We got moved on from GC before we finished so hit up a Korean Fried Chicken place across the road and had it with a 2010 d'Yquem as you do...at 12am in morning 🙂 1990 Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut en magnum 2000 Krug Champagne Vintage Brut 2000 Taittinger Champagne Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut 1970 Lindemans Hunter River Chablis Bin 3875 1980 Pavillon Blanc du Chât
  5. Primare is DAC and Phono. I've not had a Primare amp. I still have them 🙂
  6. I've had a few PM's asking the same, and here is my response... I don't think it's 'warmer', colder or anything, just more detailed and clean. Bear in mind I am using a Weston Acoustics amp with hand wound trannies etc, so that is a very capable and detailed performer, very low noise floor. But the March Audio is just dead silence in the background, black like. "The clicks and bump noise was related to my Roon server USB output (well it is just a std PC) there is still a click but no bump anymore. But it is only when I turn it on so no issue, I've got so many things in the chain PC
  7. Looks good! Are prices coming back in Classifieds, I quite liked the idea that you could scan through quickly without having to go through each thread to see how much the item is.
  8. Youth is wasted on the young 🙂 but yeah, basically this 'Reason why older people spend big is they have accumulated wealth and years of experience to know what to buy. " Slower reflexes but now can afford the Ferrari and Porsche. Taste diminishes but can now afford the expensive wines.
  9. Just read this, what a wonderful read. Really brought back some memories for me. The horrible parking at Bankstown and invariably having to carry that 25Kg amp about 200M to where ever you found a spot or you risked the drop off zones and hoped the parking inspector didn't get you. But you knew you'd be in the store for ages talking to him about things. Sometimes you wouldn't even get upstairs as Rudi would be chatting to you and sell you something instead!
  10. RIP. I always thought Bankstown City Hifi (Rudi) was downstairs and Audio Connection (Josef) was upstairs and they were two different entities? Bought my first amp from them (still have it). Josef, Len and Ceto were the big 3 in the day and if they couldn't help you....
  11. You can probably guess the theme 🙂
  12. What is the general order of quality at Mofi ? (from their website) Ultradisc One Step being the best I assume going by price? Gain 2 Ultra Analog (180g vs 180g 45RPM vs 180g Mono) vs Silver Label vs 45RPM
  13. Yeah, I sold mine for about $1200 about a month ago on here with a bunch of extras. Great deck, but at $1950 he is pretty optimistic.
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