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  1. You gotta get off-site storage to keep your hands off....
  2. Yeah I put the CdC on par with Dom/Krug and one rung below Salon, Krug CdM etc. Fantastic champagne, that is consistently good.
  3. Mine fwiw... 2019 Coates Pinot Noir Cherry and strawberries & cream on the nose, with hints of red liquorice, chocolate and cooked rhubarb. On the palate there is a line of acid that provides a good backbone to wine and provides a nice purity to the fruit. The acid doesn’t completely remove the subtle creaminess it exhibits, which in turn provides the wine with a sense of size. Tannins are dusty and catch at the edges of your mouth and provide a nice counterpoint for food. Plums, dark cherry and hints of marzipan as you work it in your mouth before the tannins come to the fore again and you want to swallow. I can see this aging for a good 5-10 years easily. Note: The Zalto Burgundy glass does Aussie Pinots no favours, making them come across hot. So I switched to a Zalto Universal and it settled down remarkably.
  4. @DRC arrived pretty quickly...tasting note?
  5. Further information: Comes with 2 games Fifa20 and Monopoly. Plus a hard case which doubles as a backup power supply. Only used a handful of times. Has been formatted back to factory default and is running latest updates. Photos:
  6. I should get a 6 pack then, I see the 2018 on your website? or should I just buy the 2019 from them?
  7. Someone is getting wraps from Fiveway Cellars... 🙂 Great store btw, have some good gear available. https://fivewaycellars.com.au/products/coates-pinot-noir-2019
  8. I was looking at the Sennheiser ones with Bluetooth - if your TV has BT capability, also some models allow the TV to be still heard by others while the wearer can adjust the volume independently. $179 https://www.mwave.com.au/product/sennheiser-hd-350bt-bluetooth-headphones-with-built-in-mic-black-ac32509
  9. PM me details for 2 of them, sounds like a good cause. Coconut and Caramel.
  10. Only thing I can think of remotely close with those features and that sort of money is the SMSL AD18 but it doesn't have the screen to show music.
  11. The March Audio suggestion is a good option, I have the smaller one P122 which is 125 Watts and it drives my big speakers easily. I think I paid about $1300 with a pair of XLR cables delivered. Nice small footprint, very little heat dissipation, nice neutral sound with no BS.
  12. If you don't get any bites on the both of them, I would be interested in the SP200.
  13. Couple of the guys organised a virtual tasting, huge effort on their behalf with some fantastic wines, all decanted and dropped off at various locations with proper contact-less change overs. Included custom Cheese Picnic Boxes (I went for 24mth Comte, 12mth Manchego, Hafod Welsh Cheddar, Truffle Brie). Isolation tasting done right.
  14. To be honest, telling someone who is just getting into wine to buy dozens is the worst bit of advice you can give. Palates change, tastes change. To buy Barossan Shiraz by the dozen only to find they much prefer Pinot 2 years down the track is a huge waste of money. Don't buy wines that need 10-15years before they reach their peak until you know what you like. Start off with drink now and as you begin to appreciate/dig deeper go for more age worthy ones. Normally I'd say get to tastings, visit the wine regions but with Covid I'd say buy mixed packs, find out what you like. Try different styles, varieties, countries. Find like minded friends, visit wine forums, go to Offlines get exposed to aged versions of wines, see where they are going. Taste, taste, taste. Find people outside of your normal circles who might already be deep into Italian wines, German Rieslings, Aussie Cabernets and they can expose and educate. Try pinots from different countries (AU vs NZ vs FR), try Cab blends from AU vs NZ vs IT vs FR, try Chardonnay from Yarra Valley vs Geelong vs Mornington vs WA vs Hunter then go international vs Hawkes Bay vs Meursault vs Puligny vs Jura vs Sonoma. Taste, taste, taste... find what you like, go quarter cases, if after 2 years you still love them, dig deeper and start getting half cases. To me dozens were all a leftover from the UK and their Clarets/BDX, they would buy in the dozen lots wines that would take 30 years to mature. They'd taste them as they went, there was an expectation that the majority of it was for the next generation of the family, they had big dinners where 3-4 bottles were needed at a time. The choices were not anywhere near as many as we have today to limit ourselves to buying 12 of one wine each year. Buy 3 of each and you have 4 different wines you can watch mature over the years. Make sure he has adequate storage (Offsite or Onsite) a 155bottle wine fridge can cost you around $2-4K for a good one which is about 10 cases of wine or a few years at WineArk off-site storage.
  15. Yep definitely old Brashs brand. I used to sell them about 25 years ago! I think they were a cheaper alternative to Infinity SM series in the day.
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