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  1. Zammo

    currently drinking

    A Paloma with home made Jalapeño infused blanco tequila. Spicy!
  2. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Daiquiri with Rhum Blanc Agricole. My new favourite rum for daiquiris.
  3. Zammo

    currently drinking

    A little Haitian Rum in a Ti’ Punch and some tunes in the music room.
  4. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Check out locally made Strangelove tonics as well Al. They have a standard tonic (they call No. 8), a light tonic (low sugar but with no artificial sweeteners) and a dirty tonic (cloudy with cinchona bark). They’re all available at DM’s.
  5. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Recent vintages of Quintet under Sam Middleton have become more open at release, so are drinking well from younger (compared to John Middleton wines of the 90’s and early 00’s). At the tasting, the 2010 & 2013 were both drinking beautifully. The wet year 2011 is just holding on, and I wouldn’t hold any longer - that said, for an off year wine, it is still a lovely Quintet. The 2014 & 15 are both classic years, but are approachable now with the potential to improve with some secondary development. I’ll be opening some mid 90’s quintets over summer - will be interesting to see where they’re at.
  6. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Seriously nice cognac.
  7. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Annual release at Mount Mary over the weekend. Whites quite open at release, and the reds dialled back quite a bit from last years concentrated exceptional releases. Still lovely balance though. Great opportunity to taste 7 consecutive vintages of Quintet.
  8. Zammo

    It's Salami Season

    Salami and Capocollo tasting and distribution night tonight. Lost a few of the salami to uneven curing, but majority were excellent. Probably our best batch so far.
  9. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Haven’t tried the Appleton Joy. I have the 21y.o., which is nice but with a touch too much varnish to be great for mine.
  10. Zammo

    Zammo's Man Cave

    Adam A3X active monitors installed today (2 side, 2 rear). Nice, compact, and more than enough extension for surround duties. Installers attached the wall plates, located the balanced cables behind the wall, and placed the speakers. The balanced cables still need to be terminated with XLR connectors, which will occur in the coming week once the installer gets the cold welding tool from the cable manufacturer. Will be great to finally get a little surround action happening for movies and SACD’s soon.
  11. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Ha ha. Sorry mate. They have some lovely rums.
  12. Zammo

    currently drinking

    From Nick’s wine merchants. I presume they didn’t have many, as they sold out within a day. I think liquormojo might still have some available (and more from the Velier range).
  13. Zammo

    currently drinking

    A special rum from Habitation Velier. 2006 Worthy Park Estate - an 11 year old pure single rum (estate grown cane, fermented and distilled on site in a Forsyth’s pot still, and aged on site.) 57.5% and an absolute ester bomb, this is for sipping, not cocktails.
  14. Zammo

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    You getting a Yoder?
  15. Zammo

    currently drinking

    Holidaying in Daylesford. About to head out to grab take away charcoal chicken for dinner, but doesn’t mean I have to skimp on wine.