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  1. Home cured maple/coffee bacon, smoked over cherry wood. Sliced, vac packed, and 2/3 into the freezer (the rest to be eaten during the week). Made from a 2.3kg free range belly.
  2. A Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Classic island cocktail. Demerara rum, falernum, lime juice and orange curaçao. Bloody delicious.
  3. Good to hear. I have half a dozen, so will crack one soon to see where it’s at young.
  4. Sorry for late reply. Yeah, I tend to use American mustard for beef and pork. Doesn’t add much flavourwise, but nice and sticky and helps with bark. You’re correct with the no wrapping bit. Ceramic grill, water in a pan beneath brisket, and wagyu beef equals good moisture and a quick cook without a wrap.
  5. 9.3 kg MB7+ Tajima wagyu brisket I smoked a couple of weekends ago. Beautiful brisket. Made burnt ends from some of the point (picture is prior going back into the smoker).
  6. This vintage seems to be garnering a bit of support as one of the finest Chardonnays ever produced in this country. Anyone tried it yet? I’ve snuck a few bottles in the cellar, but will probably crack one soon to see what the hype is about.
  7. Trying different combinations of rums in my Mai Tai’s. This worked well. An aged Cuban column still rum in the Club Havana Maestros, and a young funky pot still Jamaican in the Smith & Cross. Made a very full flavoured cocktail.
  8. Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Mezcal (Del Maguey Chichicapa - very smokey), Punt e Mes (a bitter sweet vermouth half way to amaro), coffee liqueur and chocolate bitters. Stirred and served over ice. No garnish. Lots of punch. Kill Bill.
  9. A clear spirit from Oaxaca in Mexico. Must be Mezcal right? Nope. Agricole style white rum. Amazing stuff, it has all the herbaceousness you’d expect of cane juice spirit with the added strong aroma of olive brine. This really shines in a daiquiri.
  10. Never tried it. Meant to be a very nice Rye.
  11. Stunning Margaret river cab merlot. Still going strong at 22 years old.
  12. Valentines cocktail. Strawberry purée, creme de cacao blanc, cognac and Prosecco.
  13. Yep. Just fresh peach purée and Prosecco.
  14. Holiday drinks. Had some very ripe white peaches, so made Bellini’s (peach purée and Prosecco). The T’Gallant prosecco in a can is the real deal. Very convenient size and packaging.
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