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  1. Makes a beast of an Old Fashioned. 125.9 proof.
  2. Victoria takes on Burgundy night hosted by Huon Hooke and Ralph Kyte-Powell from The Real Review. Some excellent wines.
  3. Was actually quite delicious despite the deep colour.
  4. Christmas and New Years wine. The double magnum was a prosecco we won earlier in the year. It was delightful, and shared with many.
  5. Vertical of Mount Mary Quintet on tasting at the 2017 release this year. The new releases are absolutely stunning. Sam Middleton is in a little purple patch at the moment.
  6. Playing around with rums in a Mai Tai. Two very assertive (and not meant for cocktail) rums. The Clairin from Haiti won the battle. Made a great drink.
  7. Starting to explore the vast range of Gose style beers appearing on the market. This was a good start if you like sour beer styles.
  8. Misquoted you. I’m a traditionalist, and a stirrer![emoji6]
  9. You shook a gin martini![emoji51][emoji51][emoji51][emoji6]
  10. A few victims from a week on Stradbroke Island with friends.
  11. Peach cobbler for the wife. A drink and fruit salad all in one!
  12. That it is! And a very fine one. The glass delivers the aromatics beautifully.
  13. Gifted a hand blown spirit glass for Father’s Day, so taking it for a run with this very fine Anejo.
  14. No ice Whisky Highball. Everything heavily Pre-chilled. No ice dilution. Delicious.
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