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  1. Anyone interested? I believe this is pretty rare. How about $300?
  2. Maybe I'm not the only one, but what has been annoying me lately has been the abundance of stand-up comedy additions. It's just a non-stop barrage of these shows and the majority of them are completely unfunny or complete filth and smut, or both. I can tell by just letting the preview run for 10 seconds. Ok, Hicks, Chappelle and Burr are top level and Sandler's special was kind of smutty but still quite funny and inventive. But after that it's all downhill. Has anyone seen the Seth Rogan special. Wow. A few minutes in and there's some sort of penis prop and these sex jokes (or whatever, I'm trying to erase it from my memory) and I'm done. Why do they think people want to see this? The people in the audience seem to laugh through their teeth half the time, like they're supposed to laugh so they just do it, even when nothing especially funny is happening. Then there are the comedians who just say Trump and then Russia and people laugh. I do recommend Bill Burr though. I had sore stomach muscles after his first two specials. Other than that, has anyone watched Fyre? Such an interesting doco about social media. There's also a show called Latin American History for Morons (I think) by John Leguziamo. That is really good and eye opening.
  3. Anyone using this? They offered February for $5 if you're a new signee. Unfortunately I signed up just before the offer. I only watch NBA and it has two games a day live usually. Which isn't bad. I noticed they have the Foxtel AFL live channels. If so, I might keep the sub during the AFL season. If not, screw it. For me, $25 a month is too much on top of Netflix, Stan, Apple Music and whatever else I can't remember I'm subbed to.
  4. I recommend Counterpart. Especially if you don't read there synopsis before starting.
  5. Item: Frank Sinatra The Capitol Years Box Set - Made In EU. Location: Altona, Victoria Price: $300 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Cash needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Box is in perfect condition. So are the CDs and the inserts. The only issue with this is that I bought it from the US and the person I bought it from removed the plastic CD cases to save on shipping I think. I replaced 10 of the covers so whoever buys it will need to get some blank CD cases and put the discs in them. Worth it though because these are best sounding versions on CD. I'm in the West of Melbourne. Will not post because of the potential for damage. Pictures:
  6. just added some pics if anyone is still interested. one is of the small ding in the corner of the 4th box set.
  7. Yep. Barclay record company France.
  8. The vinyl itself is quite thin. Probably 120gm but just a guess. The pressings are quiet on the whole.
  9. ITEM: Fela Kute Box Sets 3 & 4 Location: Altona, Melbourne. Condition: Very Good to Excellent, some unplayed, some sealed. Reason for selling: Bought the CDs. Price: $150 each Hiya, Not much needs to be said about these. If you know who Fela Kuti is, you'll know about these boxsets. Have limited edition numbers on back of box, with photos of all of Fela's wives as inserts. They go for about $300 each on eBay sealed and are super hard to find. I can't remember what I paid but I think it was over $120 from memory. They have six of his albums on vinyl in each. I've cleaned beforehand all of the LPs I've played. Of note: the covers are vastly superior to the ones that Knitting Factory have brought out. Box set 3: 1. With Ginger Baker - Live 2. Roforofo Fight 3. Alagbon Close 4. He Miss Road 5. Everything Scatter 6. Ikoyi Blindness Box set 4: 1. Kalakuta Show 2. Zombie 3. Fear Not For Man 4. No Agreement 5. Shuffering & Shmiling 6. Coffin For Head Of State Can post more photos if needed. Sorry, can't post such items.
  10. Don't know why but the storyline reminds me of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.
  11. didn't King write The Mist? sounds a lot like the same story, just with a dome keeping people locked in with other instead of a deadly mist.
  12. I think In Time was fairly compressed as well. i wouldn't know, I've only played this in the car. the dvd-a is not compressed as much. Anyway, speaking of R.E.M, their last album is terrible on cd, it rings in your ears. The lp is listenable, wish it wasn't so, since I not really a vinyl buff.
  13. Does it make a difference if the film was shot with an actual 3D camera? If such a thing exists. Or is all 3D done from standard film stock and then done digitally? Coming up next, The Last Samurai in 3D.
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