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  1. Hi Matt, Are you talking about to set test level to 0.0DB and then tune level for all the speakers to 75db? In such way, it needs +7DB for my main speakers. Cheers Tom
  2. Christie does generate a lot of heat with 1000W Xenon bulb. Yet now with intake/exhaust area separated, it's 5 degrees cooler than not having the hush box. I've been using it like this for 2 weeks and it's just perfect
  3. So you haven't compared 2 channel performance between those 3? Arcam/Krell and Mcintosh?
  4. Later I noticed the temp in the hush box it's self is pretty high, thus hot air goes into the air intake and caused the projector temp high. Then I made 2 new pieces of board to isolate intake and output areas. Which ends up very very effectively. Just 2 small pieces of board reduced temp for 15 degrees! Now it's even 5 degrees cooler than in the past without the hushbox!
  5. Thanks, it is great outcome, super satisfied! However, after watched for 2 hours, I noticed an issue. The temperature inside the projector (in menu, it displays temperature in several points) is 10 degrees higher than earlier. Checked again for the fan specs and I'm pretty sure they're over spec'ed. And the exhaust fan CFM combined is below 40% of what's installed in the projector itself.
  6. Once done, I very carefully adjusted height of the projector and make sure lens does not touch the front panel. Also on top cover and back cover, I use wool panel and nailed acoustic pinboard covers it.
  7. In the evening, very exited to turn the projector on for a test, and found the boresight is out of alignment (four corners are not in focus at the same time)... I must be when I install the front board, it had put some force to the lens. Since everything's very heavy, the board and the projector (>40kg), if sometime the weight is lean on the lens (if bottom board is too high), then the lens mount will be moved a little bit, then re-alignment is required...
  8. @Quark 15db! A lot of issues on the path of making this hush box... After I took off the lens, I noticed there's some plate on the bottom side that can't go through the hole... Then I cut the front board to half.
  9. Well, I think I jumped in too fast. removed my earlier comments.
  10. I don't know how much it cost, should be pretty costly. I think lots of US Runco users got that option, it will be surely more expensive than AUD6000 when new. I'm not aware of any cheap options which also has great output.
  11. ** Jumped into this topic too fast... ** removed my earlier comments...
  12. I made a hold with 127mm diameter, just a few mil bigger than the lens. (Lens is removable) Also I'm just using screws, so that it will be easy dismantle if required in the future.
  13. @Rec. 709 After 5 months of planning (laziness), I finally completed the hush box. Well, need a bit of more decoration yet the result is fantastic! Material used: Most boards are 25mm MDF bought from bunnings, a few pieces are 16mm ones (used up 25mm board and only very few Bunnings has 25mm in stock). Acoustic pin board: https://www.bunnings.com.au/forestone-1200-x-800mm-9mm-black-acoustic-pinboard_p0098212 2* 200mm fans for exhaust and 3*120mm fans for air intake. Real wool mat Without hush box, from seating position, it's 53.5 db. Pretty loud, yet turn amp volume up, you can still enjoy a movie with great experience. I've watched movies, even some concerts like this for almost 5 months. In the begining, The design is a rectangle box sized 120*90*45cm, huge! Then I decided to cut 4 corners to make it look less bulk.
  14. I did some research earlier, the black one is D1 and silver one is D2 actually. With some other minor difference.
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