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  1. Yep, it's the ribbon tweeter with 360 degrees. The speaker got 2 tweeters and you can adjust how much treble goes to which one. The ribbon one gives you more spacious sound. So the model 609XPI, X means the X-Jet tweeter and PI is the round ribbon tweeter.
  2. Updates I've tried a few days try to convince my misses but she didn't give me approval before some pending work for home renovation to complete which is expected by the end of the year. So I'll keep the Elac for the time being and see if some opportunities come up by then. Thanks all for your interest. Further information: EOI: ELAC flagship 609XPI in good condition, 8/10. It does have some marks as you can see from the photos. As a flag ship model, there's no compromize on cost of build quality and parts. RRP around 30,000. https://manualzz.com/doc/24308353/mus
  3. Further information: Very rare to find, B&O Beovox MS150.2 in great condition! Only thing is one of the speaker, on the back, the black plastic sheet peels off on one side. please see the photos. They were B&O's biggest and most perfected loudspeakers up to the time of their introduction, designed to reproduce sound with a natural, linear phase quality - even at very high sound pressure levels. Their power handling capacities were specified at 150 watts RMS. However, effective overload protection circuits enabled them to handle brief passages of music way above their ratings.
  4. Thanks Rollen. Yes, it is really bang for the buck option Very good build quality and sound.
  5. Further information: Hi End Anthem 50V 3D A/V receiver. RRP $7999! This is a pre surround processor. It's in 9 out of 10 condition. The receiver basically looks brand new. Remote and ARC room correction microphone set also included. I got it from a SNA member early this year. Selling since I got an Arcam AV888. Pretty similar and I can sell either of them. Just need one. Pro. -Awesome sound. -Very solid build. -ARC room correction. -Multiple HDMI ports. -Supports DTS HD/MA, Dolby TrueHD, 7.1 channels Con. -HDMI does not support 4K. -Does not sup
  6. Hi Steve, I can't believe you're selling them. It will be such great opportunity for someone who is super lucky! GLWTS! Tom
  7. Hi coffee25, Saw you're selling 2 PB16s, those are kind of endgame subs. Just wondering which next Subs you're after? I'm waiting for one comes up in Sydney... Tom
  8. I use some left over british paint ceiling paint (the thick one include primer) for my 175 inch wall screen and turned out very good. And then i got 2 inches wide screen border felt roll from the US and the screen is perfect to me. (the paint is actually too thick for the ceiling tho. Yet perfect for the projection wall.)
  9. Thank you guys. It is really good. Better than I expected. Thus I'm lazy to 'decorate' the box, I think until my boy can draw something nice/interesting on it.
  10. Hi Apgood, Actually I got a HD3 and a HD6K. HD6K uses 1000W xenon bulb rated 6000 LM and HD3 uses 500W xenon bulb rated 3000LM. They're basically identical just with different power module. For 175" screen, the 1000W model is better, more brighter (more hotter as well). They all arrived with some flaws: the HD6K came with a small darker mark on the image and the HD3 has a dark mark on one of the corner. One of the lens got chips. Both are out of focus. I've spent some time calibrated both and been using the HD6K for a few months. Although my wife/kids didn't realize there's
  11. Thanks guys. Since many has tested and confirmed it won't be good to use PA sub for home theatre setup, I'll figure out something else.
  12. Sorry I don't have other lens. I love this short throw 1.1:1 lens as around 6 meter room length I can get around 180inch of image. Maybe try ebay but lens is not cheap though. Yet I find 3.5m to screen from sitting position and 4.8M from projector (lens) to the screen is pretty perfect for the 175' screen for me. If it's 2.1:1 lens, to project to a large screen, it will be close to 10 meters...
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