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  1. Thanks Rollen. Yes, it is really bang for the buck option Very good build quality and sound.
  2. Further information: Hi End Anthem 50V 3D A/V receiver. RRP $7999! This is a pre surround processor. It's in 9 out of 10 condition. The receiver basically looks brand new. Remote and ARC room correction microphone set also included. I got it from a SNA member early this year. Selling since I got an Arcam AV888. Pretty similar and I can sell either of them. Just need one. Pro. -Awesome sound. -Very solid build. -ARC room correction. -Multiple HDMI ports. -Supports DTS HD/MA, Dolby TrueHD, 7.1 channels Con. -HDMI does not support 4K. -Does not support Atmos surround coding (yet can downstream to DTS HD, etc) https://www.soundstagexperience.com/index.php/equipment-menu/388-anthem-avm50v-3d-audio-video-processor Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  3. Hi Steve, I can't believe you're selling them. It will be such great opportunity for someone who is super lucky! GLWTS! Tom
  4. Hi coffee25, Saw you're selling 2 PB16s, those are kind of endgame subs. Just wondering which next Subs you're after? I'm waiting for one comes up in Sydney... Tom
  5. Very classy! Good luck with the sales.
  6. I use some left over british paint ceiling paint (the thick one include primer) for my 175 inch wall screen and turned out very good. And then i got 2 inches wide screen border felt roll from the US and the screen is perfect to me. (the paint is actually too thick for the ceiling tho. Yet perfect for the projection wall.)
  7. Thank you guys. It is really good. Better than I expected. Thus I'm lazy to 'decorate' the box, I think until my boy can draw something nice/interesting on it.
  8. Hi Apgood, Actually I got a HD3 and a HD6K. HD6K uses 1000W xenon bulb rated 6000 LM and HD3 uses 500W xenon bulb rated 3000LM. They're basically identical just with different power module. For 175" screen, the 1000W model is better, more brighter (more hotter as well). They all arrived with some flaws: the HD6K came with a small darker mark on the image and the HD3 has a dark mark on one of the corner. One of the lens got chips. Both are out of focus. I've spent some time calibrated both and been using the HD6K for a few months. Although my wife/kids didn't realize there's a dark mark at center, I decided to swap some parts. So I swapped the power module from them. Now they're practically HD3K (in HD6K case) and HD6 (in HD3 case). So I'm now selling the HD3K(in HD6K case) with the good lens without chips. I'm now using HD6 with chipped lens. I've priced the projector in reg to the minor flaw it has. Yet I can guarantee the vivid color it produces and the clarity is beyond $20,000 new projectors. As for the connections, from my surround processor I have a HDMI cable with a HDMI-DVI adaptor to connect to the projector. You may also use HDMI->DVI cable as well. So my HTPC/Nintendo switch has HDMI connection to my surround processor. Shipping will be expensive interstate. To make it safe probably it needs a pallet. The truck will need a forklift to unload it. Then the shipping cost could be over $200. Otherwise it might be able to go without pallet in 2 boxes, which the box for the projector itself will be 35~40KG. You may also contact any courier service to get a quote. Tom
  9. Thanks guys. Since many has tested and confirmed it won't be good to use PA sub for home theatre setup, I'll figure out something else.
  10. Sorry I don't have other lens. I love this short throw 1.1:1 lens as around 6 meter room length I can get around 180inch of image. Maybe try ebay but lens is not cheap though. Yet I find 3.5m to screen from sitting position and 4.8M from projector (lens) to the screen is pretty perfect for the 175' screen for me. If it's 2.1:1 lens, to project to a large screen, it will be close to 10 meters...
  11. Just had some interesting thoughts that has anyone tried stage/concert sub (passive/active) to use at home for watching movies? You can easily find 18 inches subs with reasonable price. I've already had a good 12inch sub for music/movies, yet thinking of adding a 18inch as supplement sub for lower bass if it makes sense. For example, a powered 18 inch sub: https://www.jdsound.com.au/elx200-18sp-18-inch-powered-subwoofer.html Or twin 18 inch passive one, while Ncore Hypex Fusion amp module might be a good fit for it. https://www.jdsound.com.au/bob-audio-bs1000-dual-18-1400w-rms-band-pass-design-subwoofer.html
  12. Item Condition: 7/10 Shipping Options: Pickup is available Suburb or Town: CHERRYBROOK State: New South Wales Payment Method: Cash on pickup Reason for selling: surplus This is a rare opportunity to have such a great projector, way way way better than those sub-10 thousand 4K consumer ones. It is a huge sized projector, weight 34kg without lens and the lens is another 5 or more kgs. RRP $40000 USD for the projector and $6000 for the lens! It's over 80,000 AUD totally when it was new. https://www.projectorcentral.com/Christie-HD3K.htm Selling due to I have a 6000lm model HD6K which is better fit for my 175 inch screen. Although when use this HD3K for 175 inches, the image, the brightness is already way better than any consumer projector, I feel it will be perfect for 150 inch or 133 inches. The projector has some scratch on the top cover and crack on the base cover as per the photo. Yet it's built rock solid (all internal parts are aluminum) and is fully functional. It use 3DLP chips, it's 3X0.95 inch DLP chips. Now a days new 4K DLP projectors are using single 0.47 inch (physical resolution 1080p, yet shift to 4K) and 0.66 inch (premium models with 25XX resolution shift to 4K). So it's like consumer cheap camera VS professional DSLR, even consumer ones got more pixels, it can not compare with professional DSLR with prime lens. With 3DLP chips, there's no color wheels so no rainbow effects. The lens is a fixed 1.1:1 (HD) short through lens which can do 150 inches with 4M distance. The lens is massive and very heavy. It's using 500W Xenon bulb. Which Xenon bulbs have best spectrum that close to sunlight. So it's not like other UHT lamp or LED or laser that certain color is weaker on spectrum that you need to calibrate the project to have accurate color while it's a lot dim than advertised. Xenon bulb projectors has no such issues and color is the best even better than latest top end LED/laser projectors. For HDR, this projector does not support HDR. However, now a days I play most 4K HDR movies via my HTPC using MadVR (video processing add on software) which converts HDR to SDR nicely. Image quality is breathtaking! The projector shows less than 1000 hours in the menu and lamp is below 500 hours (1500hours life, if you adjust to lower power such as 350 or 400W, the bulb will have longer life) Pros: Best color I've ever seen! Very rich, dynamic image. It's not like lots of 4K projectors that the image is 'flat'. This one the image gives you 3D feels. It's like a highend plasma VS cheap LCD TV. The color, the brightness is better than movie theaters. Great contrast Crystal clear. Resolution wise it's not 4K, yet I guarantee you'll find it's more 'clear' than normal 4K projectors Very bright, best on a 133-150 inch and will still be good on 180 inch screens. (Brighter than JVC flagship N11) Massive sized short throw lens gives you chance to project very large image. (1.1:1 lens) Cons: Very loud - fan noise 1 meter away is 55DB. I've built a hushbox reduced noise to 38DB which is normal to other home projectors. 500W Xenon bulb - can adjust between 350W to 500W yet it use more electricity than normal projectors. But brighter as well. It has a small dark mark at the center of the image, not visible in most of the scenes. Can show some demo. Actually my wife/kids have not noticed it. Could be some dirt in the optical engine, if you're very handy, you may carefully open the projector to check. Xenon bulb is expensive. This projector is for enthusiasts, for those who really want to be moved by the image, and can live with the cons come with the projector. Photos: Photos can not justify how great the image is as my camera is not good enough to have grey levels to show all the details. Also to judge a projector, a still image taken from mobile phone is not good enough. You need to come and see it to believe it.
  13. Hi Matt, Are you talking about to set test level to 0.0DB and then tune level for all the speakers to 75db? In such way, it needs +7DB for my main speakers. Cheers Tom
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