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  1. Hi Andy, I have briefly looked at other cart prices The cart originally came from Tivoli as part of a Pro ject turntable buy. I rang Garrot Brothers direct - a while back, I think they quoted me around $400 to do it. And about $500 for a new P76i complete replacement. So I guess, that's what I need to pay. James
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows of a tech who can replace damaged cantilever on a Garrot Brothers P76 - the stylus is still ok I believe. I have contacted Garrot Brothers distributors here in Melbourne - but the cost is a out of my range. Many thanks James
  3. Hi Wondering if I could get some advice. There's a pair of Denon POA S10 mono amps for sale in classifieds. Just have a question regarding the bi wiring these amps. My speakers are Ambience 4 ohm which can be bi wired. As the amps have A & B binding posts and it says bi wiring on the amps, I assume you use both A & B to bi wire. It also says on the amp A&B is 8 - 16 ohms. Would it be safe to use A&B wiring with 4 ohm speakers - or which way can this can be done?
  4. Am in melb - can pick up tomorrow if still avail
  5. Hi what are the dimensions of the units and the power to 4ohm please send
  6. I’ll say it’s a bargain too. I have an earlier version - they are 1600’s but are the wider models. And produce a wonderful sound. id be interested to know how far from the wall pcmd1138 in his experience has them placed to get the best results - mine are forever on the move!
  7. I’m interested too - if first sale doesn’t go through
  8. I’m interested- where in Yarra ranges for pick up?
  9. Item: 1 metre RCA pair, Location: Aspendale Price: $150 ( includes post in Australia ) Item Condition: Mint condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great sounding cable - These sell for over $300 a pair. Pictures:
  10. Yes, the Apple TV I have has both outputs. I believe the latest model doesn't have optical output ( but here is some way of getting around this apparently ). I have connected the Apple TV optical straight to the DAC, and the HDMI for video to the TV. To test what was going on, I unplugged the HDMI from the Apple TV, and sure enough, there was no video but the audio was going through the DAC. Apart from better audio also coming through the normal TV from another optical connection, the other benefit of adding the DAC is that the DVD player now goes through the DAC via it's HDMI connection to the normal TV - so it's win win so far. My ears and the attached grey matter haven't noticed any audio / video difference in timing so far. Out of all the different pre amps, amps, speakers and cables I've had over the years - adding this DAC to the mix has made the biggest impact.
  11. Hi, I posted a message on this forum a couple of weeks ago asking if an stand alone DAC- would make a difference to my Apple TV and normal TV sound quality. I got some very encouraging advice from members here. I bought a Rotel DAC 1580 this week and I've got to report the difference is amazing. I connected the DAC up to the Apple TV and normal TV using optical digital cable and run in back into my stereo system via RCA outputs on the Rotel, as I said, amazing. I thought I'd buy budget optical digital cable to get me started from Jaycar. The Rotel has 2 coax and 2 optical inputs, so I could potentially hook up a Blu Ray and CD player also. Now the age old question, I guess. Am I headed down the endless road to find better digital cables? Is there a difference between budget and more expensive optical / coax cables options? Would be happy to hear your views. Many thanks James
  12. Hi would you consider posting to Melbourne?
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