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  1. Pm sent with intention to buy
  2. jamm753

    SOLD: FS: Schiit Mani Phono Preamplifier

    I’m interested- where in Yarra ranges for pick up?
  3. Hi, Sorry these were sold some time ago.
  4. Item: 1 metre RCA pair, Location: Aspendale Price: $150 ( includes post in Australia ) Item Condition: Mint condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great sounding cable - These sell for over $300 a pair. Pictures:
  5. jamm753

    Digital Cables

    Yes, the Apple TV I have has both outputs. I believe the latest model doesn't have optical output ( but here is some way of getting around this apparently ). I have connected the Apple TV optical straight to the DAC, and the HDMI for video to the TV. To test what was going on, I unplugged the HDMI from the Apple TV, and sure enough, there was no video but the audio was going through the DAC. Apart from better audio also coming through the normal TV from another optical connection, the other benefit of adding the DAC is that the DVD player now goes through the DAC via it's HDMI connection to the normal TV - so it's win win so far. My ears and the attached grey matter haven't noticed any audio / video difference in timing so far. Out of all the different pre amps, amps, speakers and cables I've had over the years - adding this DAC to the mix has made the biggest impact.
  6. Hi, I posted a message on this forum a couple of weeks ago asking if an stand alone DAC- would make a difference to my Apple TV and normal TV sound quality. I got some very encouraging advice from members here. I bought a Rotel DAC 1580 this week and I've got to report the difference is amazing. I connected the DAC up to the Apple TV and normal TV using optical digital cable and run in back into my stereo system via RCA outputs on the Rotel, as I said, amazing. I thought I'd buy budget optical digital cable to get me started from Jaycar. The Rotel has 2 coax and 2 optical inputs, so I could potentially hook up a Blu Ray and CD player also. Now the age old question, I guess. Am I headed down the endless road to find better digital cables? Is there a difference between budget and more expensive optical / coax cables options? Would be happy to hear your views. Many thanks James
  7. jamm753

    SOLD: Kimber Timbre RCA Interconnects

    Hi would you consider posting to Melbourne?
  8. jamm753

    Power Amps Bridging

    Hi, Sorry for not being clear with my question. I think LHH from NZ has obvious method. If the below is also unclear, I apologise in advance! The sketch below shows the current set up - I guess bridging in my original question my not be the right description as the amps don't a factory bridging option. The interconnects from the pre amp have a Y splitter. The speaker cables are currently connected to the A speaker terminals on both amps. The amps have buttons on the front for A speaker only, for B speakers only, or they can be used both together to run second set of speakers. I guess what I'm asking - is there a way to use both A & B sources to run the same set of speakers. The speakers are Ambience 1800 with bi wire posts, which I believe are rated about 4 Ohm each. I'm not unhappy with the current set up - there's enough power to run the speakers - just curious if the is any benefit, Many thanks
  9. jamm753

    Power Amps Bridging

    Hi, I currently have 2 Luxman M363 power amps ( bi amp )in my system running from a Luxman C363 pre amp. The M363's have no bridging feature like their big brother M383. I'm using the left and right A speaker posts of each amp to Bi wire my speakers. I've always wondered if it is possible to also some how connect the B speaker posts of each amp and if there would be any advantage? The amp power specs: Continuous power output 8 ohms 20 Hz to 20 Khz - 110 W + 110 W Dynamic power ( 8 ohms ) 150 W + 150 W A or B = speaker 4 - 16 A and B speaker 8 - 16
  10. jamm753


    Sold pending payment
  11. jamm753


    PM received at 4.50 - quoting postage
  12. Item: Interconnect RCA Pair - 'Y' Splitter - Silver 1.2cm Pair Location: Aspendale 3195 Price: $75 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Had these custom made about 8 years ago. Extremely well made using silver conductors and FURUTECH RCA plugs. Used between pre and power amps. To my ears, they are very detailed and have great depth and produce a wide sound stage. Cash on Pick up In Aspendale or Bank Transfer - can post Pictures:
  13. Item: ROTEL CD PLAYER RCD 965BX Location: Aspendale 3195 Price: $90 Item Condition: Reasonably good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Is still considered a very, very good player. I'm the second owner, I've had it 20 years. Features a Bitstream Dual D/A Converter Sometimes, it has a tray open and close issue. It wont open when the button is pressed - you need to give it a bit of help with a finger. The open / close button came away some years ago and was glued back on ( not 100% aligned with other buttons ). Having said that, I just tested it several times and the open / close mechanism worked just fine. Otherwise, plays extremely well and does every thing else it should, the face is extremely clean, only the top has a few minor scuffs and a couple of nicks. Comes with original factory remote. Prefer cash on pick up, otherwise Bank Transfer, Can post if required. Pictures:
  14. jamm753

    Amp trigger cables

    Thank you very much - I really appreciate your reply