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  1. And you 8 AM 9 AM you in her 99 inches in b9binnnbn9bbi9onoob9onoob9i9onoob9i
  2. Yes it's great to have our own little piece of turf on the grand stereonet lawn, audio forums here (Audioenz excepted in its heyday) have had it tough over the last few years. My old witchdoctor.co.nz forum meandered to a miserable death, although the review site (which I have nothing to do with now thank goodness) is still in operation. I'm looking forward to any articles/reviews with a kiwi focus - products such as Simon's 'The Wand' and Gary Morrison's Pure Audio amplification are truly world class and deserving of an in-depth showcasing here. Currently listening to the new Lana Del Rey album on an oil tanker steaming south from Marsden Point - surely I win any prizes for 'most unusual listening environment ' ?
  3. Previously known as ilikecrumpets on Audioenz and stereonet.com.au, for some reason I was unable to log in on stereonet.co.nz. So Klaatu it is! Great to have the forum reborn, let's hope it goes from strength to strength ?
  4. Very nice, I haven't received my validation email yet - or is my old Audioenz login still viable?
  5. Hahaha, nah - I'm not a Stewart Islander! I've been to Bluff though, which must rate a close second on the woolly girlfriend scale.
  6. Nice work If you need a non sheep-shagging audio scribe over here consider this forumer an interested, and fairly experienced party
  7. Crazy but true, 6 weeks at a time at sea is crushing without some sort of quality audio. So here it is - AURALiC Aries Mini with aftermarket LPSU, iFi iDSD DAC and a pair of nice little Q-Acoustics BT-3 active monitors. Not shown: a second hand Mirage 8" subwoofer (it's next to the rubbish bin under the desk). And a 3tb WD Ultra USB powered hard drive chocka with tunes, DSD/hi-res flac and scheisse mp3 stuff. Does it sound good in my cabin on this bloody oil tanker? Is the Pope a catholic? Will the All Blacks beat the Wallabies? Hell yeah!
  8. A crummy cellphone pic, but we're heading for the pot of gold. Bay of Plenty, East Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Coastal oil tanker Kakariki.
  9. Andy, Still ploughing through them, the Benz does sound more articulate plugged directly into the Sugden with no loading plugs - surprisingly good in fact. The Dynavector seems to like the 100ohm loading so far, but it's been a bit of a struggle finding the time to really nut it out. I'll have to get rid of the Mrs for an evening this week and smash it once and for all! Do expect a definitive answer from my testing this time next week Andy
  10. Arrived! I won't have time to have a go at these until Monday, but Andy sure has put some work in with them. Thanks buddy, I'll let you know how it all works out Gazza
  11. Bloody hell! Hopefully the Customs Dept have them, probably using em for sniffer dog practice! Is the tracking number an Australia Post ID? Couldn't track it on their site. And yep, the Benz is singing very nicely now - not that it wasn't before, but it is definitely an improvement Gazza
  12. Hey Cliff,I've taken out the loading plugs and am running the Micro Ace into the Sugden MC input at 470 ohms. Definitely a better match, bit more musicality and dynamics have taken a subtle curve up. Once Andy's loading plugs rock up over here in this stable democracy I'll have a crack at those, but Andy old chum there's no rush - we're all busy people especially you bro's over in the arid desert dealing with Turnbull, Shorten and Hansen!
  13. That's superb Andy, what a brick you are Mate I'll take you up on your very kind offer of help. PM on its way. Gazza
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