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  1. Item: Yamaha RX-A3000 AV Receiver with YDS-12 Ipod dock Location: Mooroolbark, Vic 3138 Price: 650 ONO + shipping at buyers expense Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgraded to RX-A3080 for Atmos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Direct Deposit Extra Info: This is an excellent unit in fantastic condition. Has been in storage for last 18 months due to moving house but in perfect working order. Kid free, smoke free home and was never worked very hard as only running in-ceiling surrounds due to active front stage. It includes all accessories that came standard with the unit, as per pics, as well as a Yamaha YDS-12 ipod dock to suit. Negotiable on price within reason, with pickup or local delivery being the preferred options, though will ship at buyer's expense. https://ca.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-a3000/index.html#product-tabs Pictures:
  2. I picked one of these up right on Christmas for $3930 from Big Picture People. Loving the projector so far, it is just awesome.
  3. RE050's wont be on cars for much longer at all, they have been discontinued and are harder to get now (Thankfully!). The tyre that is fitted to the VW's can also depend on the size rim, alot of the 18's are Bridgestones, whereas 19's seem to be Dunlop or Continental's.
  4. I recently fitted Michelin Pilot Super Sports, to my golf R, and have to say they are absolutely brilliant. By far the best tyre I have ever had on any car. In the past I have had Bridgeston Re50's (terrible), Goodyear F1 GS-D3 (very, very good), Fulda Exelero (pretty good), but these Michelins are fantastic. They grip very nicel and never feel like giving way. At just over $1050 a set from Tirerack, delivered, tehy are well priced too.
  5. Can understand the dislike for the evo interior, it is ****. The 135i, bloody nice, and apart from fuel pumps, are pretty cheap to make go really hard. Look muscular enough too. The 370z manual has a nice blip on downchange, but wasn't really for me.
  6. I know you said you weren't interested, but don't discount the R without driving it first, you may be surprised. PM me if you want to take mine for a blast.
  7. No, not technically AT the show as such. This doesn't mean though that I didn't spot something that now has me interested in purchasing. Stuart, how is that Musickube coming along???
  8. I also recently purchased a bottle of the 12 year old Yamazaki and found it to be excellent. Never having tried Japanese Whisky, I must say that I am a fan. Where do you guys purchase this and the other vintages from?
  9. Nice to see some pics, I never even considered taking my camera, thought it would be off limits. That centre channel is an absolute monster in the flesh, would love to hear it running.
  10. Yeah, maybe the white fad will pass, but still look good.. Musickube wasn't running in the morning but later on in the afternoon they had it up and working. Stuart was showing me the interface etc but did't get to actually use it as the Illuminators were playing. There were two, a black and a silver, but definitely prefer the black.
  11. I thought the SGR setup was great, save the large crowds obviously. It was nice to see the big fellas up and running and I thought the white mt3's looked great. White is the new black. As far as listening to what you want, Stuart was very accomodating, let me listen to what I wanted and control the volume etc. I was glad to see the Musickube up and running, look forward to it being in production.
  12. Now sold, thanks for the interest guys.
  13. Hey guys, I have my Yamaha Blu Ray player up for sale. It is a great little player but has to go due to having upgraded. Price is negotiable within reason and I am happy to demo for those interested. Anyone who would like some pictures, just pm me. Cheers, Tristan Item: Yamaha BD-A1000 Location: Mooroolbark, Victoria. Price: $350 ono. Item Condition: Perfect. Reason for selling: Upgrade. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: This blu ray player is in as new condition with very little use. It has the remainder of a two year warranty, which is about 15 months. Selling due to an upgrade, but still a great universal player. Box, remote, manual and standard rca cables included. http://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-vis...a1000_black__a/ http://www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-50?amp
  14. All items except the blu ray player now paid for and sold. I am still having issues for some reason posting up photos but anyone who is interested in the BR player just pm me.
  15. Sales pending on interconnects, centre speaker and dacport. Blu ray player still available. Cheers guys.
  16. I thought that all my Subsonic speakers were a fantastic entry into HT/music. They certainly punch above their weight and even before I had my SGR CX3C to match the CX4's, I never felt the Subsonic was totally outclassed, it performed admirably. PM sent re cables.
  17. Hey guys, I have the following items up for sale. All in perfect working order, and only the centre speaker has one very small mark on it. I would prefer pick up on all items, but will post on all bar the cables if necessary. I can demo items as required. Prices are negotiable within reason and any other questions just ask. Photos will be added shortly, have some trouble with them at the moment. Cheers, Tristan. Item: Subsonic XC-1 Centre Speaker Location: Mooroolbark, Victoria . Price: SOLD Item Condition: Good, small mark on top of speaker, as shown in photos. Reason for selling: Upgrade. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: I have had this speaker for nearly two and a half years and in that time it has been faultless. Only selling due to upgrade to SGR. Great Aussie made centre speaker in jarrah finish. Terrible website but great speaker: http://www.subsonic.com.au/audio/prodfull/XC1_XC2.htm Pictures: Item: Yamaha BD-A1000 Location: Mooroolbark, Victoria. Price: SOLD. Item Condition: Perfect. Reason for selling: Upgrade. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: This blu ray player is in as new condition with very little use. It has the remainder of a two year warranty, which is about 15 months. Selling due to an upgrade, but still a great universal player. Box, remote, manual and standard rca cables included. http://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/blu-ray-players/bd-a1000_black__a/ http://www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-50?amp Pictures: Item: Centrance Dacport Location: Mooroolbark, Victoria. Price: SOLD Item Condition: Perfect. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: I bought this last year whilst I was travelling a lot to connect to my laptop. No longer travelling as much and don’t need. Wonderful DAC and amp combination in original box. Has been siting unused for nearly 12 months.. Reviews here: http://www.centrance.com/products/dacport/ http://www.stereophile.com/headphones/centrance_dacport_usb_headphone_amplifier/ Pictures: Item: JIB Premium 3.0m interconnects Location: Mooroolbark, Victoria. Price: SOLD Item Condition: Perfect. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Extra Info: Have two of these 3m interconnects available. Purchased as fill in cables whilst waiting for the right ones but never used. Pictures: Same as this here, never used: http://www.customht.com.au/cables/interconnect-subwoofer-cables/premium-series/3-0m-jib-premium-interconnect.html Item: Ugly Cable Ultra Premium 3.0m Interconnects. Location: Mooroolbark, Victoria. Price: SOLD Item Condition: Perfect, only removed from packet but never used. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Payment Method: As per price. Extra Info: Cables, as per this link: http://www.uglycable.com.au/cable/audio-cable/stereo-rca/ugly-ultra-premium-stereo-audio-cable-2rca-2rca.html#
  18. Yeah, as the other guys have stated, it is legal to use these tyres here in Australia. The shipping is still around the 250 mark, as the Michelin Tyres on their own were US$852 and the total delivered to Melbourne was US$1100. There is also the consideration of import duty/customs etc, but the pro's far outweigh the con's.
  19. I haven't been very happy with the Bridgestone RE050's on my Golf R and am just about to order a set of the Michelin Pilot Super Sports (225\40R18) from tirerack.com. Comes to US$1100 delivered to Australia, much, much cheaper than what is available here. Hopefully they are as good as the reports seem to suggest. i have had the old Goodyear F1's on a previous car and they were fantastic but have no experience with the Asymmetrics.
  20. I have one of each on my R. The 520mm plate fills the black mounting on the front of them perfectly. As for the back I went with the smaller plate but either would be fine. I went with the small one as the dealer had already mounted a small plate at the rear and the hole mathced up with the smaller euro plate On another note, first real road trip tomorrow. Driving up to Brisbane for the weekend, should be great and allow me to see what the R is like out on the open highway.
  21. That's true John, I thought Doggie was referring to the actual click of the padles in the cabin, not the gearbox operation itself. The 11-12 month wait is crazy, I definitely wouldn't wait that long. I am sure that wait will come down with time, and there will be cancelled orders like my R but it all depends if the car has what you want too (options wise). They are a fantastic car, and a shortage of supply probably helps to keep the resale value higher, not all bad I guess. The Adidas has different 18" wheels, the bi xenon headlights, LED tailights, different interior, different 'golf ball' style gearstick and those silly badges on the B pillar. The interior I quite like, but is not to everyone's taste and pictures certainly don't do it any justice. The headlights are nice, as are the tailights and if I had bought a Gti, it would have been the Adidas version. The badges on the b pillar remove with just hot water apparently.
  22. Well you certainly have to weigh up whether you would like to wait or not, but if you ring around a few dealers you will probably find one who has ordered in the car in the spec you want it, and plan to sit it on the lot to sell. I know here in Melbourne that one dealer had 7 Golf R's coming in over the next two months that were unsold as yet, while the other dealer had about 4 or 5. The xenon lights as optioned onto a Gti would certainly be looked upon favourably at resale time, they are about a $2000 option and I know that it is something that I would definitely like to have if I was looking for a scond hand Gti. On the other hand, not sure that parking sensors or camera would be worth as much, I wouldn't be worried about it if looking at a Gti. They are a fairly small car anyway, and coming from driving a bigger ute and truck all day, I find them easy to park and manoeuvre. I also find the standard stereo system in them to be not too bad, until pushed hard. then it becomes a bit rough, distortion etc. The Polo Gti would certainly go pretty well, they are quite a bit lighter than either Golf, and have 132kw standard, with more on tap with a simple tune. I haven't driven one, so can't really say how they are compared to a Golf. As for the waiting list, I knew it was long but didn't realise it was out to 12 months already! The click of the DSG gear change is also something I am not sure about. Never having driven a Mk5, I am not sure how they felt but can say mine does click when shifting gears, just not sure if it is as defined as what you are describing.
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