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  1. Payment/pickup pending. These drives were from my main server 24/7 from 2012-2015, and since then backup only ie syncing about weekly for a couple of hours.
  2. Further information: These are 8 x 4TB drives of varying ages that were installed in my server in RAID 5. There are 3x WD Reds which are a bit younger and the Seagates are all originals in the server (circa 2012). Might be good for someone trying to set up a low cost server. No lowballers please - I'll deploy these elsewhere if not sold at the asking price. Would prefer local pickup, but I do have an HDD foam rack to ship these in if needed and price includes shipping Australia-wide. Photos:
  3. Yes mate and they're hard things to figure out because the failures present in different ways. My main system and server rack are conditioned, but my study isn't - that's about to change. Have had lots of weird failures that were difficult to pinpoint: the internet was slow in the pm, because the switch was dying. Strange reboots and drop outs, usually mid afternoon too. Then an old PC and then this server both died in middle of the afternoon when I hooked them up in this week on consecutive days. Not sure why voltages are so high mid-afternoon? Solar feed i
  4. Item: QNAP TS-859 Pro + Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Purchased in 2012. 1Gb RAM and Atom processor. Suspect high voltages in my place have caused motherboard failure: the unit will beep at post, fans will spin, but the unit will not boot. Could be a PSU failure, but I'm not prepared to spend the money to find out as I am going to rackmount options in the future. I was using this a backup of my main server. Not sure if this can be repaired +/- recycled in some way? Have original packaging and can post at 'buyers' expens
  5. Further information: I purchased this unit a couple of months' ago whilst my study room DAC was in for service. It's now back, so this one has to go. I'd previously had a W4S DAC-2 in my main system for many years and the Wyred 4 Sound units put their money where the sound is: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/wyred4/dac.html Aside from this unit's lack of DSD support, most formats via I2S compete competently against the PS Audio units I upgraded to. I don't have original packaged, but will package well. Price includes postage Austra
  6. Further information: Antec 300 case. Great for DIY server. Fits ATX boards and PSUs. 6x 3.5 inch drive bays. Can fit an additional 2x 2.5 inch SSD with supplied brackets. 3x 120mm chassis fans plus 150mm fan. Free to good home, although I suggest you make $10 donation to SNA. Can throw in a USB 3 PCIe x 4 card to give you two ports USB 3 (rear ports), plus some SATA cables. Comes with Samsung BR drive and 3.5 inch SATA front bay caddy. Photos:
  7. I have both. On the I2S input, the SGCD is thought to be a close match. My only wish was that PS Audio had one AES input instead of two coaxs or better yet, two I2S. GLWS chipy2k. Sharp pricing.
  8. Further information: This was for a project that never eventuated. These currently retail from about $300+. Brand new in box with original packaging and price includes delivery Australia-wide. Note stock image of stand supplied. https://www.atdec.com.au/vfs-dh Photos:
  9. Further information: For sale is a Cel Fi Pro 4G reception extender. I used it in a place I was renting that only had 4G reception over one half of the house and the half that did was very unreliable. Signal quality depends on the gain you can achieve, but for me I went from 1 to 4 bars in the good parts of my house and 2 bars elsewhere. Included for sale is a window/sill mounted gain antenna and 5m patch lead. Ideally, if you owned the property, you'd buy and mount a 2+ meter roof-mounted antenna to maximise your gain, but being a rental I was left with a non-destructi
  10. Further information: This is a small Ubuntu server that I was using for backing some TV shows from my main server. I've just replaced my primary server and am replacing my gear generally with rackmount solutions, so this needs to go. It's an older Atom CPU, so uses bugger all power. I have 4x 2TB drives installed in RAID 1 ie around 7TB storage with SMB shares to the network. It can serve UHD ISOs fine via SMB. Just don't expect it to be able to do anything more taxing than that. I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed with Webmin configured, so you ca
  11. Further information: Hi there, I recently purchased a QNAP server and upgraded to 2 x 16GB RAM on install. Genuine QNAP RAM tends to be a bit pricey and is hard to find at the moment, so this price represents a significant saving on buying new. Price includes shipping Australia wide via Australia Post. Specifications Model: RAM-8GDR4A0-UD-2400 DDR type: DDR4(288PIN) Capacity: 8GB Spec: 1024M X 8 Frequency: DDR4-2400 Form(PIN): 288PIN Power Supply: 1.2V Dram Organization: 1024M*64 Temperature: 0℃~85℃
  12. Item: Topping D30 (or equivalent) Price Range: Up to $100 including postage. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Buying this for a friend to set up her karaoke system. Only need to use the optical input, and would prefer it just to work out of sight in a cupboard on that input, when switched on at the wall. Open to other brands of DACs, but thought the D30 might work well in this environment and sound reasonable.
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