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  1. Further information: I used this stand to mount a 60kg, 65 inch plasma after its' own stand cracked in a move. Can do all the standard VESA mounts. The pedestal is glass with rubber feet, but is coloured black, except at the very edges. Free to good home. Would ask that you make $10 donation to SNA. Pickup West Pymble. Photos:
  2. Sticky rubber easily removed with alcohol/metho and a cotton tip. Used to happen with Squeezebox Touch remotes too.
  3. Further information: These panels have been sitting in storage and are a bit dusty in the photos, but are in fair condition. The odd panel has some fraying or scuffs which could be tidied up, or alternatively just recover all of them in speaker grill cloth or similar in a wife-friendly colour. They were previously glued to my walls or slats of timber for mounting on their backs. Part of this complement of panels was (I think) a Primacoustic London 10 set: • (8) Control Columns - 12" X 48" - 2" Thick - Beveled • (12) Scatter Blocks - 12" X 12" - 1"
  4. Further information: These are Primacoustic 2 inch bevelled panels. They are 600 x 600, but probably a little bigger in their frames. They are covered with oil on canvas prints created by a local artist in Bathurst called Jason Cumbers. Just a warning: the pictures are a little darker in reality compared with how they've come out in the photos, particularly Darth Tron, Nina and the Viking. They weigh about 5kg each and have been fixed to the walls in the place I'm renting, with 4x 3M removable tabs. You will need to buy 4 for each panel for t
  5. Further information: These are 4x Raspberry Pis of varying vintage all running Picoreplayer with HifiBerry HATs. The black Pi is a Pi 2 used as a server and an endpoint with a Digi. The other three, one Digi and two Dacs are Raspberry Pi 1 B+. Not the most powerful devices these days, but maybe would give someone already running a faster Squeezebox server and needing a few extra endpoints. I used to use them in my other place a few times per year on the odd occasion I was home so the Pi 2 was a economical solutions. It sounds amazing for the price actually,
  6. Further information: I purchased this in 2017 to run iRule/Roon and control my home theatre. It isn't the fastest tablet for other things, but did that job well. Running Android. Have original packaging and price includes delivery Australia-wide. Photos:
  7. Further information: I purchased this direct from the US before it was sold in Australia in 2015. It has a US powerplug, but is rated 100-240V. It has a few small scratches on the gloss surface. This is the Pro model with the 500Gb drive and the IR port on the front. I have original packaging and controller, but have somehow lost the stand - I never used it, so am not sure how it's disappeared. Price is adjusted accordingly and is firm. Price includes shipping Australia-wide. Photos:
  8. Further information: I purchased this from another SNAer about 8 or 9 years ago. It's a passive power conditioner from PI Audio: http://www.beautyofsound.com/page6/page26/index.html Current price is $1095USD. It's been terminated with AU outlets and although rated 120V/15A, being a passive design, it works fine with 240V/10A. I don't have original packaging, but will be packaged safely for transport. Delivery Australia-wide included. Price is firm. Sorry for the photos, no matter what I did they won't come out as inte
  9. Hi mate, no long run to OLED with my equipment rack behind the seating area. Have now moved from that place though and this is surplus.
  10. Thanks for all the interest guys. Payment pending.
  11. Further information: These were purchased from Krispy Audio around 5 years' ago. Each level costs around $900RRP these days. There are two levels, 1x 170mm and 1x 250mm and a turntable shelf, plus an extra shelf with brackets for the taller of the two levels, in the event that you have a bunch of lower height components eg 80mm high, you can have three short shelves plus the turntable shelf. The great thing about these racks are that they can be configured differently when you add or swap out components, rather than needing to buy
  12. Sorry they didn't work out for you Steve. For anyone interested in these, I made a plinth for the centre channel that I'm happy to give to the successful purchaser. It's pine with a clear veneer, but you could paint/stain to match your own furniture. Cheers, Dave.
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