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  1. Further information: I bought these two Sennheiser e865 condenser microphones earlier this year from Turramurra Music for my wife's karaoke setup. Unfortunately the wireless dongles I subsequently purchased to use with these, are only compatible with dynamic microphones, so these have been sitting idle in their boxes since. They've been used a couple of times only and present in mint condition. Price is for the two microphones and includes shipping Australia wide via Australia Post. Thanks for looking. Photos:
  2. I'd sit on this if I was you.
  3. Have you considered a Pi2AES or an Allo as a bridge instead? I know it's a second box, PSU etc. Or Matrix X-SPDIF2 if your Roon server is in the same rack?
  4. Item: Oppo RMK-205 rack mount kit for Oppo UDP-205 x 2 (or equivalent) Price Range: Market. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I've found a UK store that makes/sells their own. Just wondering if anyone knows of any local kits available before I look at these and pay a premium for shipping? Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. I recently picked up a 205 on here for $2500 to add to one 205 and one 203 I already own. I think the Oppo is still well worth that sort of money because in addition to being an UHD player you get: Roon endpoint (including via analogue output) for those running zone 2/3 from an AVR UHD/BR ISO playback via custom firmware HDMI in for whatever flavour of streamer you want Stereo outputs via a well implement DAC. Suspect these players will see people through for a few more years yet. Once 8K content becomes more common, the question in my mind is ethernet going to have enough bandwidth anyway? Are all new players/streamers going to need a fibreoptic network? In other words, we'll all be upgrading the alternatives suggested above too. Suspect later in the year there'll be some cracking second hand deals due to the economy. Other option if you're just using HDMI outs is to get a clone, if they're still available.
  6. Hi mate, can I grab these if still available? Pm on the way.
  7. Hi all, Still looking for a 203/205. If you are considering moving one on, please let me know. Thanks for all the offers re: 103/105, but want an UHD player. Cheers, Dave
  8. Further information: I used this with my turntable for cart setup and azimuth particularly, but mainly use the Fozgometer these days (and sadly, rarely play vinyl at all). Have original packaging and software for the oscilloscope. Will include 2x BNC to RCA connectors so that you can connect from your preamp outputs into the oscilloscope. Price includes shipping Australia wide. Photos:
  9. Further information: I've used this a preamp for Room Eq Wizard (REW) tests of my media room, when assessing the effects of speaker placement and room treatments. Probably used 3-4 times with no issues. Takes power from USB bus. Will include two TRS to RCA cables so that you can connect the output to your preamp or processor. All you need to do is provide the microphone(s). NB: For the uninitiated, the USB port connects to your PC, not a USB microphone. You will need a microphone that plugs into the XLR/TRS port at the front. Have original packaging and price includes shipping Australia wide. Photos:
  10. Further information: I purchased one of the first of these through EZYHD a couple of years' ago because my 1st generation Samsung 4K TV could only do HDR on inputs that lacked the correct HDCP version and couldn't do HDR on the one input that could! I'm just about to upgrade my TV and so the Integral 2 is no longer required. Very similar in form and function to the Vertex 2, but without the OLED screen. In my view, an OLED screen is not a huge advantage anyway, as the Integral 2 runs in the background, is easily configurable via PC and can display your settings on the display if/when required. Used by many as a matrix of two inputs and/or to split video and audio to a legacy devices or multiple panels eg Foxtel. Has IR/RS232 inputs and an optical output (via minijack). I don't have original packaging, but have packaged safely for the new owner. Postage Australia wide included in the price. https://www.amazon.com.au/Integral-Splitter-Extractor-Sources-Support/dp/B07HWLZFD7 Photos:
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIenhBQEtE4
  12. Sting in Berlin is fantastic. 2 channel track is a better mix than 5.1 imho. Could I please have John Mayer and Stevie Wonder if not already sold. Will take Krall and Buble too, if sale falls through. Cheers, Dave
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