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  1. Further information: I used this with my turntable for cart setup and azimuth particularly, but mainly use the Fozgometer these days (and sadly, rarely play vinyl at all). Have original packaging and software for the oscilloscope. Will include 2x BNC to RCA connectors so that you can connect from your preamp outputs into the oscilloscope. Price includes shipping Australia wide. Photos:
  2. Further information: I've used this a preamp for Room Eq Wizard (REW) tests of my media room, when assessing the effects of speaker placement and room treatments. Probably used 3-4 times with no issues. Takes power from USB bus. Will include two TRS to RCA cables so that you can connect the output to your preamp or processor. All you need to do is provide the microphone(s). NB: For the uninitiated, the USB port connects to your PC, not a USB microphone. You will need a microphone that plugs into the XLR/TRS port at the front. Have original packaging and price includes shipping Australia wide. Photos:
  3. Further information: I purchased one of the first of these through EZYHD a couple of years' ago because my 1st generation Samsung 4K TV could only do HDR on inputs that lacked the correct HDCP version and couldn't do HDR on the one input that could! I'm just about to upgrade my TV and so the Integral 2 is no longer required. Very similar in form and function to the Vertex 2, but without the OLED screen. In my view, an OLED screen is not a huge advantage anyway, as the Integral 2 runs in the background, is easily configurable via PC and can display your settings on the display if/when required. Used by many as a matrix of two inputs and/or to split video and audio to a legacy devices or multiple panels eg Foxtel. Has IR/RS232 inputs and an optical output (via minijack). I don't have original packaging, but have packaged safely for the new owner. Postage Australia wide included in the price. https://www.amazon.com.au/Integral-Splitter-Extractor-Sources-Support/dp/B07HWLZFD7 Photos:
  4. Sting in Berlin is fantastic. 2 channel track is a better mix than 5.1 imho. Could I please have John Mayer and Stevie Wonder if not already sold. Will take Krall and Buble too, if sale falls through. Cheers, Dave
  5. Further information: I've used this microphone a few times with REW (Room Eq Wizard) to setup my media room and assess room treatments. It includes the calibration file/disc to load into REW. It comes in original packaging. Price includes postage Australia wide. Photos:
  6. Further information: Purchased September 2019 for a project which didn't eventuate. Still in original packaging. Please note that this is the Hub only with no remote. It'll be perfect for someone using a phone/tablet for controlling the Hub. Price includes postage Australia wide. Photos:
  7. Further information: I'm the original owner and used this with iRule. Unfortunately my wife didn't like iRule so we've gone back to a remote-based solution. These are sold on Amazon for $132 USD plus postage. Price is firm and includes postage Australia wide. Includes the supplied US PSU and an Australian PSU will also be provided. Also includes an RS232 cable. Emitters are standard 3.5mm male mini-jack/mono cables. Will provide one of each. The Global Caché GC-100-06 provides an easy connection for your network-based IR, RS232 serial, and sensors. It supports TCP, DHCP, and HTTP protocols allowing you to configure and manage sensor devices from a single server without operator intervention. The unit has an RJ-45 and 10 Base-T Ethernet for the network interface, which conforms with all types of Smart Controls and Monitoring environments. Remotely control any AV equipment with the GC-100-06 via a/v Clare Controls, Comfortclick, Control4, HC-Skipper, iRidium, Melloware, MobiLinc Remote, and more! All GC-100 models feature an embedded web server that can virtually connect any device in minutes! You use fewer stocks thanks to the modular mix and match design. Photos:
  8. Further information: I was using this to run from my PC into a Stellar Gain Cell DAC, but am now using a PI2AES and simplifying my systems/setup: https://www.amazon.com.au/Gustard-384KHz-Digital-Interface-Silver/dp/B07F757ZTJ Specifications: Coaxial fiber AES / EBU output formats IEC60958 and AES3-r2009 standard limits the maximum support 24Bit / 192kHz; IIS can transmit 32B 384K Smart switch, USB has a current interface to boot. Interface with the computer switch and switch machine (computer to be set off USB power failure), or unplug the USB cable directly to the shutdown. Technical Parameters: Laser marking Built-in smart switch, plug in USB automatically Two 0.1PPM precision crystal 45.1584M 49.1520M International voltage AC115V-230V, no need to manually adjust Rigorous design, reasonable layout, elegant lines, solid materials. Figures show that a mesh understand. DSD support 128, PCM supports 384K Aluminum chassis, the drawing process, the body all black. XMOS - U8 chip, support 32BIT / 500MIPS digital signal processing unit, the inside has eight cores. Machine size (not including protruding parts): Width 160mm * 50mm * depth 120mm high Package Size: Width 225mm * 80mm * Deep 190mm high Weight: Net Weight 1KG, including packaging 1.3KG The I2S output is to the PS Audio standard. If you're going to use the I2S output, you'll need to cover pin 15 on your HDMI cable between the U12 and your DAC at the U12 end. You do this with a steady hand, a small square of electrical tape and a decent magnifying glass.This avoids the pre-emphasis flag on PS Audio DACs: https://forum.psaudio.com/t/gustard-u12-i2s-output/9284/5 The converter is driverless for Mac/ChromeOS and Linux and I can email a copy of the Windows driver for the buyer if required. I have original packaging and it is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition . Price includes shipping Australia wide and is firm. Thanks for looking. Photos:
  9. Found something else I might try.
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