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  1. Looking for a turntable repairer in the Central Vic area, if not Melbourne.

    I have two dual turntables that require some attention.

    1. A dual 1212 that starts slow. After about 10mins it at normal speed.

    2. A dual 1019 and the manual - start - stop lever gets stuck.

    Just wanted to know if these players are worth repairing.


  2. Classical music is a very personal experience. Two pieces that have had an influence on many people include:

    1. Dvorak Symphony No 9 from the new world

    2. Beethoven Symphony No 9 Choral.

    Both these 2 pieces came in at 1 and 2 in a recent ABC classic survey.

    Chicago symphony website has the following link to an educational session of Dvoraks New world. http://www.cso.org/beyondthescore/downloads.html



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