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  1. The value inherently lies in knowing what it is that is being offered which you do being privy to the collection. As we don't specifically know what you have there then we don't have the same appreciation. Hence the need to know what it is that one is potentially investing in. Human nature. Without that information your minimising your potential market.
  2. Sorry to say that I have sourced one locally this afternoon at a price too good to pass up... Apologies
  3. Please advise if local pick up or are you willing to ship
  4. Another store could go...

    That equates to approximately $1k a year goodwill... That's a steal and quite sad really... Somebody invest before I do... And as such inadvertently trigger divorce proceedings
  5. Read on the book of face this am (so it must be true) that Quality Records Plus On Glenferrie Rd is up for sale and if not sold will close. This is truly bad news for Melbournites and indeed for ask vinyl/book lovers to see one of the best stores in Australia potentially about to disappear...
  6. Have just installed the above and first thing i note is that all my desktop items are no longer available. I have iCloud set up fine which has a tick to show desktop items but alas nothing...and my Finder prefs are set up as well Anyone else have any issues along these lines? Or can provide an answer Update: They have now reappeared...weird
  7. Now reduced... First and only time
  8. Worrying request

    Should I let Marc know?
  9. Worrying request

    First time I've had an OS request and as such wasn't aware of the policy... Thanks for the heads up
  10. Have a high ticket item for sale and a person from Europe wants to buy said item. No content against their user name on our site and no response to a request to provide ebay details and their full personal details. Just a heads up for other potential sellers. PM me for details about the user. No naming and shaming here on the off chance it might be legit as a transaction, but my gut is telling me not to proceed...
  11. Will now be happy to separate... Both orders above will be honoured... Contact to be made shortly...
  12. Priced reduced for a bulk buy... Now at $200 Inc postage
  13. Item: LUMIN D1 Network music player Location: Adelaide Price: $1500 firm including postage. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Financial Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes complete with all the ancillary bits and original box included. Registered post included in the asking price. Grab it while you have the chance....After humming and hawing over this as a potential sale...Now for definite sale...first and only price reduction.