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  1. Thanks @Luc. That's great advice. I am not in a hurry so will just wait. I think I do need to drop the price though given what the Dual is being advertised for here. Will give it some thought.
  2. Must be time for a price drop. Suggestions?
  3. @Cigar nukeAll tubes are original but plenty of life left. I used different tubes - Ken Rad 6SN7, Groove Tube KT66 and Bendix 6106. The upgrade is to the circuit. I am getting a lower noise floor with my new unit and hence a little more detail.
  4. Thanks candy flip. I did try that but didn't succeed.
  5. Thanks. I am not able to remove the photo of the turntable!!
  6. Item: Supratek preamplifier Location: Adelaide Price: $3500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to a Supratek Dual Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: This casing is no longer available - black and chrome so grab it whilst you can. In excellent condition and sounds great. Mick from Supratek will upgrade it to the latest design for $500. Whilst that will provide a good improvement this unit is still a great sounding pre. Pictures:
  7. Bryston. 570 Watts. I believe the problem is that to get good bass they have to be placed closer to the wall than where I have them. However this means I lose resolution, depth and imaging.
  8. Does anyone have experience comparing Bryston and Classes amps with these speakers. I understand that B&W voice their speakers with Classes amps. I have the Bryston but am not getting full bodied bass and wonder if I should be getting Classes.
  9. No. Unfortunately he has stopped for personal reasons.
  10. Sorry guys. I had turned notifications on but nothing has come through - no doubt user error on my part. I have been having trouble with mine. I have two turntables and the one with the MM cartridge produces a lot more hiss than the MC which is not what you would expect given that the gain on MM is 40 db and MC is 70db. Anyway I took it into the place I bought it and when they opened it up they thought there was fault in it. I had been wondering if your units behaved in the same way. @freaky1 @half baked @andyr
  11. Hi guys. Anyone got one of these? I bought one and need some comparative info.
  12. HI. I am interested. Did you get any proof from the original seller that this is a genuine product. I gather there are a lot of copies out there.
  13. Thanks. What's the risk here. We have lower current coming out of our walls than the USA. Their power cords must be more robust than ours.
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