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  1. I haven't seen that in the manual but that was the case in practice. I would get 3.9% in and about 0.3 to 0.4% out.
  2. It won't totally negate the value of the power cable IMO. Also the system will have the significant advantage of the reconditioned power.
  3. In my experience the THD reduction is guaranteed irrespective of the voltage setting. The issue is maximising the reduction which will have to be done by ear. The output voltage can be easily measured with a multimeter. Rather than fiddling with it I suggest setting it to 230V and enjoying the music. 🙂 Adjusting further didn't make much difference.
  4. Either that or use adapters. I did both. BTW I have some Furutech US power cables I'd like to sell if you are interested.
  5. Further information: Stereophile: It's only when you compare the sound of equipment supplied raw AC with their sound on a diet of regenerated AC that you realize that such a system can sound better: more like real music and less like an electronic reproduction of same. This is what the PS Audio Power Plant Premier delivers. I wouldn't want to be without it. The Power Point Premier is a power regenerator is not a power filter. It takes the AC from the wall, converts it into DC which it then reconverts into an AC sine wave hence removing distortion from the power supply. This is an excellent unit which removes noise from the music hence revealing more detail. Please see links below for professional reviews. Googling will also find some video reviews. https://www.stereophile.com/powerlineaccessories/ps_audio_power_plant_premier_ac_regenerator/index.html http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/psaudio5/ppp.html https://positive-feedback.com/Issue34/ps_premier.htm This unit is in perfect condition except that the display does not work very well. Some of the letters do not appear. See picture. The '3' is the middle of 3 numbers. I probably reads 239 which is the voltage. All else works well. I bought this from the authorised PS Audio distributor (in Sydney at the time - Audiophile Utopia) for about $4,000. I have the original packaging so I can post/courier at the buyer's expense. The sharp eyed will notice the display looks like it has a plastic film cover. This is is original protective cover which I never removed! It will be shipped in the original packaging (double boxed) Photos:
  6. The friend who lent me the Holo also is a believer in the superiority of I2s however he agreed that on my system USB sounded better. I haven't come across the intone. I'll look it up. However if I do get the Holo I suspect I'll stay with USB given that I'm happy with the sound and it is a lot simpler. Also my Innuos server is probably highly optimised for USB.
  7. Thanks. Interestingly using I2s with the Singxer converting to it from USB didn't sound as good as straight USB on my system. I heard the original Holo.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Which input did you use? USB? Also does the 2 retain the space between instruments on the soundstage that the original has?
  9. Has anyone done a comparison between this DAC and it's predecessor? I have heard the previous model and liked it. Just wondering how the new one is better or changed in terms of sound quality. Please point me to any online comparisons too if you have seen one. Thanks.
  10. Which is why I'm looking for a pair for my second system Tony!! 🙂 However I don't think they will have the detail Matt would also want
  11. Yes. Definitely do this. I met a guy from Germany when I was in Thailand who was over there just for dental work.... And you get a holiday as well.
  12. @pdcoo7 @Ooogh The pictures look fine on my laptop but not my phone. We need fatter phones! 🙂
  13. Yes. There is a HT bypass and it does not need to be powered up for the bypass. @Raffinator
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