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  1. This only works properly, to test a Speaker, if one person has a Studio Quality Microphone, used properly, and another can do an A - B comparison of Test Speaker against Person speaking. If they sound identical, congrats, you're well on the way to Natural Sound capabilities. No instruments needed, or recordings ... Naturally others can expand on everything below, as i hope they do ! a) Room effects are automatically included in Test, (by wandering around room). b) Systems ability to handle volume/power. c) Removes testers audio memory, which can cloud judgement. d) Over NICE sound, caused by excessive even harmonics eg 2nd, 4th, 6th etc e) Over Harsh sound, caused by excessive odd harmonics eg 3rd, 5th, 7th etc, (or clipping) f) Directional effects of all Test drivers, and the total package. g) Speakers response smoothness, boxyness, bass boomyness/resonance h) Driver-location in box, & if box walls radiate, as well as drivers. i) Speakers ability to work near walls, and various other room positions. JeffL Ps ... Intend EDITing this often, as other factors arise
  2. Fantastic choice Mello ... You can have the Speakers ... JeffL
  3. Beyond my hobby range these discrete component ICs < http://www.bursonaudio.com/ > but has anybody tried out of curiosity ? JeffL
  4. A bit off topic Mr Darko, but noted your < http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2015/09/think-about-the-future-an-active-kef-ls50-loudspeaker/ > article, & wondering if KEF should go even further, using their best, Blade-Coax, with MiniDSP & best amps, for Ultimate X300A/LS50A, if it could be realistically priced ? Could be a Magic Thread for fanatics here in SNA, under your guidance/name of course. JeffL
  5. Nope, Andrew Robb having a bit of fun with Price'n'Bolt ... JeffL (Was either that, or copping Tones being beat up by Leigh Sales)
  6. Try some reality on 2GB Live LO ... JeffL
  7. Slightly off subject DWM, but saved a young tech heaps in an Adel HiFi store 30 years ago, by me speaking into a HiQual mike, and he switching between speakers ... The ugliest, & cheapest was the only one that sounded like me, much to the surprise of the poor salesman. Young blokes acoustic memory failure would've cost him hundreds of dollars. JeffL
  8. I hope to Back2Back 2 Peerless HDS 830869 Woofs, in Distortion cancelling mode, just like Kef do in their zero dist subs, and blades. They are quite fast & fairly low dist up to 300Hz anyway A-H & H-C'07. JeffL
  9. Very informative and helpful AudioHound, and am sure others will appreciate too. Did you consider improving S520 accuracy by reducing Tweeter level about 2dB above Crossover Freq with components infront of amplifier input. (picked up Tweet too loud in Stereophile & Hi-Fi World Mags, response curves) Gather HiFreq Distn not noticeable at N-Fld, but a Usher 9950-20 1-1/8" Textile Dome Tweeter, might be worthwhile at Louder Levels. Will keep an eye on SNA for any future reviews A-H. JeffL
  10. The Tesla style, optimized revving small/tiny/light (Petrol/Hydrogen/Ethanol/Diesel Generator, only for trips over 300K), must have some future possibilities, even if it slides into BootArea when needed ? JeffL
  11. Have not been following EVs completly Prof, but what is your opinion of Hybrids (even that Tesla PetrolEng trailer) JeffL
  12. jeffl

    Ashes 2015

    But surely heed of changed his mind with that pitch, and those conditions. (series up-side now, is team can relax and enjoy the rest of the tour over a few beers) ... MAKE THAT A LOT ... JeffL
  13. jeffl

    Ashes 2015

    We would've been in real trouble if the Captain hadn dropped himself down a spot Bet Mitch is glad Shaun replaced him ... BowledOverJeffers(ducking for cover) Ps did anybody else get the impression Pup would've batted if we won the toss ?
  14. Nice review, and noticed you've had an Usher s-520 also near-field ... Would you mind doing a brief comparison with LS50 please. Given the over 3 to 1 price difference, what noticeable benifits in the LS50 near-field ? (also reviews/comments by anyone else with experience of both in near-field) Regards JeffL
  15. If you look closely at the superb KEF BLADES, you'll notice that the 5" Coax is in a Waveguide, so if they like the idea, this bunny will give it a try ExperimentableJeffers
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