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  1. LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Well, last October, yes. Other than that working on my own little educational channel on YouTube. Hopefully he would bring some spares. Ah, so that's where the SkeletaLinn design varies from the LP12 in that the motor isn't connected to the rest of the TT directly, other than via the supporting shelf. Looking forward to GTG.
  2. Item: oppo BDP 83 SE Blu-Ray & CD Player - Mint, BD Region Free, All parts & box Location: Patterson Lakes Price: 422 Item Condition: used, mint Reason for selling: upgraded to 3D Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: 4 years of flawless performance. High quality picture and sound. (Used with big-TV, high-end projector and audiophile sound system). As hopefully you can see in the picture, it works. It is also very easy to use. It is also fast to respond to discs and the remote control. My previous BDP by same company as TV I had at the time was slow and wasn't seamlessly region-free. This is. This is also the SE version with completely separate high quality 2-channel outputs for high quality CD performance. Thus making this both a high quality CD player as well as a high quality BD player. It did a pretty good job side-by-side with my top Linn digital sources. Mint condition. I bought it, put it on my Hutter Rack and it has lived there ever since. Price recommended by ebay. Complete with all packaging (as seen in photo), the cool bag it came with, the remote, batteries, all original cables: including HDMI, audio cable, and both Oz and US power cables. Can demonstrate in SE Melbourne. Please feel free to ask any questions. Pictures:
  3. LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Hi, Apologies for being quiet on this forum for quite a long while. Yes, I'm interested in hearing the Tranquility Base. I'm also curious about the Stiletto but have other higher life priorities at the moment. Peter is amazing. The first time he touched my deck was a huge upgrade, 60% more Keel, and ALL HE DID was a REBUILD!!! My write up at the time. Shame Peter isn't interested in the Skeleton-Linn which is some ways follows the Linn philosophy of remove distortions by removing the whole plinth top-plate. However, I'm curious as to what that pair are doing to absorb vibrations because they have to go somewhere if they are not to be picked up by the cartridge. But Peter is a dealer. I think it is Linn's current LP12 designer, David Williamson, that should hear Andy's deck.
  4. Does Oppo 103/105 do phantom centre?

    Thanks. I'm not sure what LT/RT and Stereo mean if one is using the 8 line outs direct into power amps.
  5. Happy Australia Day. Title says it all really. I'm thinking of getting a Oppo 103 or 105 but want to know if they can redistribute the C-channel into the L&R channels? As I only have a 4.0 system at the moment, and likely to remain that way for a long time. Also my sub isn't working at the moment, so the player would need to phantom sub into mains too. From looking at the manual it appears these players only do a small list of Down Mix modes, stereo, 5.1, 7.1. But nothing in between. No 4.1 or 4.0. Am I right? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Article: Tour of Linn Products factory

    "Coming up on the big ten thou" The Abyss Wow, my article has had almost 10,000 reads in 1.5 years! http://www.stereo.net.au/articles/linn-factory-tour-access-all-areas/